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Oilless Graphite Bushings, Self-lubricating manufactures and exports large quantities of bronze graphite bushings, high-strength manganese bronze bushings, aluminum bronze bushing, and phosphor bronze bush. Quality bronze bearing material. Customize better suspension bronze bushings for your automotive parts.

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graphite bronze bushings

Ultra-Durable Performance

Graphite Bronze Bushings: Unmatched Durability

Discover the remarkable strength and longevity of our top-quality graphite bronze bushings. Engineered with precision, these bushings are designed to handle the most demanding applications. The unique combination of bronze and graphite ensures superior wear resistance, reducing friction and improving performance in a wide range of industries.

Low-Maintenance & Eco-Friendly

Eco-Friendly, High-Performance Bushings

Our graphite bronze bushings are not only incredibly durable but also require minimal maintenance. The self-lubricating properties of graphite eliminate the need for additional lubricants, saving time and reducing environmental impact. Make a responsible choice by opting for our eco-friendly, low-maintenance bushings that will keep your machinery running smoothly and efficiently.

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Versatile Applications

Versatile Graphite Bronze Bushings for All Industries

These versatile graphite bronze bushings are perfect for various applications, including automotive, aerospace, and heavy machinery. Their excellent load-carrying capacity, resistance to high temperatures, and compatibility with different materials make them a go-to choice for numerous industries. Invest in these reliable bushings to ensure your machinery operates at peak performance.

High quality bronze bushings material

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aluminium bronze bushing

Bronze bushings material aluminum bronze has many excellent properties. Aluminum bronze bushings have high strength, hardness, and wear resistance. Aluminum bronze has good corrosion resistance, so aluminum bronze bearings can be used to manufacture corrosion-resistant parts, such as valves and other bronze parts. Aluminum bronze alloy materials are relatively cheap and become a partial substitute for some expensive metal materials, such as replacing tin bronze, stainless steel, nickel-based alloys, etc. It is precise because of the excellent characteristics of aluminum bronze bearings that they are more and more popular and play an important role in various industrial applications.

phosphor bronze bush

Phosphor bronze bush material is an alloy material with metal tin, metal phosphorus, and metal copper as the main components. In phosphor bronze, the content of metal phosphorus and metal tin is very small, and the metal copper is the most important ingredient. Mainly used for industrial manufacturing of parts, components, parts, and other purposes. Phosphor bronze has good properties, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance. It is not prone to sparks when impacted, can be used at high temperatures, and has electrical conductivity, so it is not easy to generate heat during use. It is precisely because of its characteristics of easy conductivity, low heat resistance and high temperature resistance that phosphor bronze bearings are very suitable for use as parts in the electrical industry.

Tin bronze bushings

Tin bronze bushings material bronze with tin as the main alloying element. The tin content is generally between 3 and 14%, which is mainly used to make wear-resistant parts. Phosphorus is a good deoxidizer and also improves fluidity and wear resistance. Adding lead to tin bronze can improve machinability and wear resistance, and adding zinc can improve casting properties. This alloy has high mechanical properties, anti-wear properties and corrosion resistance, easy cutting, good brazing and welding properties, small shrinkage coefficient, and non-magnetic. Tin bronze copper sleeve has high strength, corrosion resistance and excellent casting performance, and has been widely used in various industrial sectors for a long time.

bronze graphite bushes, self-lubricating bronze with graphite lubricants

Innovating the Future of graphite bushes

In conclusion, when selecting the best self-lubricating bushing for your application, start by determining the type of graphite bearing (straight bushings, flanged bronze bushings, or oilless bronze thrust washer, sliding plates) that is suited for your application.

Looking for durable and reliable flange graphite bronze bushings? Learn about the benefits and applications of these high-performance bushings here.

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  • Casting Bronze Guide Bushing And Flanged Bushing: SOB,SOBU,SOBF,SOBFU,SOBBD;
  • Oilless Bronze Washer: SOSB,SOBB,SOBW,SOBWN;

Graphite Bronze Bushings Are Made From Aluminum Bronze & Manganese Bronze. Flange Type. Order Online Today.

graphite bronze bushings - custom partsFlange Graphite Bronze Bushings in Automotive Applications

Flange graphite bronze bushings are a specific type of graphite bronze bushing designed with a flange, or lip, on one end. This flange provides additional support and stability, making them ideal for automotive applications where radial and axial loads are present. The unique combination of graphite and bronze materials offers numerous benefits for the automotive industry, including self-lubricating properties, high load capacity, resistance to corrosion and wear, and low maintenance requirements.

