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Quality bronze wear plate solutions that keep industries up and running with optimized productivity and extend bearing life. Discover the exceptional durability and reliability of bronze wear plates. Enhance your industrial applications with these high-quality components. Contact us now!

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Optimize Performance with Oilless Wear Plates: Premium Bronze Mold Parts

Elevate your machinery’s performance with our superior Oilless Wear Plates Guide Bush, featuring cutting-edge Plugged Graphite technology. As a leading supplier of self-lubricating bronze bushings, we take pride in delivering top-notch products that guarantee optimal performance. Explore our range of high-quality wear-resistant bronze wear plates, manufactured at our reliable facility in China. Benefit from our competitive factory prices and unwavering commitment to excellence, making us the preferred choice for businesses worldwide. Seize the opportunity to enhance the durability of your equipment and find the perfect solution for your needs. Don’t miss out—inq​uire now and discover the unparalleled quality of our oilless wear plates, setting a new standard for wear plate material excellence.

Efficiency Unleashed: Oilless Wear Plate Solutions for Mold Die Bushings

Explore our Mold Die Bushings Solution featuring the essential Bronze Wear Plate – your go-to for superior oilless mold parts. Tailored for die makers, mold makers, and metal stampers, our premium lubricating bushings components redefine industry standards. We offer a comprehensive range of mold bronze wear plates and high-quality mold components, presenting complete solutions with advanced bronze self-lubricating sliding plates. Easily shop for your Bronze Wear Plates online, backed by our commitment to excellence in wear plate material.

Save Costs & Time, Bronze Self-lubricating, Reduce Downtime:

Optimize your processes with Bronze Self-lubricating Wear Plates, engineered to deliver substantial cost and time savings. These plates minimize friction, ensuring efficient performance and reducing wear. Bid farewell to unnecessary downtime with our precision-engineered solutions, designed to keep your machinery running seamlessly. Elevate efficiency, durability, and cost-effectiveness—choose our Bronze Wear Plates to enhance your mold and die operations. Shop online now and experience a transformative solution that saves costs, time, and reduces downtime.

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Extreme Stability And Durability – Oilless Bushings | High-Quality Oilless Bronze Wear Plates

Looking for self-lubricating oilless wear plate manufacturers? Choose from our selection of high-quality oilless bronze wear plates. Enjoy the benefits of oil-free self-lubrication without the need for grease. Explore our range of bronze wear plates for reliable and efficient performance. Upgrade your machinery with extreme stability and durability. View more bronze wear plate options now.

Oilless Guide Plate, Self Lubricating – Reliable and Efficient

Looking for oilless guide plates that are self-lubricating? We are a professional bronze bushings manufacturer, specializing in top-quality self-lubricating oilless bronze wear plates. Our solutions are designed to be strong, durable, and of the highest quality, ensuring long-lasting performance for your machinery. With a wide range of options available, we have the right bronze wear plate solution to meet your specific needs. Plus, our products are in-stock and ready for fast shipping, so you can get your equipment up and running quickly. Request a quote today and experience the reliability and efficiency of our oilless guide plates.

“Are you ready to take your oilless plate to a whole new level?”

Professional Self-Lubricating Wear Plate Service

Experience the expertise of our professional self-lube wear plate service. With years of experience in oilless plate manufacturing and sales, we provide exceptional solutions for your needs.

Fast delivery

Once your oilless plate order is received, we promptly arrange production and create shipping plans tailored to your requirements. Rest assured, we adhere to delivery standards to ensure your order reaches you without delay.

Open 24/7

Our 24-hour online service guarantees a swift response to our customers. We are committed to resolving any bronze wear plate concerns you may have, promptly addressing them via email.

Precision Engineered Excellence: Graphite Impregnated Bronze Slide Plate Solutions

Discover the epitome of wear resistance with our exceptional Wear-Resistant Bronze Wear Plates, specifically crafted to meet your durability needs. As a leading manufacturer and exporter, we specialize in graphite bronze wear plates, offering a range of tailored solutions for various applications. Benefit from our factory-direct sales approach, ensuring competitive prices without compromising on the quality of our products.

