Unveiling Excellence: The Wonders Of C86300 (SAE 430B) Manganese Bronze Alloys

American Standard Cast Copper Alloy C86300 Bronze

C86300 Manganese Bronze, also known as SAE 430B, is a high strength, non-heat treatable copper alloy intended for heavy load applications and slow speeds. Explore the realm of superior alloys with C86300 Bronze Manganese Bronze – a composition of copper as the base element and manganese as the primary alloying element. Uncover the versatility of main grades like QMn1.5 (Cu-1.5Mn) and QMn5 (Cu-5Mn). As you delve into the world of precision and durability, trust in the reliability that these alloys bring to your projects. Elevate your engineering standards with C86300 Manganese Bronze Alloys, where innovation meets excellence. Seize the opportunity to enhance your applications with alloys designed for optimal performance. Choose quality, choose reliability – choose C86300 Bronze Manganese Bronze Alloys for a future of enduring success.

C86300 Manganese Bronze: Your Trusted Source for Raw Material Lubricating Bushing Stock

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Elevate your machinery’s reliability with C86300 Manganese Bronze – the ultimate raw material for lubricating bushings. As a dependable supplier of self-lubricating bearings, we cater to critical tools, dies, equipment, and various components across diverse industries. Our bearings undergo stringent quality assurance measures, ensuring top-notch performance in demanding applications.

Experience the assurance of precision and durability, all at a competitive wholesale price. Whether you’re in need of individual pieces or bulk quantities, our quantity purchasing options make procurement seamless. Choose excellence, choose reliability – contact us today for your C86300 Manganese Bronze needs. Trust in a supplier that understands the critical nature of your applications.

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C86300 graphite bronze bushing

Unveiling the Strength and Wear Resistance of C86300 Manganese Bronze

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C86300, also known as ASTM SAE 430B, is a remarkable high-strength manganese bronze alloy that stands out in applications demanding exceptional wear resistance and high load carrying strength. This non-heat treatable alloy, categorized as a high-strength casting brass (CuZn24Al6Fe3Mn4), has found its niche in various industries due to its robust properties.

Material Composition:

The composition of C86300 manganese bronze is a well-balanced blend of elements that contributes to its outstanding mechanical properties. The material consists of:


C86300 manganese bronze material properties:

DensityMelting pointTensile strengthYield strength
7.83 g/cm3885°C758Mpa427MPa


C86300 manganese bronze’s exceptional wear resistance and high load-carrying capacity make it an ideal choice for a range of applications, particularly in environments with high loads and low speeds. Some common applications include:

  1. Bearings: Designed for low-speed heavy-duty bearings, C86300 excels in providing reliable performance under demanding conditions.
  2. Gears: The alloy’s strength and wear resistance make it a preferred material for manufacturing gears, ensuring durability and longevity.
  3. Cams: In applications requiring precision and reliability, such as cams, C86300 manganese bronze proves its worth with its robust characteristics.
  4. Hydraulic Cylinder Parts: Components in hydraulic systems, subjected to high loads and wear, benefit from the resilience of C86300.
  5. Wood Pulp Industry Molds: Due to its wear-resistant nature, the alloy is utilized in molds within the wood pulp industry.
  6. High-Strength Mechanical Parts: Various mechanical components like hooks, frames, and shafts benefit from the alloy’s high strength and wear resistance.
  7. Self-Lubricating Bearings: C86300’s composition allows for self-lubrication, making it suitable for bearing applications where maintenance-free operation is crucial.

In the realm of high-strength alloys, C86300 manganese bronze stands out as a reliable and durable choice for applications demanding wear resistance and load-carrying capacity. Its well-balanced composition and impressive mechanical properties make it a cornerstone in industries where dependable performance under challenging conditions is non-negotiable. Whether in bearings, gears, or hydraulic components, C86300 continues to carve its niche as a material that can withstand the test of time and stress. Cheers to a year of excellence in the world of alloys!

