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Standard sleeve bearings are manufactured from a variety of materials including bronze, steel, and stainless steel. Trust And Reliable Bronze Sleeve Bearing Supplier At Self-Lubricating Bronze Sleeve Bearings For All Industries. Shop High Quality Bronze Sleeve Bearings Components At Factory Prices! Request A Custom Quote!

What Is A Sleeve Bearing?

A sleeve bearing, also known as a bushing, journal bearing, or plain bearing, is a type of bearing that facilitates linear motion between two parts. Here are some key characteristics and advantages of sleeve bearings:

Lower Cost Than Conventional Graphite Bearings at Diameters Over 100 mm:

Sleeve bearings are often more cost-effective than traditional graphite bearings, especially in larger diameters (over 100 mm). This makes them a cost-efficient choice for applications where larger bearing sizes are required.

Extremely High Load Capacity:

Sleeve bearings are designed to handle high loads. They can withstand substantial amounts of pressure and force, making them suitable for applications where heavy loads are a consideration.

Can Be Used Without Additional Lubrication:

One of the notable features of sleeve bearings is their ability to operate without the need for additional lubrication. This is achieved through self-lubricating properties, often attributed to materials like bronze. This characteristic can simplify maintenance requirements and extend the lifespan of the bearing.

bronze sleeve bearings with graphite

Self-lubricating Bronze Sleeve Bearings

Distributor Of Stainless Steel Bushings, Bronze Bearings, Alum-Bronze Bearings, and Copper Alloys Bearings. Industries served include: aerospace, commercial, automotive, medical, electronics, food preparation, military, maintenance, pumps, and power generation. Find the right self-lubricating plain bronze bearing for your application.

Sleeve bearings find applications in various industries, and businesses that specialize in sleeve bearings leverage years of experience in manufacturing and designing bronze bearings. The term “self-lubricating bronze bearings” refers to a specific type of sleeve bearing that incorporates bronze as a material, known for its self-lubricating properties.

Sleeve bearings offer a combination of cost-effectiveness, high load capacity, and the advantage of not requiring additional lubrication, making them a practical choice for certain industrial and mechanical applications.

self-lubricating bronze bearings
Self-lubricating Sleeve Bearings Standard Metric Size

Self-Lubricating Sleeve Bearings: Versatile Standard Metric Sizes

Discover the optimal solution for your machinery with our Self-Lubricating Sleeve Bearings, available in standard metric sizes. These bearings offer versatility, providing a reliable and maintenance-free option for a diverse range of applications. With various dimensions to choose from, you can find the perfect fit for your specific requirements.

Experience the benefits of self-lubricating technology, eliminating the need for additional maintenance while ensuring smooth and efficient operation. Whether it’s industrial machinery, automotive components, or other mechanical applications, our Self-Lubricating Sleeve Bearings deliver consistent performance. Choose reliability, choose efficiency – opt for our standard metric-sized bearings to enhance the performance and longevity of your equipment.

Bearing Sleeve Types Bronze Material

Bronze bearing is available in a wide range of alloys and can be used for everything from construction to marine applications.

C95400 is the most prevalent aluminum bronze alloy making aluminum bronze bearings with excellent wear resistance, impact resistance, and excellent corrosion resistance, suitable for marine environments.


C93200 high lead tin bronze has excellent processing properties, good hardness, strength and wear resistance, with excellent friction resistance, mainly used in the manufacture of aerospace, automotive and other industrial sectors to bear the friction of bronze bearing parts.


C86300 Manganese Bronze Alloy Is More Wear-Resistant, Has A Strong Load-Bearing Capacity, C86300 Bronze Bearing Is Very Suitable For High Load, Low Speed Working Conditions, Including Gears, Valve Stems And Other High-Strength Mechanical Bearing Parts.


