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Custom Die Mold Manufacturing Parts – Guide Bushings Technology

Enhance your die mold manufacturing with our advanced Guide Bushings Technology. We offer custom service parts, including oil-free guide bushings and bronze with graphite options. Choose from straight bronze types and flange type die guide components, designed for superior performance and durability in demanding applications. Trust our expertise to deliver precision-engineered die bushings solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Custom Injection Molded Parts – oil free bronze Wear plates

Elevate your bronze castings serial production with our self-lubricating guide components, featuring oil-free slide plates and bronze wear plates. We offer both standard and custom designs tailored for die and mold injection applications. Our large bronze guide components, crafted from high-quality metal bronze material, ensure optimal performance and longevity in injection molding processes. Trust our expertise for reliable, efficient, and durable solutions to meet your manufacturing needs.

bronze plates guide components
bronze washer guide somponents

self-lubricating guide components – bronze washers

Choose from our versatile selection of bronze washers, available with or without bolt hole types. Our high precision die and mold injection bronze guide components are designed to meet your exact specifications. Whether you require customization for stamping, metal molds, plastic molds, blowing molds, forging molds, or precision parts, our solutions ensure reliable performance and durability. Trust us to deliver superior quality components tailored to your specific needs.

Optimize Die Production with Guide Bushings & Bronze Plates Solutions

We specialize in manufacturing high-quality guide components, including die bushings, bronze plates, and bronze washers. Our comprehensive services cover every stage from development and design to production and delivery, ensuring that all products meet various technological specifications. With a commitment to precision and durability, our guide components are engineered to enhance the performance and reliability of your die castings manufacturing processes.

CNC Machining Parts – Stamping bronze guide components solution

We offer a range of sizes including self-lubricating bronze gib and t slides, washers, plates, bushings, blocks, and more. Explore our specialized OEM & CNC bronze machining parts, offering cost-effective solutions for your manufacturing needs. Crafted from high-quality aluminum bronze and brass materials, our self-lubricating graphite guide components ensure smooth operation in both inch and metric sizes. Trust our expertise to deliver precision and efficiency in every component, tailored to meet your specific requirements at a low cost. Our bronze die components are designed for durability and longevity, making them ideal for various industrial applications, ensuring your machinery runs smoothly and reliably.

Versatile Industrial Applications

Our high-quality bronze guide components are integral to industries requiring precision and efficiency.

  • Sliding Bushings For Rolling Mills

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    cusn8p bronze sliding bushings for Rolling Mills
  • Pump Wear Ring

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    bronze pump wear ring
Customized Guide Components Solutions for Specific Applications

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