Exploring the Excellence of C86300 Manganese Bronze Bushings

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In the realm of high-performance materials, the C86300 Manganese Bronze Bushing stands tall as a testament to excellence. Specifically engineered for applications requiring robust wear resistance and high intensity, this self-lubricating bearing material has become a cornerstone in various industries. Let’s delve into the features that make the C86300 CuZn25Al5 Manganese Bronze Bushing a top choice for those seeking durability and reliability.

High-Quality Construction:

The C86300 Manganese Bronze Bushing is synonymous with quality, offering both sleeve and flange options to cater to diverse application needs. Crafted from high-strength brass through meticulous machining, these bushings can be customized to accommodate specific self-lubricating bearing materials as per customer requirements.

Key Features:

  1. Wear Resistance: The C86300 bushing boasts excellent wear resistance, making it a go-to choice for applications where prolonged use and friction are commonplace. This attribute ensures a prolonged service life even under demanding conditions.
  2. Corrosion Resistance: With its excellent corrosion resistance, the C86300 Manganese Bronze Bushing can withstand harsh environmental conditions, ensuring durability and reliability in diverse settings.
  3. High Intensity: The inherent high intensity of C86300 makes it suitable for applications subjected to heavy loads and challenging working conditions. Whether in heavy-duty bearings or industrial gears, this material proves its mettle.
  4. Hot Forging Performance: The material’s hot forging performance adds versatility, allowing it to be shaped and adapted for various applications through forging processes, ensuring compatibility with different manufacturing techniques.
  5. Cutting Performance: The C86300 CuZn25Al5 Bronze Bushing exhibits excellent cutting performance, facilitating precision machining to achieve intricate designs and tight tolerances required for specific applications.
  6. Self-Lubricating Performance: One of the standout features of the C86300 Manganese Bronze Bushing is its self-lubricating capability. This attribute reduces friction, minimizes wear, and contributes to the overall efficiency and longevity of the bearing.


The versatility of the C86300 Manganese Bronze Bushing extends its application across various industries. Some notable uses include:

  • Bearings: Ideal for low-speed heavy-duty bearings due to its wear resistance and self-lubricating properties.
  • Centrifugal Cast Bronze Bearings: The C86300 material excels in centrifugal cast bronze bearings, providing reliability in critical components.
  • Oil Grooves: Equipped with oil grooves, these bushings are well-suited for applications where lubrication is essential, ensuring smooth and efficient operation.

The C86300 Manganese Bronze Bushing emerges as a high-quality, versatile solution for industries demanding top-notch wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and high intensity. Its self-lubricating properties and adaptability make it a reliable choice for various applications, proving that in the world of materials engineering, excellence is not just a goal but a standard achieved by C86300.

Unveiling the Power of C86300 Manganese Bronze: A Self-Lubricating Bronze Bushing Solution

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In the world of bearings and bushings, the C86300 Manganese Bronze has emerged as a stellar performer, particularly in applications where self-lubrication is key. This high-strength alloy, often referred to as a self-lubricating bronze bushing solution, has gained prominence for its exceptional qualities. Let’s explore how C86300 Bronze, especially in its graphite-plugged variant, is revolutionizing industries with its unique set of properties.

Graphite Filled Bronze Bushings:

The graphite-filled bronze bushings made from C86300 Bronze offer a distinctive solution for applications demanding high strength, self-lubrication, and reliability. These bushings find their way into various industries, providing a robust answer to challenges posed by high loads and medium-speed operations. Moreover, their ability to withstand temperatures up to 650°C expands their utility in diverse environments.

Material Specifications:

C86300 Bronze, with its composition marked by CuZn25Al5, stands out in comparison to other materials like CuSn5Pb5Zn5, CuAl10Ni5Fe5, CuSn12, and CuZn32Al5Ni3. The density, hardness, tensile strength, and yield strength of C86300 Bronze highlight its superiority in key aspects.