In automotive applications, flange graphite bronze bushings can be found in various components, such as:

  1. Suspension systems: These bushings provide smooth movement and reduce friction between suspension components, ensuring a comfortable ride and improved handling.
  2. Steering systems: Flange graphite bronze bushings can be used in steering gearboxes and linkages, allowing for precise and smooth control of the vehicle’s direction.
  3. Engine components: These bushings can be utilized in timing belt tensioners, pulleys, and other engine parts, offering reduced wear and increased longevity.
  4. Transmission systems: Flange graphite bronze bushings can be used in gearboxes, differentials, and drive shafts, providing reliable performance under high load and harsh conditions.
  5. Braking systems: These bushings can be found in caliper guide pins and other braking components, ensuring smooth and efficient braking performance.

The use of flange graphite bronze bushings in automotive applications offers numerous advantages, including reduced maintenance costs, improved performance, and extended component life. The self-lubricating properties of these bushings also help to minimize friction, leading to increased fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. By choosing flange graphite bronze bushings for automotive applications, manufacturers can provide customers with durable, high-performance vehicles that require less maintenance and deliver a better overall driving experience.

Self Lubricating Graphite Bearings & Bushings

Bronze graphite bushings

self-lubricating bronze graphite bushings

The self-lubricating bronze graphite bushings sleeve is mainly based on high-strength brass (ZCuZn25Al6), and the solid lubricant (graphite or molybdenum disulfide) is used as the lubricating medium to replace the traditional tin bronze copper sleeve. Use in oily or oil-free environments. Due to its high hardness, strength, and low cost, its service life is twice as long as ordinary tin bronze copper sleeves in low-speed and heavy-duty situations, so it is favored by customers. We can customize different sizes and materials according to customer requirements.

Self-lubricating bronze graphite bearings & bushings are ideal for applications where normal lubricants can not be used. The bronze graphite-filled bushing is a solid lubricating product with bronze as a matrix and embedded graphite or MoS2 as a solid lubricant. Because the density of bronze is higher than that of high-strength brass, it is very wear-resistant in high temperature and low load occasions. Moderate speed.

Reduce Downtime and Maintenance Costs with Bronze Graphite Bushings

graphite bearing

By reducing friction and wear, bronze graphite bushings help prevent equipment breakdowns and reduce maintenance costs, ultimately leading to increased uptime and productivity.

Graphite bearing & bushings benefits

  • Self-lubricating
  • Low coefficient of friction
  • No wear
  • Resistant to chemicals, corrosion, and oxidation
  • Compatible with food and medicine
  • Low density
  • Low thermal expansion coefficient
  • Excellent thermal shock
  • Good thermal conductivity
  • Good mechanical strength
  • High-temperature resistance

Graphite bronze bushes applications

  • Temperatures above 400° F
  • Corrosive environment
  • Areas where conventional lubricants may contaminate the product
  • Location cannot be lubricated
  • dusty environment
  • chemical pump
  • Food Processing Pumps
  • Process pumps for refineries
  • Cold and hot water pumps
  • Low-temperature applications

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oilless wear plate

Sliding Wear Plates in Automotive Applications

Sliding wear plates are a type of engineered component designed to reduce friction, wear, and prolong the life of moving parts in various applications. They are typically made from materials with low friction coefficients and high wear resistance, such as graphite, bronze, or specialized polymer composites. In automotive applications, sliding wear plates play a crucial role in enhancing the performance, durability, and reliability of various components and systems.

In automotive applications, sliding wear plates can be found in a range of components and systems, including:

  1. Suspension systems: Sliding wear plates are used in suspension systems to minimize friction and wear between moving parts, such as control arms, leaf springs, and shock absorbers. This helps to improve ride quality, handling, and overall suspension performance.

  2. Steering systems: In steering gearboxes, linkages, and other steering components, sliding wear plates help to reduce friction and ensure smooth, precise control of the vehicle’s direction.

  3. Engine components: Sliding wear plates can be used in engine parts such as camshaft bearings, rocker arms, and timing chain guides, reducing wear and extending the life of these critical components.

