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Check out our new Gibs And T Slides with Wear Plate Configurator!

Dive into precision engineering with our latest innovation – Gibs and T Slides, now equipped with a state-of-the-art Wear Plate Configurator. Crafted meticulously from robust bronze, our L-gibs, square gibs, and V-gibs redefine control and guidance in linear movement applications. Whether it’s metal stamping dies, molds, special machines, or heavy equipment, trust our Gibs and T Slides to deliver unparalleled performance. Step-by-step, craft your mold parts gib slide to perfection and elevate your manufacturing process to new heights.

Optimize Precision: gib slide wear plates Catalogue to Guide Bushings

Explore our comprehensive range of Gibs and T Slides, seamlessly transitioning from the gib slide wear plate catalogue to precision guide bushings. Our standard Gib Assemblies enable the creation of custom cams and slides, facilitating mold T slide design with unparalleled accuracy. With continuous manufacturing availability and a dedicated bronze standard parts warehouse, coupled with our meticulously coordinated product range, we stand as your powerful and reliable partner in mold, die, and jigs and fixtures construction. Trust in our expertise to elevate your manufacturing processes to new heights of efficiency and precision. Combine Gibs, T-Slides, and self-lube bushings for optimal performance and longevity in your industrial applications.

Unlock Creativity: Explore Our Bronze Plates Standard

Elevate your projects with our custom standard mold die slides components, offering the flexibility to combine Gibs and T Slides in unique ways. Bring your individual ideas to life effortlessly.

Bronze plated L Gibs
Achieve unparalleled control and accuracy in machining processes with our precision-engineered Gibs, tailored for use in milling, grinding, and lathe machines.
Bronze T-Slides
Experience robust and reliable motion control with our T-Slides, designed to withstand heavy loads and facilitate smooth linear movement in a wide range of applications, including automation, conveyors, and various types of machinery.
l gibd with solid lubricant

L gibs – solid lubricant – metric size

Elevate your heavy-load applications like metal stamping dies and molds with our solid bronze L-Gibs mold components. Enjoy seamless operation with self-lubricating properties for enhanced performance and longevity.

Enhance Efficiency: Self-Lube Square Gibs for Oil-Free Slide Plates

Explore our bronze self-lubricating wear strips, offering custom solutions tailored to your engineering requirements. Experience long-term cost reductions with the use of Gibs and T Slides, optimizing efficiency and performance in your applications.

selflube square gibs
Solid Bronze V-Gibs With Graphite

Efficient Control: Solid Bronze V-Gibs with Graphite Plug Option

Optimize slide movement control with our V-Gibs, available in solid bronze or with graphite plugs. The V-shaped design ensures self-alignment, keeping rails parallel, while solid bronze construction offers durability under high loads. Choose V-Gibs with Graphite for self-lubricating properties, reducing maintenance needs in applications requiring minimal friction and wear on sliding parts.

Achieve Precision Motion: Bronze T-Slides with Graphite Plugs

Experience seamless linear motion with our bronze T-Slides, offering a simple one-part solution for T-slot base plates. Crafted from bronze with graphite plugs, these sliding plates boast excellent sliding properties and wear resistance. Designed to work with T-Nuts, they find extensive application in machine tools and mechanical devices requiring precise linear motion.

Bronze T-Slides With Graphite Plugs
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