Notable Material Properties:

HB hardness>210>70>150>95>280
Tensile strength N/mm2>750>200>600>260>540
Yeild strength N/mm2>450>90>260>150>450
Elongation %>12>15>10>8>0.3
Coefficient of
linear expansion
Max. temp.-40~+300-40~+400-40~+400-40~+400-40~+150
Max. load N/mm2100605070150
Max. speed (Dry) m/min1510201015
Max. PV
N/mm2*m/min (Lubrication)
Compression deformation

Advantages of C86300 Bronze Bushings:

  1. Temperature Resilience: The ability to withstand temperatures up to 650°C makes these bushings suitable for applications in demanding thermal conditions.
  2. High Load Capacity: With a maximum load resistance of 100 N/mm², C86300 Bronze excels in high-load scenarios, ensuring durability and longevity.
  3. Self-Lubrication: The inclusion of graphite enhances the self-lubricating properties of these bushings, reducing friction and minimizing wear over time.
  4. Reduced Size/Weight: C86300 Bronze Bushings enable a thinner design, reducing overall size and weight without compromising on performance.
  5. Online Inventory: Access to a vast online inventory of bronze bearings ensures that these solutions are readily available for various industrial needs.

The C86300 Manganese Bronze, particularly in its graphite-plugged form, has become a beacon of innovation in the world of bearings. As a self-lubricating bronze bushing solution, it not only meets but exceeds the expectations of industries relying on its remarkable properties. From high load capacities to temperature resilience and reduced size/weight advantages, C86300 Bronze Bushings are shaping the future of efficient and reliable mechanical operations. Explore the possibilities and elevate your applications with the power of C86300 Manganese Bronze.

C86300 Manganese Bronze: Powering Performance in Hydraulic Cylinder Parts

hydraulic cylinder parts

C86300 Manganese Bronze, also known as SAE 430B, stands as a paragon of durability and wear resistance in the realm of engineering alloys. With a composition that includes CuZn25Al5Fe3Mn4 and CuZn24Al6, this bronze variant has found its niche in demanding applications, particularly in hydraulic cylinder parts. Let’s delve into the exceptional properties that make C86300 a reliable choice for industries seeking longevity and resilience in challenging working conditions.

Outstanding Wear Resistance:

The standout feature of C86300 Manganese Bronze lies in its remarkable wear resistance properties. This makes it an ideal candidate for applications characterized by high loads and low speeds. From gears to valve stems, bushings, cams used in wood pulp industry molds, high-strength mechanical parts, hooks, frames, shafts, to self-lubricating bearings and graphite-plugged bronze bushings—C86300 delivers unparalleled performance.

Applications of Manganese Bronze Bushings:

  1. Gears: C86300 is well-suited for gears operating in conditions demanding both strength and wear resistance. Its robust nature ensures reliable performance in heavy-duty applications.
  2. Valve Stems: In hydraulic systems, where valve stems experience constant movement and stress, the wear resistance of C86300 makes it an ideal choice for prolonged service life.
  3. Bushings: The alloy excels in bushing applications, offering stability and durability in scenarios where frequent lubrication is impractical.
  4. Cams in Wood Pulp Industry Molds: The wood pulp industry relies on C86300 for its wear resistance in the production of cams for molds, ensuring precision and longevity.
  5. High-Strength Mechanical Parts: Applications requiring high-strength mechanical components, such as hooks, frames, and shafts, benefit from the robust properties of C86300 Manganese Bronze.
  6. Self-Lubricating Bearings: In scenarios where it is difficult to form a lubricant film at low speeds and heavy loads, self-lubricating bearings made from C86300 provide a reliable solution.
  7. Graphite Plugged Bronze Bushings: For environments with limited lubrication possibilities, C86300 bronze, when graphite-plugged, offers a self-lubricating solution, reducing friction and extending service life.

Manganese Bronze Bushings Solution:

C86300 Manganese Bronze emerges as a comprehensive solution for challenging conditions:

  • Difficult to form lubricant film at low speed and heavy load? C86300 has you covered.
  • Operating in a harsh environment with limited structure for lubricant addition? C86300 is the answer.
  • Enduring large temperature differences in the working environment? C86300 excels.
  • Needing bearings with long service life and minimal maintenance? C86300 delivers.
  • Exposure to corrosive media? C86300 stands up to the challenge.
  • Prone to shock loads? C86300 Manganese Bronze offers robust resilience.

