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Types of self-lubricating bearings

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Copper based inlay self-lubricating bearings

Copper alloy inlaid self-lubricating bearing (GB/T23894-2009) is the most widely used self lubricating bearings product in inlaid self-lubricating bearing. This self lubricating bearings bronze material structure combines high metal load, good impact resistance, low non-metallic friction coefficient, and self-lubricating performance of solid lubricant in one, which is suitable for different working conditions. There is no need for oiling and maintenance during use. The self lubricating bearings products are widely used in high load, intermittent or oscillating motion, such as steam locomotive production line, hydraulic turbine, reservoir working/accident door, plastic machinery, etc.

Copper alloy inner ring self-lubricating plain bearing.

Copper alloy inner ring self-lubricating plain bearing is a kind of sliding bearing with self-lubricating performance, which can be rotated or swung at will. The inner ring of the self lubricating bearing is made of special copper alloy, the inner ring is inlaid with solid lubricant on the spherical surface, and the outer ring is made of self lubricating bearing steel and polished after heat treatment and phosphating or chrome plating.

Copper alloy inlay self-lubricating bearing.

Copper alloy spiral inlay self-lubricating bearing is also a continuous plain bearing. The solid lubricant bearing is made of high-density copper alloy strip with a special formula, and the solid lubricant embedded on the surface is made by coiling and forming. Due to the use of high elongation copper alloy material as the substrate, ultra-thin spiral sleeves can be made, and the ideal filling material can be used as a lubricant.

Supporting Our Diversified Oilless Self-Lubricating Bearing Solutions

Discover Diversified Performance Self-Lubricating Bronze Bushings Solution For The Manufacture Of Finished Bronze Parts And Self Lubricating Bronze Based On Our Clients’ Drawings. Providing Diversified Performance And Superior Self-Lubricating Bronze Options. Experience The Advantages Of Our Tailored Oilless Bearing Solutions And Find Out More! Discover More!

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Advancing R&D From The Inside Out with Innovative Oilless Bearings

Discover Our Range Of Oilless Self-Lubricating Bearings and Bronze Bushings. They Are Used In Applications Where The Bushing Is Required To Continually Operate In Hard-To-Reach Or Inaccessible Areas Where It Is Difficult To Apply Manual Lubrication. Our Innovative Oilless Bearings Are At The Forefront Of Research And Development, Providing Reliable Performance And Convenience In Demanding Environments.

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Oilless Bearing

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Trust us to handle all your mechanical needs with our range of maintenance-free bearings. From Oilless bearings, Oilless bush, Graphite embedded bearings, self-lubricating bearings, slide wear plates, and all maintenance-free bearings, we offer solutions suitable for various applications suitable for oscillatory, liner motion, and difficulty in working environments, high-temperature applications, etc. Experience the convenience and reliability of our oilless self-lubricating bearings.

  • No need for an additional oil feeding device.
  • Good wear resistance.
  • Reduction in noise level.
  • Used in High temperatures.
  • Reduction in maintenance cost.
  • Longer Working Life.
  • Simplify design and physical structure.
  • No need for waste oil treatment, in favor of environmental protection.
  • Suitable for high loads and high speeds

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Technologies Develops Innovative Oilless Bearing Supports For All Your Components To Reducing The Cost.

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Visit, A Quality Large Trading Platform For Self-Lubricating Bronze Bearings & Bushings. As A Suppliers Of Oilless Bushings. Explore Our One-Click Search Feature And Request Quotations For Your Specific Needs. Experience The Convenience Of Finding Reliable Suppliers For Your Bronze Bearing Requirements.

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  • Upgrade your industrial machinery with our self-lubricating Phosphor Bronze Bush. Get a perfect fit, corrosion-resistant, and versatile bronze bush that will last for years. Buy now for optimal machinery performance.

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  • Self-Lubricating Double Flange Bearings With Bronze Graphite Plugged Material. Choose Your Half Bearings Online To Meet Your Industrial Applications.

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  • Self-Lubricating Bronze Wear Plate Supplier For Injection Mold Industry. Precision Wear Plates are Available In Standard And Custom Sizes. Choose Your Bronze Wear Plate Mold Components.

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Self-lubricating bearings extend service life & reduce costs by up to 40%. They are maintenance-free, universally applicable, and resistant to a wide range of extreme conditions and chemicals.

Oilless Bush For Equipment And Facilities

Beautifully crafted leather products.

To solve the lubrication problems of high temperature, low speed, heavy load, high dust, water washing and shock vibration in mechanical equipment, oil-free self-lubricating bearings are selected. Discover how you can achieve reliable & high performance.

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