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Bronze sleeve bearings solutions for the oil and gas industry

Maintenance Free Sleeve Bearings

Explore maintenance-free sleeve bearings designed for reliability in the oil, gas, and fluid control industries. Our self-lubricating bearings are crafted through dependable casting processes and precision CNC machining, forming a versatile product line. From bronze bearings to sleeve bushings, flanged bronze bearings, and thrust bearings, our offerings cater to a spectrum of needs. These advanced solutions ensure robust performance in challenging environments, providing a crucial advantage for oil and gas machinery. With self-lubrication at their core, these bearings eliminate the need for frequent maintenance, enhancing operational efficiency. The inclusion of thrust bearings further reinforces their suitability for heavy loads commonly encountered in the industry. Uncover the excellence of our self-lubricating bronze bearings—your solution to seamless, low-maintenance performance in the dynamic realm of oil and gas machinery.

High-strength self-lubricating bronze bearings for extreme environments

Sleeve Bearings Solution For Oil & Gas Industry

Introducing our sleeve bearings solution tailored for the challenging environment of the oil and gas industry. Machinery involved in oil and gas extraction faces a multitude of harsh conditions—dust, saltwater exposure, vibrations, extreme temperatures, mechanical stresses, and the potential for explosions. Minimizing downtime is crucial, and our bronze sleeve bearings are engineered to deliver the high performance required for uninterrupted, safe operation. With the capability to withstand these demanding conditions, our bearings contribute to reducing downtime and enhancing overall equipment performance. We offer a comprehensive range of bronze bearings, including sleeves, flanges, and washers. Obtain a free quote today and invest in a solution that ensures the reliability and durability necessary for the rigorous demands of the oil and gas sector.

bronze sleeve bearing for oil gas industry application
self-lubricating bronze sleeve bearing
Oilless bearing with solid lubricant

Sleeve Bearing

Bronze with graphite filled ZCuZn25Al6Fe3Mn3

Introducing our sleeve bearings featuring a composition of bronze with graphite-filled ZCuZn25Al6Fe3Mn3—a robust combination for optimal performance. As your go-to source for all bronze sleeve bearing requirements, we offer a customized, self-lubricating solution designed to meet your specific needs. The incorporation of graphite in the bronze composition enhances the bearing’s self-lubricating properties, ensuring efficient and low-maintenance operation. Whether you require bearings for industrial machinery, automotive applications, or other specialized uses, our bronze sleeve bearings provide a reliable and durable solution. Trust us to deliver a tailored bearing solution that aligns with your unique specifications, offering the quality and performance you expect. Upgrade your equipment with our bronze sleeve bearings for a seamless and dependable operation.

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High-Performance Sleeve Bearing
Solution For Your Oil & Gas Industry.

oilless Bearings suitable for oil and gas industry

Sleeve bearings reliability is critical to oil and gas operations, and unscheduled downtime due to bronze bearing component failure can be costly, whether drilling onshore or offshore.

We have optimized several self-lubricating sleeve bearing products to make them more suitable for the oil and gas industry. One of these is the bronze thrust bearing, which helps extend equipment maintenance intervals and save operating costs.

Bronze sleeve bearing design – bearing type & size

Our bronze thrust bearings are identical in form factor to market self-lubricating bearing products. We have improved the internal geometry of the bearing using advanced self-lubricating bearing technology to maximize the load rating.

Self-lubricating bearing design optimization is a key factor in improving bearing performance, but manufacturing process improvements are also important. Improved surface finish through replacement of the bearing coating helps the bearing cope with the effects of boundary lubrication under extreme operating conditions. Since drilling is typically done at -40°C, where lubricants thicken, combined with high loads, lubrication performance can be compromised, leading to bearing damage. Improved surface finish maximizes the effectiveness of the lubricant and reduces excessive friction and damage to the bearing contact surfaces.


Self-lubricating sleeve bearings are an important component part of oil and gas drilling, and innovative bronze bearing technologies and other measures that can improve equipment will help reduce downtime and increase reliability.

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