Bronze Bearing Solution For Agricultural Equipment

Our self-lubricating bronze bearings for the agricultural industry offer high performance. Learn more about your needs for the agriculture industry we can provide you with precision agricultural bearing solutions to meet your requirements.

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High Performance Agricultural Bearings

Beautifully crafted leather products.

Increase profits and production with maintenance-free and better quality bronze bearings for agricultural equipment that can withstand harsh conditions, season after season. When you choose self-lubricating bronze bearings for your equipment, you can increase efficiency, reduce downtime and harvest more agricultural crops in less time.

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self-lubricating bronze bearing for agriculture
self-lubricating bronze bushings for agricultural machinery
agricultural machinery parts - bronze bearing

Self-lubricating bronze bearings – tractor transmissions parts

Sustainable agriculture is using maintenance-free, self-lubricating bronze bearings to provide lighter, stronger, and more efficient solutions for farm equipment accessories. Our self-lubricating bronze bearings can help reduce the weight of your machinery by 30-50% without sacrificing durability. Be part of the next generation of agricultural machinery parts with high-performance, durable and lighter self-lubricating bearing equipment. In addition to the various self-lubricating bearings offered in our catalog, we have developed bronze bearings designed to meet the specific needs of different functions in tractor transmissions and axles.

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tractor parts - self-luricating bronze bearings

Agricultural machinery parts – bronze bearings graphite plugged

Different types of self-lubricating bearings for agricultural machinery, designed to meet the specific requirements of each agricultural machine: disc harrows, rotary harrows, seeders, mowers, balers …… Customized agricultural machinery bearing solutions to reduce downtime for your agricultural machinery. Find your proper agricultural machinery parts online.

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We deliver reliable agricultural bearings solutions.

All agricultural tractors, combines and farm machinery come with our high performance, reliability, comfort and quality self-lubricating bronze bearings. Discover the agricultural bearings and request a quote today.

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Extended service life

Our bronze bearings are specifically designed to meet the requirements of agricultural equipment: higher road speeds, greater transmission power, smaller size (miniaturization).

Improved Machine Performance

Our self-lubricating bronze bearings are designed for all types of environments and all types of machines. Improve the performance of your equipment with bushing bearings designed for each application.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Our bronze bushing bearings are developed to withstand harsh environments. The bronze bearing ensure higher robustness and reliability. There is no downtime during intensive work.

The Good-In-Class Self-Lubricating Bronze Bearings move into a new era of possibilities.

The oil-free bushing supplier offers a selection of different bearing types with a new custom design of bronze bearings. Self-lubricating oil-free agricultural bushings offer outstanding performance, combining economy with high levels of comfort and control, and a wide selection of bronze bearing types to suit agricultural applications.

oilless bushings in agriculture industry

Agricultural Bearing Innovation

Self-Lubricating Bronze Bearings Of Agriculture. Quality Oilless Bushings & Bearings, This Is Your Opportunity To Help Shape The Future Of Agriculture By Being Counted. Choose Your Agricultural Bushings To Meet Your Requirements. Learn More Online At

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We Are A Diverse Supplier Of Self-Lubricating Bronze Sleeve Bushings, From China, Working On Self-lubricating Bronze Bearings To Keep Your Agricultural Equipment Safe And Working, Build And Maintain Quality Of Oilless Bronze Bushings & Bearings, And Ensure The Competitiveness Of Agricultural Bushings.

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Globally Important Agricultural Bushings Systems

Tractor Agricultural Bushings Sales Continue Steady Growth.

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China Agricultural Machinery Bushings – High Quality Price Ratio

A Wide Variety Of Plain Bearings For Agricultural Applications Like Disc Harrows, Planters, Mowers, Rakes And Balers…

Online Custom Bronze Bushings Services

Stout, Reliable, And Built To Get The Job Done Right.

Graphite Plugged Bronze Bushings Widely Used In Agriculture Applications.

  • Linkage joints
  • Hydraulic cylinder joints
  • Clamping systems
oilless bearings washers in marine
oilless washers thrust bearings in wind energy

graphite bushings solution

Dirt and dust resistant bearings and bushings for agriculture and heavy duty

Oilless Agricultural Self-Lubricating Bearings And Bushings Are Perfectly Suited For Dirty And Dusty Environments And Can Be Direct Substitutes For Metal Bearings.

Oilless Bearing Application In Agricultural Machinery

Low maintenance, corrosion resistance, more economical

Keep improving:
A full range of graphite bearing technology

Decades of experience in the production of agricultural machinery bearings means that our oil-free bearing graphite product range is maturing. Our bearing engineers are very familiar with the needs of the agricultural field and are familiar with the high-quality requirements to improve the production of agricultural bearings. Because of this, the bearings we develop can truly meet the correct needs of customers.

  • The advantages of self-lubricating and oil-free graphite bearings in the field of agricultural machinery:
    Can withstand continuous vibration and high shock loads
  • The well-designed and high-precision sealing concept for reliable operation in all weather conditions
    Low-maintenance or maintenance-free design ensures high machine utilization
  • Easy to install. Integral units are usually available
  • Or for special design and the structure is very simple


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