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We Are The Professional & Quality Suppliers, Manufacturers, And Distributors Of Plain Bearings And Self-Lubricating Bronze Bushings. Find Your Proper Oilless Bushing!

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Long-lasting, self-lubricating Graphite

  • High Performance Graphite Plugged Bushes

  • Graphite Impregnated Sleeve Bushing For Longer Life

  • Low Your Bronze Bushings Cost

  • Oil-Free Bushings More Efficient For Your Application

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graphite plugged bushing


Good services in Bronze Bushings With Solid Lubricant

We Are Specialists With Oilless Bushes Technical Expertise, Good Bearing Service, And Excellent Delivery Precision.

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Custom Designs One Bearing At A Time

We Have Excelled In Manufacturing Durable, Trusted Oilless Bearings For Products Around The Globe. Our Self-Lubricating Bearings Are The Top Choice For Manufacturers In The Automotive, Marine, And Industrial Markets.

Oilless Bushes

Find Out How We Can Be The Graphite Bronze Bushings Solution You Need.

Oilless Wear Plate

Plain Bearing Bush Sleeve Bearings Maintenance free.

Self-lubricating oilless thrust washer

When You Partner With Us, You Get More Of Graphite Bushings.

High Quality Bushings Solution


Self-lubricating Bearings Are Engineered To Exacting Standards

High Performance Graphite Plugged Bronze Bearings & Bushing are Available

The Oilless Bush Supplier Has Excelled In Manufacturing Durable, Trusted Bearings For Products Around The Globe. Our Self-Lubricating Bearings Are A Good Choice For Manufacturers In The Automotive, Marine, And Industrial Markets.

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Oilless bushes

Quality Metal Self-lubricated Parts

Focus on Oilless Bronze Bushing

High Quality Self-Lubricating Bronze Bushing Oilless Bushing Supplier- One Of The Successful Manufacturers And Suppliers Of Various Oilless Bush, Bronze Thrust Washer, Slide Wear Plate…

100% Quality Guaranteed. Worldwide On-time Shipping. View Our Oilless Bush Catalog Self-lubricarting Bushings & Bearings Products.

Discover Your Self-lubricating Bronze Bearings

Selection to handle your Oilless Bushes manufacturing needs.


Online Self-lubricating Guide Bush Solutions

Self Lubricating Guide Bushes And Bearings Made From Bronze With Solid Lubricant. Explore The Catalog Of Self-Lubricating Bronze Bushings, Oilless Bushes, Slide Plates And Bearings Of All Types. Discover The Wide Range: You Can Also Request Free Drawings!

  • Increase Service Life, Reduce Costs

  • Self-Lubricating And Maintenance-Free

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