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High-Performance Oilless bushings Solutions & Technologies

Discover premium oilless bushing solutions from Bearingface, offering high-performance options for die sets, metal stamping dies, molds, special machines, and heavy equipment. Crafted from solid aluminum bronze, these bushings provide maintenance-free operation and increased machinery durability in molding applications. Available in sleeve and flange types, they are engineered to deliver optimal performance.

Our oilless bushings are designed to meet a wide range of industrial needs, coming in both inch and metric sizes, including all NAAMS bushing specifications. Whether you require flange bushings, custom bushings, or straight bushings, we offer versatility to suit your requirements.

For specialized applications where standard bushings fall short, we provide cost-effective custom solutions tailored to any size specification. Experience the efficiency and reliability of our advanced oilless bushing technologies firsthand. Upgrade your machinery with Bearingface’s high-performance solutions today.Enhance your equipment’s performance and longevity with Bearingface’s cutting-edge oilless bushings. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing quality solutions that meet the most demanding industrial requirements. From precision machining to rigorous quality control, we ensure that every bushing delivers unmatched reliability and efficiency. Trust Bearingface for all your oilless bushing needs and elevate your machinery to new heights of productivity.

straight oilless bushings
Straight bushings, the fundamental type of oilless bearings, cylindrical in shape, directly fit onto shafts, ensuring stability and easy installation.
Straight Bushings
oilless flange graphite bushing
Flange bushings, derived from straight bushings, feature added flanges for stability and ease of installation, commonly made from bronze.
Bronze Flange Bushing
oilless custom bushings
Custom bushings are oilless bearings tailored to specific application needs, varying in size, material, or performance to meet industrial requirements.
Custom Bushings

Premium Oil-Free Bushings For Your Machinery’s Smooth Operation

Oilless bearings suitable for your application. Discover premium oilless bushings crafted to improve machinery movement and customized to your specific needs. These top-notch, maintenance-free graphite-plugged bronze bushings, procured from ChinaTech, are perfect for the molding industry. Enjoy the advantages of self-lubricating materials, guaranteeing seamless operations and cost savings. Enhance your equipment with oilless bearings for improved performance and durability.

high-performance, self-lubricating Self-lubricating Oilless Bushings

Oilless bearings comprise a diverse portfolio of engineered bearings and industrial motion products tailored to various applications. Our portfolio of brands drives global industry.

Oilless bushings & Bearings Ideal for Various Industries

Oilless bushings fulfill the requirements for component applications, especially custom bronze self-lubricating parts, providing ideal solutions for various industries.

Metal self-lubricating bronze bushings service – oilless bush factory

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