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Check out where oilless bearing bushings have been used in real-world applications around the world from a wide range of industries, from combine harvesters to rollercoasters, from hot-air balloons to light aircraft.

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Our Self-Lubricating Bronze Bearings Are Used In Automotive Applications For Everything From Engines To Door Hinges, As Well As In Infrastructure And Transportation Applications Such As Bridges And Helicopters. They Are Also Used In Products Such As Door Rollers, Office Chairs, Copiers, And Kitchen Appliances. We Have The Bearings To Meet Your Needs, Including Custom Products Developed Specifically For Your Applications.


How Important Are Oilless Bearings In The Industry?

Our Oilless Bearings Are Designed To Meet The Many Unique Applications That Our Rapidly Changing World Demands. If You Have A Product Design That Requires The Right Bearing To Optimize Its Performance Then You’ve Come To The Right Place.

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Self -Lubricating Bronze Bearings For High-Risk Applications

Innovative oilless bronze bearing technology. We also relentlessly meet the demanding requirements of today’s mission-critical applications in a wide range of industries and produce custom bronze bearings that keep on running.

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Custom bronze bearing

Cost-effective, maintenance-free automotive parts & onboard components

  • Cost-effective alternative to conventional lead screw drives made of metal
  • Individual design, uncomplicated system integration, short delivery times
  • Wide variety of self-lubricating, maintenance-free materials
  • Almost silent operation, ideal for small installation spaces
automotive bearing application
oilless bearing appplication

oilless bearing used in sports and fitness equipment

Change bearing now and reduce costs by up to 40%

  • Long-lasting and high load capacity
  • Space-saving and maintenance-free
  • Smooth movement without external lubrication
  • Cost-effective, quiet-running and self-lubricating
  • Extremely durable, even under long-lasting strain
  • Long service life, quiet and cost-effective

Parts for the Marine Industry Bearing Application

Graphite Bearing Solutions for the marine industry

  • External oil or grease
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Maintenance-free
marine bearing applicarion
constuction bearing application

dry-running, long-lasting

Design reliable construction Oilless Bearing with graphite Plugged

  • Dry-running, dirt-resistant plastic bearings, no grease required
  • Durable self-lubricating graphite bronze bushing bearing materials
  • Extends service life of oilless graphite bearings by up to 40-60%
  • Resistant to shock, vibration, corrosion
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  • Discover the customized bearing technology from www.bearingface.com

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Custom Bearings Made From High-Strength Bronze Graphite

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From our comprehensive selection of oilless bushing & bearing to your application & industry, we have the right self-lubricating bronze bearing solution for every application. You can find our product recommendations here, or use the product finder for a selective search.

Strong R&D Team

We have a strong r&d oilless bearing team and we can develop and produce oilless sliding bearing and other products according to the drawings or samples the customers offered. Our production technicians have a good education background and professional training.

Excellent Equipment

We have a variety of large-scale cnc machinery and equipment as well as professional operators to ensure that each oilless bearings can endure rigorous manufacturing processes and complete the original intention of design accurately

Careful Service

After-sales really means the beginning of our cooperation, We have established a perfect bearing after-sales service system, each the device can operate for a long time in your business is what we must do.

Industry & Specialty Bushing Solutions

ur wide range of industrial, commercial and construction bushing & bearing solutions include everything from reliable & safe production to delivery.

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Oilless Bush Bearing Material Technology Solution

Discover Your Bearing Application For Your Requirements.

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