Oil-Free Wear Strips, Oil-Free Slide Plates – Press Die Components

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Oil-Free Wear Strips, Slide Plates – Press Die Components

Oil-Free Slide Plates – These selflube wear plates are made from cast bronze with embedded graphite, ensuring smooth movement without lubrication. Additionally, Bronze Wear Strips are available with pre-drilled holes and graphite for enhanced durability and reduced friction.

Shop Oil-Free Slide Plates – Copper Alloy with Graphite Embedded Bronze Strips

A manufacturer specializing in bronze bushings, bearings, and machined components has recently launched a comprehensive range of industry-standard-sized wear strips.

Offers wear strips in both metric and imperial measurements, including NAAMS sizes. These are constructed from aluminum bronze and are available with or without self-lubricating features. Wear Strips Bronze Plated With Graphite Embedded, Inch. These self-lubricating bronze wear strips are used in applications such as die fixtures, steel mill equipment, and automation components. “With this line of standard-sized wear strips, we are responding to our customers’ demand for faster turnaround times compared to custom machined bronze wear plates. By using standard-sized wear strips, customers can reduce lead times from a few weeks to just a few days.”

Custom Injection Molding Bronze strips Market Service

Discover our market-leading custom injection molding bronze wear strips, designed to meet the demands of a broad range of industries. Our high-quality wear strips ensure durability, precision, and exceptional performance across various applications.

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  • container handling

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    container handling bronze bushings

Self-Lubricating Bronze Wear Strips come in standard sizes.

Industry-standard bronze wear strips come equipped with self-lubricating capabilities and feature a typical coefficient of friction ranging from 0.04 to 0.2. These strips are engineered to resist wear, corrosion, and chemical damage, making them suitable for use in various applications including die fixtures, steel mill equipment, and automation components. The self-lubricating properties enable these bearings to operate efficiently in environments where lubrication is challenging or where grease and oil are not permissible.

Superior Bronze Bearings


High-quality bronze bearings and plates to overcome friction efficiently.

Sustainable Wear Plates


Discover sustainable wear plates engineered to reduce friction and extend equipment lifespan.

bronze bushings with wear strips

Standard Wear Strips, Layout the Hole Pattern

Edge Distance: Ensure there is an appropriate distance from the edge of the wear strip to the first row of holes.

Rows and Columns: Determine the number of rows and columns based on the wear strip dimensions and the spacing of the plugs.

Staggering: Decide if the holes will be staggered or aligned in a grid pattern.

Create a CAD Drawing: Use CAD software to draw the wear strip and plot the positions of the graphite plugs. Verify the layout to ensure even distribution and coverage.

Plain bearing strips, wear-free(Oil groove:Bronze Oil groove)

Plain bearing strips, wear-free (Oil groove:Oil groove) and other configurable components

Wear Strip Ways – Solid Bronze – Graphite Plugs, Service for hole pattern.

Define the Wear Strip Dimensions

  • Length: The total length of the wear strip.
  • Width: The total width of the wear strip.
  • Thickness: The thickness of the wear strip.
bronze wear strips with oil groove
Grease Groove Wear Plates

self-lurbricating Grease Groove Wear Plates

Determine the Graphite Plug Specifications

  • Diameter: The diameter of each graphite plug.
  • Depth: The depth of the graphite plugs within the wear strip.
  • Spacing: The spacing between the graphite plugs.

Finalizing the Design:

  1. Simulation and Testing: Use simulation software to test the wear strip under expected loads and conditions.
  2. Manufacturing Tolerances: Ensure the design considers manufacturing tolerances for hole placement and plug fitting.
  3. Would you like to proceed with a detailed CAD drawing or further specifications for your project?
Bronze Wear Strips – Holes and Graphite

Wear-Free Plain Bearing Strips: Ultimate Durability for Your Needs

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