Whether you require bronze with graphite, bronze without graphite, bronze with grease grooves, or steel without graphite, we have the perfect custom oilless wear plate solution for you. Our wear-resistant bronze wear plates are meticulously designed to withstand demanding conditions, providing unparalleled durability and performance.

Upgrade your machinery with our reliable and long-lasting solutions that guarantee precision engineering excellence. Contact us now to explore the possibilities and secure your customized oilless wear plate solution, setting a new standard for wear resistance in your operations.

oilless graphite wear plate
oilless graphite wear plate

Precision Lubrication: Unveiling Excellence in Graphite Slide Plates with Bronze Bushings

Elevate your machinery’s performance with our self-lubricating graphite slide plate – a seamless fusion of innovation and reliability. Crafted with precision, our slide plates feature bronze bushings, ensuring a smooth and friction-free operation that stands the test of time. The base material, brass, adds to the equation, providing excellent strength and durability.

Explore the superior benefits of self-lubrication and reduced maintenance with our graphite slide plates. Beyond our wide range of standard wear plate products, we also offer tailor-made solutions, including custom bronze wear plates and slide plates. We recognize the uniqueness of every application, and our dedicated team is prepared to customize solutions to meet your specific requirements.

Experience the efficiency and longevity that come with our high-quality bronze bushings. Upgrade your machinery today and reap the rewards of precision lubrication. Contact us now to explore custom options and discover the perfect solution tailored to your needs.

Effortless Efficiency: Unveiling the JGBZ Oilless Wear Plate for Maintenance-Free Industrial Performance

Discover unmatched reliability with the JGBZ Oilless Wear Plate—a self-lubricating bearing component designed for diverse industrial applications. Crafted in various sizes and materials, including high-strength brass with graphite, this plate ensures seamless maintenance-free operation while preserving equipment alignment. Whether in heavy machinery or intricate systems, the JGBZ Oilless Wear Plate delivers consistent performance. Its innovative design, coupled with high-quality materials, makes it an ideal choice for applications where reliability is paramount. Elevate your industrial processes, embrace efficiency, and experience worry-free operation with the JGBZ Oilless Wear Plate—a testament to precision and longevity in every use.

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Oil-Free wear plates Solution

Global Delivery of Slide Wear Plate Bearings | Order Now!

Find high-quality self-lubricating bronze wear plates and slide wear plate bearings for your specific requirements at www.bearingface.com. We offer worldwide delivery of oilless wear plates to meet your needs. Visit our website now to explore our range and place your order for reliable and efficient slide wear plate bearings.

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Download the Self-lubricating Oilless Wear Plate Catalog.

Design & build completely custom layouts

Innovative Solutions: China’s Premier Oilless Wear Plate Bearings with Bronze Slide Plates and Graphite Plugs

Uncover the epitome of self-lubricating bearing excellence with our extensive range of tailor-made solutions. As the foremost supplier of oilless wear plate bearings in China, we proudly present high-performance bronze slide plates featuring strategically embedded graphite plugs. Explore a diverse selection, including cylindrical bushes, thrust washers, sliding plates, half-bearings, and unique shapes crafted through precision stamping. Our commitment to quality ensures that each bearing is customized to meet your exact specifications. Trust in the expertise of China’s most reliable oilless wear plate bearing supplier to deliver unrivaled durability and efficiency. Elevate your machinery’s performance with these advanced, maintenance-free solutions designed for optimal functionality in diverse industrial applications.

Oilless Sliding Wear Plate Graphite Plugged Bearing | Metric Size

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The oilless plate bearings where the solid lubricant is press-fit into the base metal to attain excellent self-lubrication and outstanding wear-resistance even under oil-less conditions because the minute particles of the solid lubricant form a lubricating film on motioning parts that produce friction.

Business Impact Through Experience

A solid lubricant bronze wear plate is a high-performance solid lubrication product with graphite or MoS2 solid lubricant inlay on the substrate of high-force brass. The bronze wear plates break through the limitation of general bearing relying on oil film lubrication. In the process of use, the solid lubricant rubs with the shaft through friction heat, forming the excellent condition of oil and powder coexistence lubrication, which not only protects the shaft from wear but also makes the solid lubrication characteristic eternal. The bronze wear plate’s hardness is twice as high as the general copper bushing, and its wear resistance is also twice as high. At present, the oilless bronze wear plate has been widely used in cure gold continuous casting machines, injection molding machines, train support, steel rolling equipment, mining machinery, ships, gas turbine, and other occasions such as high temperature, high load, low speed, and heavy load use.