In the world of hydraulic cylinder parts and demanding applications, C86300 Manganese Bronze emerges as a steadfast ally, providing the wear resistance and durability required for reliable performance. From high-stress gears to precision cams, its versatility and strength make it a material of choice, showcasing that when excellence is non-negotiable, C86300 Manganese Bronze is the answer.

Graphite Bush and Manganese Bronze Alloy: Unleashing Efficiency and Engineering Excellence

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Embark on a journey into advanced engineering with Graphite Bushes crafted from the exceptional C86300 Manganese Bronze Alloy. Explore the seamless synergy between graphite and this high-performance alloy, revealing a self-lubricating marvel designed to revolutionize industrial landscapes. Uncover the magic of reduced friction, extended service life, and unparalleled wear resistance, making Graphite Bushes an indispensable solution for applications demanding peak performance and reliability. Simultaneously, delve into the core of industrial innovation with Manganese Bronze Alloy, specifically C86300. Unearth the alloy’s exceptional qualities – unparalleled strength, corrosion resistance, and wear resilience. This alloy stands as a game-changer, redefining the boundaries of what’s possible in metallurgy. Join us on a journey where C86300 Manganese Bronze Alloy elevates the standards of engineering, setting a new paradigm for excellence in metallurgical advancements.

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Oilless Bushing and Flange Bronze Bushing: Transformative Solutions with C86300 Manganese Bronze

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Step into a world where maintenance meets minimalism as you explore the universe of Oilless Bushings crafted from the resilient C86300 Manganese Bronze Alloy. In this realm, witness the alloy’s ability to thrive without constant lubrication, making it a perfect fit for environments where conventional oiling is impractical. Experience efficiency redefined through a maintenance-free solution that not only reduces the need for constant attention but also elevates performance in challenging industrial settings.

Simultaneously, dive into the Flange Bronze Bushing domain, where the perfect marriage of stability and strength takes form with C86300 Manganese Bronze Alloy. Elevate your applications to new heights with bushings designed for enhanced alignment, durability, and precision positioning. This innovation sets a new standard in industrial performance, showcasing how C86300 Bronze Alloy transforms Flange Bronze Bushings into indispensable components, ensuring stability and reliability across diverse industrial applications.

graphite plugged bushing flange type

Precision Unleashed – Graphite Plugged Bronze Bushing with C86300 Bronze Alloy

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Embark on a journey into the realm of seamless machinery operation with the formidable alliance of C86300 Manganese Bronze Alloy and Graphite Plugged Bronze Bushings. This powerful synergy creates an ideal solution tailored for high-load, high-speed applications where wear resistance and consistent lubrication are paramount.

In critical industrial settings, this dynamic combination establishes a new standard of performance, delivering unparalleled precision and extended longevity. The Graphite Plugged Bronze Bushings, fueled by the strength of C86300 Bronze Alloy, redefine excellence in engineering, ensuring your machinery operates with maximum efficiency and reliability.

Picture a world where friction becomes a thing of the past, and machinery operates with the precision demanded by high-stakes applications. This partnership between C86300 Manganese Bronze Alloy and Graphite Plugged Bronze Bushings charts a course toward that reality. Experience the power, resilience, and durability that this innovative combination brings to the forefront of industrial performance. Elevate your machinery standards and embrace a future where excellence is not just achieved but redefined.

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Flange Bearing and Brass Bushing: Reliability and Brilliance with C86300 Manganese Bronze

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Step into a world of unparalleled reliability with Flange Bearings, fortified by the strength of C86300 Manganese Bronze. These bearings stand as a testament to robust durability, redefining performance standards and ensuring your applications withstand the test of time. The unmatched strength and resilience of C86300 Manganese Bronze elevate these Flange Bearings to a league of their own, promising unwavering reliability in critical industrial scenarios.

