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Innovative Bearing Technology Produces High-Quality Oil-Free Bronze Bushings For Custom Self-Lubricating Bearings For Many Industrial Applications To Achieve Customer Bearing Freedom. Develop and deliver superior bronze bushings bearing and provide first-class bearing technologies solutions.


Reduce Costs For Your Machinery

Rapidly develop solutions to technical problems with self-lubricating bearings. Provide you with bearing support to ensure the longevity of your bearings and reduce your machine’s downtime.

  • Ensure the bearing life by supporting you in assembly, disassembly and lubrication

  • Correct and time-bound bearing maintenance while monitoring operations

  • Self-lubricating bronze bearings parts preservation

oilless bearing Technology transfer

Design and manufacture of low-speed, heavy-duty self-lubricating bronze bushings.

self-lubricating bearing technology – custom made

Establish bearing technical specifications in the design of self-lubricating bronze bearings. The performance and stability of customized bronze bearings are significantly improved. The completion of the bearing technology project will not only improve the quality of the company’s self-lubricating bearings products but also enable it to significantly increase its production capacity and scale.

Self-lubricating bronze bushings Bearing technology index.

Improve the quality and reliability of self-lubricating bearing products and also improve the overall design level and theoretical analysis level of process development of the enterprise at the same time.

Overview of practical bearing applications in industry.

Self-lubricating bronze bearings have a large number of applications in various adjustment parts of industrial machinery due to their lack of lubrication, stable high and low temperature performance, light weight, and large freedom of movement (swingable and rotatable).

Bringing Superior Bearing Technologies Solutions Within Reach

Beautifully crafted leather products.

Be the quality self-lubricating bronze bushings supplier. Partner with customers to provide custom bearing technology and custom-made design analysis.

Provide custom bronze bushings bearing technology solutions to meet our customers’ toughest challenges.

self lubricating bronze bushings bearing technolgy solution

Bearing Type

Bearing Technology that makes life easier. We are committed to providing oilless bearing technology solutions to help you find the self-lubricating bushings and bearings products your customers need today. There are different bearing types online, such as sleeve bearings, bronze flanged bearings, bronze thrust washers, sliding plates, and so on. Choose your bearings for your industrial applications.

oilless bronze bearings


Oilless Bearings Are Lubricant-Free, Maintenance-Free, Low-Cost And Versatile. This Oilless Bearings For Automotive Series Or Customized Mechanical Engineering, Underwater Applications, The Food Or Tobacco Industry, Extreme Temperatures And Chemical Resistance, And Simple Sheet Metal Penetrations. Oilless Bearings Always Offer A Customized Bearing Technology Solution.

lubrication-free oilless bearings technology

Graphite Bush Bearing Available From Stock

Maintenance Free Plain Bearing Bush Technology Solutions

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High-Quality Self-Lubricating Bushing With Competitive Price. Quality China Oilless Bearings Products. Your Plain Bearing Bush Suppliers. Learn More Reliable Bearing Technology Solutions.

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Custom Design, Manufacturing and Quality

Your Professional in the Bearings Technology

Manufacturers can now produce higher-quality and longer-life self-lubricating bearings.

Self-lubricating bronze bearings technology is an industry-leading manufacturer of custom self-lubricating bearings for many applications.


The Bearings Technology to Make Life Easier

Self Lubricated Bearings Available In A Complete Line Of Self-Lubricating Bronze Products That Excel Whenever Standard Lubrication Is Impractical. Especially In Heavy Load And High-Temperature Applications. They Come As Sleeve Bearings, Washers, Wear Plates, And Can Be Inserted Into Pillow Block Type Housings.

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Our experts are ready to help you find the right self-lubricating oilless bushes solution for your specific application.

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” Oilless Bearings”

Lower system costs from space and weight savings of slim, compact designs

Save Costs

oilless bearings manufacturing

” Bronze Thrust Washers”

Low friction for energy efficiency, smooth operation, less wear and longer bearing life

Longer Life

oil-free bushings production

“Slide Wear Plates”

Reduced maintenance from elimination of lubricants and lubrication systems

Maintenance Free

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High-Quality Bearing Bushings Technology Design

Lubricating bushings in operation all over the world. We offer the right self-lubricating bearings solution for a wide range of oilless bushes in different environments.

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Oilless Bearings Partner – bushing technology products and application

Custom-designed Self-lubricating Replacement Bushings: The Strength of the Oilless Bushing Technology

Superior oilless bushes technical expertise and consultancy as pre-and after-sales support.

High quality, safety, and reliable self-lubricating bearing technology standards.

High flexibility and fast delivery, save your cost for your self-lubricating oilless bearings bush.

Oilless Bearings represent all kinds of self-lubricating bearing

Quality Bushing with Competitive Price. Consult you for the good oilless sliding bearing technology solution.

Your Partner For The Oil-Free Bushings Market

Your Partner For The Oil-Free Bushings Market

Reliable & Safe Lubricating Bearings Supplier

Reliable & Safe Lubricating Bearings Supplier


Pushing Bearing Technology To Co-Create A Higher Quality Of Life

Oilless bearing technology manufactures high-performance bearing solutions specifically designed to meet and exceed individual customer needs.

  • Low friction for energy efficiency, smooth operation, less wear and longer bearing life
  • Reduced maintenance from the elimination of lubricants and lubrication systems
  • Low friction for energy efficiency, smooth operation, less wear and longer bearing life
  • Environmental compliance with EU ELV and RoHS regulations
  • Bearing replacement options for costly roller bearings and heavy, bulky greased metal bearings
  • Customer support through a flexible production platform and global supply network

Custom Bearing Equipment Manufacturer

  • Small manufacturing batches
  • High quality
  • Tailor-made products
  • Fast deliveries
  • Attractive price-/performance ratio
  • Strong Engineering support

Graphite Plugged Bronze Bearing After Market

  • Best-in-class usability and customer experience
  • Well selected, broad product range
  • High availability
  • OEM references
  • Attractive price-/performance ratio

Design, Manufacturing and Quality

Bearing Technology to Make Life Easier

Get access to the quality supply of bearing and bushing inventory in the world.

Created — And Continue To Create — Successful Plain Bearing Solutions For You.

Manufacturers can now produce higher-quality and longer-life self-lubricating bearings, graphite plugged bronze bearings, oilless bronze thrust washers, oil-free slide plates…

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