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Manufacture Bronze Metal Components Tailored to Your Needs

We offer self-lubricating graphite bronze wear plates crafted to your types and specifications, backed by an extensive inventory of bronze metal strip and bronze plate options. Explore our offerings today.

Tailored Solutions: From Design to Delivery of Self-Lubricating Graphite Impregnated Bronze Plates

Discover our specialized guide and control solutions meticulously crafted for heavy industries. We excel in every phase, from precise design to efficient manufacturing and prompt delivery of self-lubricating graphite impregnated bronze plates. Engineered to ensure seamless movement within heavy machinery, our bronze plates optimize efficiency and longevity.

Our approach prioritizes innovation and reliability, leveraging advanced technologies to enhance performance and minimize downtime. With a commitment to quality craftsmanship and rigorous testing, we assure the durability and effectiveness of our bronze plates in the most challenging industrial environments.

Experience the difference with our bronze wear plates solutions.

Slide Bronze Plates: Tailored Support for Your Bearing Needs

Our graphite impregnated slide bronze plates offer individualized bearing plate support on-site, ensuring we meet your specific requirements with precision. Trust us to deliver reliable solutions designed to support your unique applications.

  • Structural Bearing Pads

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    Structural Bearing Pads slide plates for support
  • container handling

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    container handling bronze bushings

Bronze Plate Solutions: Innovative Self-Lubricating Materials

Check out our advanced bronze wear plate solutions with self-lubricating bronze and graphite tech. We offer metal bronze bearings, bushings, and wear plates for top-notch performance. Custom-made for tough industrial needs, our products guarantee smooth operation, less upkeep, and longer lifespan. Discover our high-quality bronze parts to boost your machinery’s efficiency and dependability.

Enhance bridge longevity and performance with our maintenance-free bronze bearing plates, impregnated with self-lubricating graphite for smooth, durable operation.
Graphite-impregnated bronze wear plates offer optimal performance, with or without grease holes and grooves, ensuring durability in demanding environments.
graphite impregnated bronze plates

Customizable C95400 Aluminum Bronze Plates with graphite for Self-Lubrication

Our premium C95400 aluminum bronze plates, designed with customizable holes and grooves to fit your specific needs. These plates feature graphite inserts and plugs, providing a self-lubricating solution for smooth and efficient operation. Engineered for durability and reliability, our bronze plates are perfect for demanding applications, reducing maintenance and extending the lifespan of your equipment. Choose our advanced bronze plates for enhanced performance and longevity.

C86300 Manganese Bronze Slide Plates – keep your motion to longer life

Enhance your linear control and motion performance with C86300 Manganese Bronze Slide Plates. Engineered to precision, these slide rails are crafted to control motion seamlessly, ensuring smooth operations in various industrial applications. With a focus on longevity, they offer an extended service life, reducing maintenance hassles and downtime. The wear-resistant nature of these bronze plates ensures reliability even in demanding environments, making them an indispensable component for enhancing efficiency and durability in machinery.

slide bronze plates
bearing bronze plates

Quality C93200 Bearing Bronze Plates: Precision Machined for Optimal Performance

Unlock unparalleled performance with C93200 Bearing Bronze Plates. Crafted from high-quality cast material, these bronze plates boast superior alloy grade composition, ensuring optimal strength and durability for a wide range of applications. Their versatility extends to CNC machining, allowing for precise customization to meet your specific requirements. Whether used in bearings, bushings, or other critical components, these bronze plates deliver reliability and longevity, making them an essential choice for industries requiring precision and resilience.

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