Simultaneously, delve into the meticulously crafted brilliance of Brass Bushings, further enhanced by the power of C86300 Manganese Bronze Alloy. This dynamic duo seamlessly combines strength, corrosion resistance, and durability, establishing a new pinnacle in brass bushing excellence. The infusion of C86300 Manganese Bronze Alloy transforms these Brass Bushings into a winning solution, setting a fresh industry standard.

In the synergy of Flange Bearings and Brass Bushings, C86300 Manganese Bronze emerges as the driving force behind unparalleled reliability and brilliance in industrial applications. Elevate your machinery’s performance with the assurance that comes from this formidable combination, where strength meets craftsmanship to create lasting excellence.

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C86300 Manganese Bronze: Your Premier Oilless Bushing Solution

Discover the pinnacle of performance with our C86300 Manganese Bronze Bushings – expertly crafted for durability and precision. As a leading Oilless Manganese Bronze Bushing Manufacturer, we redefine excellence in self-lubricating bronze bushings, setting the world in motion with frictionless efficiency.

Trust us as your dedicated Precision Bronze Bushing Supplier, providing a comprehensive online catalog featuring a wide selection of C86300 Bronze Bushings tailored to meet the unique demands of your machinery. Whether you’re seeking reliability, longevity, or superior performance, our bronze bushings are engineered to handle your machine running needs with unparalleled expertise.

Navigate our user-friendly online catalog to explore the versatility and quality of our Oilless Manganese Bronze Bushings. Elevate your machinery’s efficiency and reduce maintenance concerns by choosing the industry’s best – because when it comes to precision, we set the standard. View our Bronze Bushings Catalog today and experience a seamless blend of innovation and reliability.

C86300 (SAE 430B) Manganese Bronze bushings

Unveiling the Distinctions: SAE 430A vs. SAE 430B Manganese Bronze Alloys

Exploring the world of high-strength manganese bronze alloys, SAE 430A and SAE 430B emerge as stalwart contenders with unique characteristics catering to diverse applications.

SAE 430B (C86300): The Heavyweight Performer

Known as C86300, SAE 430B stands out as a high-strength alloy designed for robust applications. Ideal for heavy load scenarios, it finds its place in bushings, bearings, gears, gibs, screw-down nuts, bridge pins, valve stems, and hydraulic cylinder components. Best suited for low-speed operations with reliable lubrication, this alloy boasts exceptional strength, good wear resistance, and satisfactory ductility. Its application shines in extra heavy-duty slow-speed bearings, ensuring optimal performance in hydraulic cylinder components. While it showcases reasonable corrosion resistance, caution is warranted due to potential dezincification under specific conditions.

SAE 430A (UNS C86200): The Versatile Workhorse

In the realm of high-strength manganese bronze, SAE 430A, also known as UNS C86200, takes center stage. Renowned for its exceptional mechanical resistance, toughness, and hardness, SAE 430A is commonly utilized in gears, struts, bushings, shafts, and worm gears. With a tensile strength of 6,330 kg/cm2 and a Brinell hardness of 180-200, it proves its mettle in structural engineering duties. Comprising copper, zinc, aluminum, and manganese, SAE 430A offers a distinct composition and properties, setting it apart from its counterpart SAE 430B (UNS C86300).

In essence, understanding the nuances between SAE 430A and SAE 430B allows for informed decision-making, ensuring that each alloy is applied in contexts where its unique strengths can shine.

Upgrade Your Project with Self-Lubricating C86300 Bronze Excellence

Elevate your project’s performance with our cutting-edge Self-Lubricating C86300 Bronze Bushings. Precision-engineered for durability, these manganese bronze wonders redefine efficiency. Say goodbye to friction-related concerns and embrace a maintenance-free future. Let our C86300 Manganese Bronze Bushings be the catalyst propelling your machinery to unparalleled success. Don’t settle for ordinary – invest in extraordinary performance today. Act now and experience the seamless synergy of innovation and reliability. Upgrade your project with the unmatched quality of Self-Lubricating C86300 Bronze – the choice for those who demand excellence. Elevate your project, seize the opportunity, and make the lasting investment you deserve!