What is graphite impregnated bearing?

What is graphite impregnated bearing?

Maintenance Free Graphite Impregnated Bushing

What Is Bronze Graphite Impregnated Bearing?

Bronze graphite impregnated bearings, also known as self-lubricating bronze bushings, are a type of bearing that incorporates graphite within the bronze material to reduce friction and wear. Self-Lubricating Sliding Elements Online Sourcing. Bronze With Graphite Solid Lubricants Material. Choose Your Graphite Impregnated Bronze Bushings.

High Performance Graphite Impregnated Bronze Bearing Solution

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Self-lubricating graphite impregnated bronze bushings solution for any applications. Choose your proper graphite impregnated bearings for your request online.

  • Graphite plugged bronze bearings have a good load and good wear resistance.

  • Self-lubricating graphite impregnated bronze bushing is suitable for mechanical equipment with high load and low speed rotating motion;

graphite impregnated bushings
graphite impregnated bushings
graphite impregnated bronze bearings
oil-free bronze wear plate

Graphite bushings are engineered to meet your challenges. Every single one.

Beautifully crafted leather products.

Graphite plugged bronze bearing, also known as a self-lubricating bearing, is a bronze bearing product with self-lubricating properties developed on the friction surface of the bronze sleeve bushing as a metal matrix. Self-lubricating graphite bushings impregnated bronze bearings products are widely used in many industrial fields.

Extend Your Bearing Life

Self-lubricating graphite impregnated bronze bearings, as the name implies, offer self-lubrication during operation without needing grease or oil. In boundary lubrication conditions, these graphite impregnated bronze bushings can stay oil-free for extended periods, with oil supplementing the lubrication layer to enhance the longevity of the self-lubricating bearings.Graphite impregnated bronze bearings are ideal for applications where traditional lubrication methods are not practical or possible. With their ability to operate without the need for constant maintenance, these self-lubricating bearings are a cost-effective and reliable solution for various industrial and mechanical systems.

graphite impregnated bronze bushings

Maintenance-Free Graphite Impregnated Bushing

In today’s industrial landscape, the demand for reliable and efficient machinery continues to grow. One essential component that plays a crucial role in ensuring smooth operations is the maintenance-free graphite impregnated bushing. These innovative bushings offer exceptional self-lubricating properties and durability, making them a popular choice across various industries.

self-lubricating bronze guide plate

Graphite impregnated bushings, also known as self-lubricating bushings or oilless bushings, are mechanical components designed to reduce friction and wear between moving parts. These bushings are embedded with graphite, a solid lubricant known for its excellent lubricating properties.

Importance of Maintenance-Free Bushings

Maintenance-free bushings eliminate the need for regular lubrication and maintenance, saving time and resources for businesses. They offer superior performance and reliability, making them an ideal choice for applications where traditional lubrication is challenging or impractical.

Self-Lubricating Bushings

Buy Durable Graphite Bushings Impregnated with Resin | Enhance Equipment Lifespan

Looking for reliable bushings for high-stress applications? Our graphite bushings impregnated with resin offer enhanced durability and self-lubricating properties, making them ideal for industrial, automotive, and aerospace use. Buy now and extend the equipment’s lifespan.

graphite bronze bushings - custom parts

1: Enhanced Durability

Our graphite bushings impregnated with resin offer superior durability compared to standard bushings. The resin infusion process ensures that the graphite material is strengthened and protected against wear and tear, making these bushings ideal for high-stress applications. Whether you’re using them in automotive, aerospace, or industrial equipment, you can rely on our graphite bushings to last longer and require less maintenance.

2: Self-Lubricating Properties

Thanks to the natural lubricating properties of graphite, our bushings require little to no additional lubrication, making them a cost-effective and low-maintenance solution. The infused resin also ensures that the graphite stays in place and doesn’t flake off, providing consistent and reliable lubrication over time. Say goodbye to frequent lubrication and hello to hassle-free operation with our self-lubricating graphite bushings.