  • The bronze wear plates are suitable for the position of the lubricant that must be often home, reciprocating motion or frequent start or stop position and the place where it is difficult to form an oil film.
  • The oilless wear plates can be used in a self-lubricating state, with no need for refueling devices, can shorten the assembly period, reduce the pollution of lubricants, and environmental protection, and beautify the social environment.
  • Self-lubricating bronze wear plates have excellent wear and bite resistance.

Unleash the Power of Durability with Bronze Wear Plates: Unparalleled Performance for Industrial Applications

When it comes to industrial applications that demand unwavering strength and exceptional longevity, bronze wear plates emerge as the pinnacle of reliability. As a durable bronze plate designed for industrial use, these remarkable components redefine the standards of performance and endurance.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and precision engineering, bronze wear plates exemplify the epitome of durability. Their robust composition, fortified by the unique properties of bronze, empowers them to withstand extreme pressures, heavy loads, and the harshest operating conditions with ease.

Unleashing the true potential of machinery, bronze wear plates deliver a level of performance that is unparalleled. Their ability to minimize friction and reduce wear and tear ensures uninterrupted operations and extended service life. By incorporating these high-quality components, industrial applications can achieve optimal efficiency and productivity.

From manufacturing to mining, aerospace to energy sectors, bronze wear plates are trusted companions in various industries. Their presence enhances the reliability of equipment, enabling seamless operations even in the most demanding environments. Whether it’s supporting heavy machinery or facilitating precision instruments, bronze wear plates provide the strength, durability, and longevity required for sustained success.

Choosing bronze wear plates means choosing the epitome of quality and performance. These components have been meticulously crafted to surpass expectations and deliver exceptional results. With their superior attributes, they empower businesses to push boundaries, confident in the reliability and resilience of their machinery.

Unleash the power of durability with bronze wear plates. Experience their unparalleled performance and witness the transformative impact they can have on your industrial applications. Elevate your operations to new heights by integrating these high-quality components into your machinery. Contact us today to explore the vast possibilities and unlock a new era of success.

Oilless Bronze Wear Plate Size Chart

Article nameWidth WLength LHeight H
Self-Lubricating Oilless Plate SOD 40-100-8401008
Self-Lubricating Oilless Plate SOD 40-160-8401608
Self-Lubricating Oilless Plate SOD 40-250-8402508
Self-Lubricating Oilless Plate SOD 30-100-123010012
Self-Lubricating Oilless Plate SOD 30-160-123016012
Self-Lubricating Oilless Plate SOD 30-250-123025012
Self-Lubricating Oilless Plate SOD 40-100-124010012
Self-Lubricating Oilless Plate SOD 40-160-124016012
Self-Lubricating Oilless Plate SOD 40-250-124025012
Self-Lubricating Oilless Plate SOD 80-100-128010012
Self-Lubricating Oilless Plate SOD 80-160-128016012
Self-Lubricating Oilless Plate SOD 80-250-128025012
Self-Lubricating Oilless Plate SOD 40-100-164010016
Self-Lubricating Oilless Plate SOD 40-160-164016016
Self-Lubricating Oilless Plate SOD 40-250-164025016
Self-Lubricating Oilless Plate SOD 60-100-166010016
Self-Lubricating Oilless Plate SOD 60-160-166016016
Self-Lubricating Oilless Plate SOD 60-250-166025016
Self-Lubricating Oilless Plate SOD 100-100-1610010016
Self-Lubricating Oilless Plate SOD 100-160-1610016016
Self-Lubricating Oilless Plate SOD 100-250-1610025016
Self-Lubricating Oilless Plate SOD 50-100-205010020
Self-Lubricating Oilless Plate SOD 50-160-205016020
Self-Lubricating Oilless Plate SOD 50-250-205025020
Self-Lubricating Oilless Plate SOD 80-100-208010020
Self-Lubricating Oilless Plate SOD 80-160-208016020
Self-Lubricating Oilless Plate SOD 80-250-208025020
Self-Lubricating Oilless Plate SOD 125-100-2012510020
Self-Lubricating Oilless Plate SOD 125-160-2012516020
Self-Lubricating Oilless Plate SOD 125-250-2012525020

Choose High-Quality Oilless Wear Plates for Superior Performance

Select from our wide range of high-quality oilless wear plates to ensure exceptional performance. Our oilless wear plates offer superior durability, reliability, and self-lubrication properties. Find the perfect solution for your application and experience the benefits of our top-notch oilless wear plates.