  4. Transmission systems: In gearboxes, differentials, and other transmission components, sliding wear plates provide a low-friction surface that helps to reduce wear, noise, and vibration, ensuring smooth and efficient power transfer.

  5. Braking systems: Wear plates can be found in disc brake calipers and other braking components, helping to minimize friction and wear, and ensure consistent and efficient braking performance.

The use of sliding wear plates in automotive applications offers numerous benefits, including reduced maintenance costs, extended component life, and improved performance. By minimizing friction and wear, sliding wear plates also contribute to increased fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. As a result, automotive manufacturers can deliver vehicles with better performance, durability, and reliability while minimizing the need for maintenance and replacement of worn components.

Understanding Graphite Bronze Bushings and Common Bronze Materials

Learn about graphite bronze bushings, a type of bearing made from bronze material with added graphite for improved lubrication and reduced friction. Discover the importance of selecting the right bronze material for bushings based on specific applications and required properties, such as strength, wear resistance, or corrosion resistance. Explore the properties of common bronze alloys, including C86300 (manganese bronze), C93200 (bearing bronze), C95400 (aluminum bronze), and C51000 (phosphor bronze), to help make informed decisions for your mechanical applications.

self-lubricating bronze material

Graphite bronze bushings are a type of bearing made from a bronze material that has been impregnated with graphite. The graphite helps to improve lubrication and reduce friction between the bushing and the shaft it supports, which can extend the life of both components.

Bronze is an alloy made primarily from copper and other elements such as tin, aluminum, or manganese. The choice of bronze material used for bushings depends on the specific application and the required properties, such as strength, wear resistance, or corrosion resistance.

C86300, also known as manganese bronze, is a specific type of bronze alloy that is known for its high strength, corrosion resistance, and wear resistance. Other common bronze alloys used for bushings include C93200 (bearing bronze), C95400 (aluminum bronze), and C51000 (phosphor bronze).

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Long-lasting Durability with Flange Bronze Graphite Bushings for Automotive Suspension Systems

Flange bronze graphite bushings are an excellent choice for use in automotive suspension systems. These bushings are highly durable and resistant to wear, which means they can withstand the constant stresses and strains of everyday driving. They are also self-lubricating, which reduces friction and wear on the bushing and surrounding components. This makes them an ideal choice for high-performance vehicles and off-road applications.

Get the Ultimate Durability with Sliding Wear Plate Bearings Bushings in Automotive Applications

Sliding wear plate bearings bushings are highly durable and long-lasting, making them the ideal choice for automotive applications. They are designed to withstand the constant stresses and strains of everyday driving, providing superior wear resistance and self-lubricating properties. They are available in a range of sizes and configurations, making them suitable for a variety of automotive applications.

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self-lubricating bronze graphite bushings in automotive suspension applications
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Upgrade Your Suspension with Self-Lubricating Suspension Bushings

Self-lubricating suspension bushings are designed to improve the performance and durability of your vehicle’s suspension. These bushings are made from a range of materials, including bronze, steel, and brass, and feature a self-lubricating design that reduces friction and wear on the bushing and surrounding components. Self-lubricating suspension bushings can absorb large loads and are less prone to cracking, discoloration, or cracking over time. The bronze graphite bushings in suspension can reduce suspension noise and resist wear, salt, road grime, and oil.

Improve your vehicle’s suspension with self-lubricating suspension bushings. These bushings are designed to reduce friction and wear, resulting in improved performance and durability.

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Our Business Is To Provide High-Quality Copper Materials And Self-Lubricating Bearing Products That Meet Different Applications Needs. We Provide Self-Lubricating Bronze Graphite Bushes Bearing To The World With Innovative Bearing Design Concepts.

Bushings Selection

Self-lubricating bearings and bushings are available in a variety of bronze material types to meet your application requirements. We offer standard custom-designed bronze graphite bushings replacement styles as well as custom-designed bearing components for specific applications. Parts range from sleeve bushings & bearings to oilless washers and sliding plates.

Self-lubricating Solid Lubricants

Graphite material has high strength. High hardness, natural lubricating properties. Bronze graphite circumferential bearings are made of bronze and graphite plugs, which have both bronze and graphite properties, making them more suitable for your different application needs.

Bush Technical Solution

Graphite bronze bushings supplier can provide you with suitable self-lubricating bronze bushings & bearings solutions. For custom non-standard bronze parts, we will recommend you more suitable oil-free bearings and materials for optimum performance.