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Oilless Self-Lubricating Bearings Are Superior In Wear Resistance, Seizure Resistance, And Friction Properties, And Realize Performance Enhancement And Maintenance-Free.

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Oilless Bearing - Long-term Wear Resistance

Oilless bearing is a kind of novel lubricating bearing that has the characteristics of metal bearing and oil-free lubricating bearing, the load is borne by the metal matrix, and the specially formulated solid lubricating material plays the role of lubrication. It has a high bearing capacity, impact resistance, high-temperature resistance, self-lubricating ability, etc.The oilless bearing is especially suitable for heavy load, low speed, reciprocating or oscillating, and other difficult to lubricate and form oil film occasions, and is not afraid of water and other acid corrosion and scouring.

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Oilless bearing bushing material

The use of self-lubricating materials, or materials containing solid lubricant components manufactured bearings, known as non-lubricated bearings, which are in a dry friction state of operation. Materials used for non-lubricated bearings. Metallic materials, such as high force brass, tin bronze inlaid graphite bearings, etc.

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Cast Bronze Bushings With Solid Lubricant Inserts

Solid lubricating bearings, cast bronze bearings & bushings are ideal for maintenance-free & heavy-duty applications. Available as cylindrical, spherical, flange bearings ... Also Available With Graphite Inserts For Temperatures Above 300°C

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  • Self-lubricating bearing material - casting tin bronze bushing

  • Aluminum bronze oilless bearings– a corrosion-resistant metal in seawater

  • High tensile brass bushings - bronze material with graphite solid lubricant

Enhancing Efficiency and Reliability: Exploring the World of Self-Lubricating Bearings and Related Products

In the realm of industrial machinery and equipment, the efficiency and longevity of moving parts play a crucial role.

Self-lubricating bearings and related products have revolutionized the industrial sector by providing reliable, maintenance-friendly, and environmentally conscious solutions. The elimination of external lubricants and the utilization of innovative materials have enhanced the efficiency, reliability, and longevity of moving parts in machinery and equipment. When selecting self-lubricating bearings, considering maintenance requirements, specific features, materials, and related products like die components ensures optimal performance. By embracing these advancements, industries can significantly reduce maintenance costs, improve productivity, and contribute to a greener future.

Maintenance of Self-Lubricating Bearings:

One of the key advantages of self-lubricating bearings is their minimal maintenance requirements. Unlike traditional bearings that rely on external lubricants, self-lubricating bearings are designed with built-in lubrication systems. These systems often employ solid lubricants, such as graphite or PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene), which are embedded within the bearing material. As a result, the need for frequent re-lubrication is eliminated, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. However, it is important to periodically inspect self-lubricating bearings to ensure proper functioning and replace them when necessary.


When selecting a self-lubricating bearing, it is crucial to consider its specific features in order to meet the unique requirements of your application. Self-lubricating bearings come in a variety of designs, including sleeve bearings, flanged bearings, and thrust bearings. Factors such as load capacity, rotational speed, temperature resistance, and environmental conditions should be taken into account. For high-load applications, composite bearings with reinforced materials may be preferred, while applications requiring high-speed rotation might benefit from bearings with low friction coefficients.

Selecting the Oilless Bearing by Material:

Self-lubricating bearings are available in various materials, each with its own set of properties and applications. Popular materials used for oil-free bearings include bronze, steel, and composites. Bronze bearings are widely used due to their excellent load capacity and wear resistance. Steel bearings offer exceptional strength and durability, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications. Composites, on the other hand, provide a combination of properties, such as low friction, corrosion resistance, and self-lubrication. Careful consideration of the material's characteristics and compatibility with the operating conditions is essential for optimal bearing performance.

Related Products: Die Components:

In addition to self-lubricating bearings, there are other related products that contribute to efficient machinery operation. One such product category is die components. Dies are widely used in various manufacturing processes, including metal stamping, extrusion, and forging. Self-lubricating die components, such as bushings, wear plates, and guide posts, offer reduced friction, improved wear resistance, and extended tool life. These components are often made from self-lubricating materials, ensuring smooth operation, reduced downtime, and enhanced productivity.

high temperatures bearing solution.

