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Our CNC solutions offer custom manufacturing with precision turning and milling services. We specialize in CNC bronze components, including 932 Bearing Bronze and 954 Bearing Bronze. Whether you need CNC bearings, bushings, thrust washers, or bronze plates, we provide high-quality CNC machining parts tailored to your exact specifications. Trust us for durable, accurate, and efficient bronze machining solutions done right.

CNC Milling bronze wear plates
Our CNC solution offers precision milling of bronze wear plates using advanced 3-axis and 5-axis machining.
CNC Turning bronze bushings
The CNC solution provides precision turning of bronze bushings, delivering finished cylindrical parts with exceptional accuracy.
cnc bronze bushings manufacturing solution

Innovation CNC solution in Manufacturing Your CNC Bushings!

Experience the precision of custom bronze parts and bushings prototyping. Our innovative CNC machining services offer high-quality solutions tailored to your specific needs. Trust in our expertise for reliable bronze bushings and superior CNC solutions.

CNC Precision Bronze Plates at Low Cost: Rapid Prototyping Solutions

Experience high-quality CNC precision bronze plates at an affordable price. Our rapid prototyping services cover raw materials, processing costs, and logistics costs, ensuring efficient and cost-effective prototype machining. Trust us for your custom manufacturing needs.

bronze plate cnc technology
custom bronze bushings cnc machining

Custom Bronze Material – 932 Bronze CNC Machining Parts

Get high-quality CNC machined parts made of 932 (SAE660) bronze, including bushings and plates. Ideal for both prototyping and production, our custom manufacturing solutions are available for online sourcing. Enhance your projects with durable and precise bronze components. Additionally, our 954 bearing bronze CNC bushing solution ensures durability and precision across diverse industrial applications.

Reliable Bronze Bushings Manufacturer for Various Industries

Trusted by CNC Solution at, we specialize in precision CNC machining for automotive, medical, and robotics applications. Our high-quality bronze bushings ensure durability and performance across diverse industries. Partner with us for reliable solutions tailored to your specific needs.

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