3: Wide Range of Applications

Our graphite bushings impregnated with resin are suitable for use in a wide range of applications. From heavy machinery and hydraulic equipment to high-performance race cars and aerospace components, our bushings offer reliable performance in even the most demanding environments. Their ability to withstand high loads, temperature fluctuations, and harsh operating conditions make them an ideal choice for any industry or application.

High Quality Graphite Impregnated Bronze Bushings

Impregnated Graphite Bearings Production Process.

graphite bushing impregnated bronze manufacturing

The Impregnation Method Is As Follows:

  1. Vacuum impregnation of the impregnated material in a molten state.
  2. Hardenable liquid is used as a carrier into which the impregnate is impregnated.
  3. Volatile liquids are used as carriers in which the impregnating agent is dispersed for impregnation, and then the liquid is volatilized.
  4. Impregnation is carried out after the impregnation evaporates.

The impregnated material not only acts as a lubricant but also increases the strength of the base material.

The porous material is used as the substrate and impregnated with solid lubricant to form a solid lubricated impregnated graphite bearing. As the bearing bushings wear, the solid lubricant stored in the bearing bushings continuously supplies solid lubricant to the friction surfaces. Typical composite bearings are made from carbon graphite as the base material, impregnated with soft metals, PTFE, or inorganic materials (BaF2).

Graphite Bushings Impregnated Bronze- Custom Design & Reliable Manufacturing

self-lubricating parts manufacturing

Graphite bushings design types are cylindrical, cylindrical instead of flange, round, and special structure. The thickness of graphite bushings must be greater than metal bearing, the thickness should be 1/5-1/7 of the inner diameter, with a minimum of more than 3mm. the length of the bearing is greater than 2 times the inner diameter. The temperature of the bearing will rise during operation. The running clearance can be determined according to the thermal expansion of the shaft and the bearing, which is generally about 0.3% of the shaft diameter. The design ability of graphite bushings due to their production process and raw materials produces graphite bearings with different performances and are suitable for various technical conditions and use environments.

Widespread Bearing Application – Graphite Bronze Bushing Innovative Solutions

bronze graphite bearing


At present, graphite impregnated bronze bushings have been widely used in construction machinery, metallurgical machinery, mining machinery, locomotive supports, steel rolling equipment, marine machinery, mold equipment, textile machinery, gas turbines, and other low-speed heavy-duty, high-speed light-load and other occasions.

Graphite Bushings Impregnated Bronze

self-lubricating bronze material

Graphite-impregnated bushings are composite materials made by combining graphite with a metal such as bronze, iron, or stainless steel. The graphite provides a self-lubricating property to the bushing, while the metal provides structural support. This combination results in a material that has both low friction and high strength, making it suitable for use in various mechanical applications.

These graphite impregnated bushings are commonly used in rotating equipment and machines where there is a need for low friction and high load-carrying capacity. The graphite in the material provides a low coefficient of friction, reducing wear and tear on the bushing and increasing the life of the equipment. Additionally, the metal component of the material provides corrosion resistance and high strength, making it suitable for use in harsh environments.

Graphite impregnated bushings are also known for their ability to operate at high temperatures and high loads without significant wear or degradation. They are widely used in applications such as bearings, pumps, and motors, as well as in industries such as automotive, aerospace, and heavy machinery.

Save Costs For Graphite Impregnated Bearing Project – Bronze With Graphite Material

What Is Self-Lubricating Graphite Impregnated Bearings?

oilless bearings bushing

Graphite bushings impregnated bronze bearings, also known as graphite plugged bronze bearings, are self-lubricating bearings made of special graphite materials. Different self-lubricating graphite bearings are selected according to different uses and working conditions. One of the large categories of solid inlaid bronze graphite bearings (JDB for short) is a novel lubricating bearing that combines the characteristics of metal bearings and oil-free bearings. It has the characteristics of high bearing capacity, impact resistance, high-temperature resistance, strong self-lubricating ability, etc. It is especially suitable for heavy loads, low speed, reciprocating or swinging, and other occasions where it is difficult to lubricate and form oil film, and it is not afraid of water and other acid erosion and scours.