C86300 Manganese Bronze - Copper Graphite Bronze Bearings

We Keep a Ready Stock of High Quality Plugged Graphite Bearing in a Variety of Metric Size or Inch Size, Flange Bushing and wear plate, thrust washer. Call Us Now! Different Brass Grades in Stock and Ready to Ship. Call or Request A Quote Online Today! C86300 Manganese Bronze Bushing & Plate Available in Custom Sizes. Order Today!

  • High Strength, Corrosion Resistant, Many sizes, and type. Lightweight & compact

  • C86300 / C863 Alloys - Standard Self-lubricating Bronze Bearings

cUSTOM Graphite impregnated bushes

Custom Bearings Made From High-Strength Bronze

  • For heavy loads and shock-loading conditions. Easy to install. Contact us.

  • Metal and oilless bronze bearing solutions for lubricated applications.

  • Self-Lubricating bearings sizes and materials. Lightweight & compact. Customer Support

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We providing high-performance bronze oilless machine parts for any application. Along with our standard bronze plain bush bearings and bushings, custom sleeve bearings are produced daily. We manufactures the exact metal bearing, or busing, that you need at a low cost. Let our experts assist you at finding the most efficient manufacturing method, along with the ideal high-performance bronze material, to meet your specific requirements.

Solid Lubricating Bearings

self-lubricating bronze bushings

Solid Self-Lubricating Bearing, at high force brass substrate. Mosaic graphite or MoS2 solid lubricant is a high-performance solid lubricant. It broke through the general bearing lubrication film to rely on limitations. During use, heat through friction with the shaft friction of solid lubrication, forming oil, lubrication powder coexist excellent condition, both to protect the shaft is not worn, and the solid lubricant properties eternal. Its hardness copper sleeve than twice as high wear resistance is also twice as high.

The product has been used in metallurgy continuous casting machine, the train bracket, rolling equipment, mining machinery, shipbuilding.

Solid Lubricants

Solid LubricantsFeatures
Graphite+addGood wear performance and chemical stability,
temperature limit 400℃
Suit for general machines and under atmosphere
PTFE+addLowest friction coefficient and good water lubrication, temperature limit 300℃Suit for water and seawater lubricant, such as ship
Alloy materials


Bronze Bearing-1

Bronze Bearing-2





China Brands








































United States









British Standard








Chemical composition of the alloy
Chemical ElementsBronze Bearing-1Bearing Bearing-2 Bearing-3Bearing-4Bearing-5
Cu ( % )RestRestRest--
Sn ( % )-6-106--
Zn ( % )256--6--
Ni ( % )-------
AI ( % )6-10----
Fe ( % )3-3--RestRest
Mn ( % )3----0.905 - 1.30.20 - 0.40
Cr ( % )------1.30 - 1.65
C ( % )-----2.5 - 40.95 - 1.05
Si ( % )-----1.0 - 1.30.15 -0.35
Pb ( % )-3--3--
Technical Parameters
PerformanceBronze Bearing-1Bronze Bearing -2Bronze Bearing-3Bearing-4Bearing-5
Max.load P ( N/mm² )100607060250
Max.speed V ( m/s )Dry0.4 oil5220.50.1
Max.PV ( N/mm²·m/s )
Density ρ( g/cmsup3 )
Tensile strength ( N/mm² )> 600> 250> 500> 250> 1500
Elongation ( % )> 10> 4> 10--
Hardness ( HB )> 210> 80> 80> 160HRC> 55
Max.temp ( ℃ )300350300400350
Friction coef. ( μ )Oil lubrication: 0.03Friction(dry): 0.16


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Why Oil-Less Bearings are the Future of Industrial Applications

Are you tired of dealing with the mess and maintenance of traditional lubricated bearings? Upgrade to oil-less bearings and enjoy improved performance and longevity for your industrial machinery. Our team of experts can help you make the switch to oil-less bearings, providing you with high-quality products and exceptional service. Discover the advantages of oil-less bearings and how they can improve the performance and longevity of your industrial machinery. From reduced downtime to increased efficiency, oil-less bearings offer a range of benefits that can help your business thrive. Contact us today to learn more about how oil-less bearings can revolutionize your machinery and take your operations to the next level. Let us help you experience the difference that oil-less bearings can make for your business.

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