cNC Precision finishing machining For bronze bushings Solutions

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Diverse custom bronze finished machined parts services available

Providing high-quality finishing machining for all custom bronze parts, along with on-demand, self-lubricating, and oil-free bronze bushing solutions.

Customize Your bronze split bushings Or bronze finished Parts

Bronze bushings in stock, with a wide variety of materials available for quick and cost-effective delivery. We offer affordable CNC machining, prototyping, and production of custom bronze machined parts. Contact us today to discuss your self-lubricating bronze bushing needs and receive a quote for our services. Our team of experienced engineers and machinists are ready to assist you in finding the perfect bronze split bushings solution for your application. Trust us to deliver high-quality, reliable bronze finished & semi-finished products that meet your bushings specifications and exceed your expectations.

Specialist in Finished CNC Machined Parts for Various Industries


Expertly manufacturing and finishing CNC machined parts using high-quality bronze materials, tailored to meet the specific needs of diverse industries.

Customized machined bronze finished parts – self-lubricating

Self-lubricating bronze machined bushings are available in various metric sizes, made from high-quality bronze alloys for superior performance and durability. Quality bronze machined parts ensure reliability and longevity in demanding applications.

Machined bronze bushings
Machined bronze bushings available in a variety of shapes and sizes, featuring precision finishing machining for superior performance and durability.
customized bronze bushings
Explore our range of finished custom bronze parts, CNC machined to perfection. Choose from cylindrical bushings or flanged bushings tailored to your exact specifications.
Finishing Machining Bronze Bushings

Choosing Quality Bronze Alloys for CNC Finishing Machining bushings

Select high-strength bronze alloys for superior CNC finished machining bushings. Our top-quality materials include C954 Aluminum Bronze, C630 Nickel Aluminum Bronze, and C863 Leaded Tin Bronze, ensuring exceptional durability and performance in every finished bronze bushing.

Maintenance free CNC machined bronze wear plates for molds

Bronze slide plates and guide plates are the ideal choice for applications requiring precise guidance and reduced friction. Achieve optimal performance with our bronze wear plates, featuring precision CNC machining and superior surface finishes. Designed for durability and efficiency, these wear plates ensure long-lasting reliability in demanding applications.

CNC Machined Bronze Wear Plates
machined finished bronze washers

Precision CNC Machined Oil-Free Washers

Utilizing our CNC machining expertise, we efficiently produce high-precision, intricate finished parts such as oil-free washers from bronze raw materials or semi-finished products.Our cnc finishing machining equipment allows us to consistently meet tight tolerances and deliver quality bronze finished components to our customers in various industries.

Custom Finished Machined Parts: Advanced Manufacturing Solutions

Explore our advanced manufacturing solutions for custom finished machined parts, tailored to meet unique shapes or sizes with precision and efficiency. We specialize in bushings, bearings, plates, and washersOur CNC finishing machining technicians ensure that each piece meets the highest quality standards for a wide range of industries. Let us help bring your designs to life with our expertise in custom machining solutions.

custom machined bushings
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