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We offers a broad product range of ball bearing, roller bearings, metal-polymer bushings, solid bronze bearings as well as bushing blocks and thrust plates, metal and bimetal bearings and assemblies.

As the china mainland in high performance bearing & bushings solution. Supply precision machining, bearings and washers in addition to special metal-polymer bearings.


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Ball Bearing

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Bronze Bearing

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Solid Lubricant Bearing

Self-lubricating bushes factory

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We develop and produce customised self-lubricating bushes bearing solutions of the high quality with a wide range of standard bronze bearings.

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Why Choose Self-Lubricating Bearings?

Self-lubricating bearings are maintenance-free bearings tailored to meet your design and performance needs. Self-lubricating bronze bearings are ideal for replacing traditional metal bearings with longer life and can save you money. Download self-lubricating bearings catalog.

Self-lubricating bronze plain bearings

Our Bearings

Discovery the complete bearings portfolio: Precision Industrial Ball Bearings, Rolling Bearings & Bushings.


Self Lubricating Plain Bearing Manufacturer

As a manufacturer of self-lubricating bearings, we produce self-lubricating bushings, thrust washers, and sliding plates.

Bearing Manufacturing

Manufacturing self-lubricating bearing technology developed to reduce your equipment downtime problems. Contact us today.

Bearing Development

Designing and developing plain bearings that change the motive world. Reduce downtime and tech up. Find your proper bearing parts.

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Fast 24-hour response time, saving our customers 50% of their time. Keep in touch to help you find a plain bearing solution quickly.

Why Use Plain Bearings?

Our maintenance free bronze plain bearings have become ideal for a variety of applications, especially heavy-duty applications, also can support heavy and medium loads at low to medium speeds, providing good operation in areas where maintenance is difficult.

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