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Self-Lubricating Bronze Bushings Solution For The Manufacture Of Finished Bronze Parts And Self Lubricating Bronze Based On Our Clients’ Drawings. Discover More!

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Our range of oilless self-lubricating bronze bushings. They are used in applications where the bushing is required to continually operate in hard-to-reach or inaccessible areas where it is difficult to apply manual lubrication.

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Oilless Bearing

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Oilless bearing, Oilless bush ,Graphite embedded bearing, self lubricating bearing, slide wear plate, etc maintenance-free bearings which is suitable for oscillatory, liner motion and difficult in working environment, high-temperature application, etc.

  • No need for an additional oil feeding device.
  • Good wear resistance.
  • Reduction in noise level.
  • Used in High temperatures.
  • Reduction in maintenance cost.
  • Longer Working Life.
  • Simplify design and physical structure.
  • No need for waste oil treatment, in favor of environmental protection.
  • Suitable for high loads and high speeds

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Technologies develops innovative oilless bearing supports for all your components to reducing the cost.

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Oilless Bushings Graphite Lubricants – Extend Self-Lubricating Bearing Life

Oil and Grease Standard – Self-lubricating Bronze Bearings Solution

Oillesss Self-lubricating Bearings – Custom Bearing Service Graphite Material

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Self-lubricating bearings suppliers. Factory direct sales price. Quality bushing bearing manufacturer & supplier in China. Custom bearing service. Save your costs.

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  • Longer life for oilless bearing

  • No minimum order for oil-free bush


Self-lubricating bearing for longer life

Self-lubricating bearings extend service life & reduce costs by up to 40%. They are maintenance-free, universally applicable, and resistant to a wide range of extreme conditions and chemicals.

The right bearing for your application!

Custom Bushing Bearing According to Your Exact Requirements

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