Grease Groove Selflube Wear Plates

Grease Groove Selflube Wear Plates

grease groove Selflube wear plates – oil free & Wear Resistant Plate

Strengthen your equipment with our Grease Groove Self Lube Wear Plates. Engineered with precision groove patterns to retain grease, these wear plates provide reliable, conventional lubrication. Available in inch sizes and suitable for various mold components, they are made from high-quality steel or aluminum bronze, ensuring exceptional durability and wear resistance. Perfect for industrial applications, our wear plates offer an efficient, oil-free solution to enhance machinery performance and longevity.

Self-Lubricating bronze Wear Strips Grease Grooved

Enhance your machinery’s performance with our Grease Groove Self Lube Wear Plates. Crafted from high-quality steel or aluminum bronze, these wear plates are designed with grooves that hold grease, providing reliable lubrication without the need for self-lubricating graphite.

Key Features:

Groove Design: Holds grease efficiently for conventional lubrication.

Customization: Available in various sizes and configurations to meet specific needs.


Ideal for industrial settings where traditional lubrication methods are preferred, our wear plates are perfect for guiding and controlling linear motion under heavy forces.


Durable & Reliable: Engineered to withstand demanding conditions.

Oil-Free Operation: Reduces maintenance and extends the lifespan of your machinery.

Choose our Grease Groove Self Lube Wear Plates for a durable, oil-free solution that enhances the efficiency and longevity of your industrial applications. Custom-made to fit your specific requirements, they ensure your equipment runs smoothly and efficiently.

selflube wear plates

Custom design selflube wear plates - bronze plates

Self-lubricating bronze wear strips – grease groove design

Discover the superior performance of our Self-Lubricating Bronze Wear Plates with innovative grease groove designs, tailored to meet a wide range of application needs. Our wear plates are engineered for efficiency and durability, offering several groove types:

  • Straight Grooves: Simplest design for direct lubrication.
  • Spiral Grooves: Retain grease effectively, forming a continuous lubricating film on moving parts.
  • Dimpled or Pitted Grooves: Store grease in small reservoirs, reducing grease loss.
  • Labyrinth Grooves: Maze-like channels for efficient grease retention and release when needed.
  • Annular Grooves: Ideal for circular motion parts like bearings, ensuring even lubrication.
  • Composite Grooves: Combination of multiple groove types for complex lubrication requirements.
  • Non-Grooved: Utilizes surface characteristics of the wear plate to retain grease without specific grooves.

These designs cater to various industrial applications, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of your machinery. Enhance your equipment’s efficiency with our self-lubricating wear plates, crafted to deliver reliable lubrication and reduce maintenance costs. Trust our advanced solutions for all your lubrication needs.

Wear Plate Self-Lubricating – Graphite Plugged, Inch Size

Grease Groove Self Lube Wear Plates are designed for superior lubrication and wear resistance. These wear plates are made from high-quality aluminum bronze and feature precision grooves filled with graphite plugs, ensuring reliable self-lubrication. Available in inch sizes, they provide excellent performance and durability for various industrial applications. The combination of bronze with graphite plugs offers enhanced wear resistance, reducing maintenance and extending the lifespan of your machinery. Ideal for situations requiring efficient, long-lasting lubrication, our wear plates are the perfect solution for your industrial needs.

Bronze slide plates with oil groove – mold components to Reduce Costs

Grease Groove Self Lube Wear Plates are essential mold components designed to reduce friction, wear, and overall costs in various applications. Made from durable bronze with precision oil grooves, these plates provide excellent lubrication and wear resistance.

Suitable for inch sizes, our Grease Groove Self Lube Wear Plates are ideal for various molds: injection, blow, compression, extrusion, hot runner systems, cold stamping, rubber, glass manufacturing, die-casting, and powder metallurgy. They improve durability, wear resistance, and performance, ensuring efficient and long-lasting lubrication in industrial applications.

Optimize your industrial processes with our cost-effective, high-performance bronze slide plates with oil grooves, ensuring efficient and long-lasting lubrication.

Plain Bearings Wear Strips in Various Industries

Explore the versatility of bronze wear strips, essential components found in various industries. From manufacturing and automotive to aerospace and beyond, these plates offer a wide range of applications. Providing reliable lubrication and wear resistance, they are indispensable in ensuring smooth operations and extended machinery lifespan across diverse industrial settings.

  • Structural Bearing Pads

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    Structural Bearing Pads slide plates for support
  • container handling

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    container handling bronze bushings

Find the Wear Strips – Always self-lubricating, grease-free

These innovative wear plate types offer hassle-free maintenance and continuous lubrication, ensuring smooth operations in various industrial applications. Say goodbye to manual greasing and enjoy consistent performance with our self-lubricating wear strips, designed for reliability and longevity.

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