  • High abrasion resistance
  • Smooth and crack-free
  • Long service life
  • Suitable for a strong magnetic environment

Custom bronze bearing service

Oil Free Slide Plates – Select, configure, order

Outstanding Chemical-resistance

The Oilless Bronze Wear Plates Bush Product Is Comparatively Strong Even,When Foreipn Matters Occur And Is Usable For Areas The Tolerance Is Not Accurately Known And Rough Areas.

Excellent Wear-resistance

The Broznze Bearing Product Demonstrates Excellent Wear-Resistance Even In Such Conditions As To-And-From Motion Angular Fluctuating Motion And Intermittent Motion Where A Lubricating Film Can Be Hardly Formed.

Usable in Oil-less condition

The self-lubricating bronze bushings product provides outstanding performance even under conditions of high-load and low-speed motion and is usable in oil-less conditions.

Available with Custom -Made Plain Bearing

Standard Self-lubricating Bronze Wear Plates Parts In Various Sizes And Custom-Made Parts Are Available.

BearingFace.com: Unrivaled Solutions for Challenging Bearing Applications

Explore unmatched value and expertise at www.bearingface.com, your go-to destination for conquering the toughest bearing application challenges. Our custom oilless bronze wear plate service sets the standard for excellence in the industry.

Discover the benefits of our oil-free slide plate service, designed to empower you as a professional maker and service provider of self-lubricating bronze bushing bearings. We take pride in our commitment to continuous improvement in both bearing material and design, ensuring top-notch quality in every product.

Count on us for a seamless custom service experience. Our global service network allows us to supply from key locations such as the USA, Europe, Singapore, Korea, Dubai, and locally in Chinese coastal areas. Trust in our expertise to deliver exceptional solutions that meet your unique requirements, setting a new standard in bearing technology.

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Premium Bronze Wear Plates for Controlled Excellence: Custom-Made, Self-Lubricating Solutions

Elevate your equipment’s durability and performance with our high-quality bronze wear plates tailored for precise control. Our custom-made self-lubricating plate parts are meticulously designed to meet your specific needs, delivering unparalleled performance-to-cost ratios. These oilless wear plates are engineered to excel in high-wear applications, optimizing productivity and extending service life.

Reliability and safety are at the core of our offerings, providing long-term wear protection across a diverse range of industrial applications. As your trusted oilless wear plate supplier, we take pride in offering a comprehensive range of products, including oilless slide plates. Experience the benefits of our innovative solutions and discover how our tailored approach can enhance the efficiency and longevity of your operations.

Oilless wear plate solution

Oil Free Slide Plate for universal use in many dry application such as die/mold, machinery, automation, construction, automobile.

Oilless Guide Rail Wear Plate – What Do You Need – Extend Your Life

The compact design of the oilless wear plate is popular in all industries. The bronze Wear Plate is suitable for use in high-temperature environments and exhibits high performance under high loads and low-speed operation. It is vibration resistant and can work without lubrication. Excellent chemical resistance, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance enable smooth guide way movement. The bronze wear plate achieves reduced noise levels, operating costs, and maintenance costs.

Wear Plate Production

We have more than 10 years of industry experience in the production of self-lubricating bearings; we manufacture mold wear plate assemblies, as well as mold holders and mold wear plate sets. Our other main self lubricating bearings product groups: are bushings, bearings & thrust washers, etc.

Wear Plate Partner

We are your reliable global bearing partner for wear plates and self-lubricating bronze parts. We process wear plates for all applications in the mold making and manufacturing industries. We offer a wide range of self-lubricating wear plates in terms of quality and functionality.

Variety Wear Plates

We know how important self-lubricating bearings are to our mold-making partners, so we have a wide range of products with 2,000 different types of self-lubricating bearings wear plates in our warehouse. Select your oilless wear plate online.