The majority of users of graphite impregnated bronze bearings generally report that the inlaid bearing not only saves oil and energy but also has a longer working life than ordinary sliding bearings. At present, graphite bronze bushings products have been widely used in metallurgical continuous casting machines, steel rolling equipment, mining machinery, ships, steam turbines, water turbines, injection molding machines, and equipment production lines.

JDB500# Cylindrical Oilless Bearing size chartbronze graphite bearing

Bearing SizeInner Diameter (d)Outer Diameter (D)Length (L)
JDB500#-10-20-3010 mm20 mm30 mm
JDB500#-12-24-3612 mm24 mm36 mm
JDB500#-15-28-4015 mm28 mm40 mm
JDB500#-18-32-4518 mm32 mm45 mm
JDB500#-20-36-5020 mm36 mm50 mm
JDB500#-25-42-6025 mm42 mm60 mm
JDB500#-30-50-7030 mm50 mm70 mm
JDB500#-35-58-8035 mm58 mm80 mm
JDB500#-40-64-9040 mm64 mm90 mm
JDB500#-45-72-10045 mm72 mm100 mm

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Self-lubricating JDB Solid Lubricated Bearings Graphite Material

Discover high-strength bronze copper alloy bearings infused with graphite lubricant. Our self-lubricating JDB solid bearings offer superior performance and longevity. Experience the benefits of this advanced graphite material for reliable and efficient operations.

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graphite impregnated bearing graphite plugged

Graphite Plugged Bearings

Oilless graphite bushings, also known as sleeve bearings, are a type of self-lubricating sliding bearing.

High-Quality Bronze Bearings

We have 10+ years of self-lubricating impregnated bronze bushings production experience, which is enough to meet the requirements of various difficult and high precision graphite bushings.

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Custom Oilless Bushes Design

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Impregnated Graphite Bushings: Reliable

Type of industry applications

Automotive graphite impregnated bushings
Automotive Parts

At least 30 parts of a passenger car are equipped with self-lubricating graphite bearings. For example tensioner, air conditioner compressor, secondary air valve, fuel pump, starter motor, gearbox, etc.

oilless bearings in construction machinery
Construction Machinery

After years of hard work, our company’s self-lubricating graphite bearing products have been supplied to various components such as chassis running gear, body parts, and hydraulic components.

Self-lubricating graphite bearings in marine
Marine Machinery

Compared with traditional rolling bearings, the self-lubricating bearings developed by the company have the characteristics of maintenance-free, low cost, and corrosion resistance, so the bushings are widely used in outdoor logistics machinery such as port machinery.

the agricultural industry with quality graphite impregnated bronze bearing

Graphite impregnated bronze bearings keep pace with the productivity of the field. Bearing technology has changed and agricultural machinery and equipment have become better, more advanced, and more powerful. Bearings have reduced downtime and increased the productivity of agricultural machinery.

self-lubricating bronze bearings in mining industry

The graphite bearings can withstand such demanding application conditions, from extreme loads to constant vibration. Feeding the world’s mining economy. Find the most suitable graphite impregnated bronze bearing solution to reduce mining equipment downtime failures and reduce costs.

Wind Power Generation industry parts graphite impregnated bronze bushing
Power Generation

We offer a wide range of self-lubricating bearing solutions that are quick and easy to install. In addition, machinery that extracts energy needs to be subjected to increasing stress under extreme conditions, which means bearings must also be used more reliably than ever, minimizing downtime.

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How Does A Self-Lubricating Bearing Work?

Due to this, self-lubricating graphite bearings are also referred to as maintenance-free or greaseless bearings as they require no re-lubrication or grease. An example of a self-lubricating bearing is our solid lubricating bearing.Self-lubricating graphite bearings are ideal for applications where traditional lubrication methods are impractical or impossible, providing smooth and reliable operation without the need for constant maintenance.

Custom Graphite Bushings Available

Long-lasting, graphite impregnated bronze bushings project

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