Manufacturing Standards for Bronze Bushings & Plates

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Self-Lubricating Reliable Bronze Bushings & Plates


Upgrade your equipment with our high-quality bronze bushings and plates. Standard sizes available. Order today for unmatched reliability! Custom bronze parts including bushings, bearings, castings, wear plates, and more. Standard sizes and custom solutions available!

High-Quality CNC Machined Bronze Bushings & Plates

Discover manufacturing standards for CNC machined bronze bushings and plates with standard dimensions and self-lubrication. Reduce machining time and lower costs with precision CNC standards. Design your bushings and plates for any industry need!Explore our range of advanced CNC machining techniques tailored specifically for bronze bushings and plates. Our precision engineering ensures optimal performance and durability for various industrial applications. Let us elevate your manufacturing process with cutting-edge technology and expertise.

Premium Machining Bronze Standards for Industries

Achieve mechanical efficiency with our expertly machined bronze components. Adhering to top manufacturing standards, we provide reliable solutions for various industries. Enhance your operations with our high-quality bronze parts!

Your Source for Standard Bronze machined parts

Get high-quality bronze bushings, bearings, and stock made to IN & ISO standards. Offering cast and sintered bronze bushings, machined bushings with grooves or graphite for lubrication. Shop now for reliable precision parts!

standard slide bronze bushing
High-quality bronze bushings, including flange and sleeve types. Custom manufacturing available to meet industry standards.
cast bronze wear plate
Self-lubricating cast bronze wear plates available in standard sizes. Customized plate solutions to meet your specific needs.
bronze bushing manufacturing standard

Superior Manufacturing Standards for Bronze Bushing Materials

Bronze bushings are typically crafted from wear-resistant materials like tin bronze, aluminum bronze, and lead bronze. We also provide components made from aluminum alloy, brass, and copper. Adhering to CNC machining standards, our bronze bushings and plates guarantee exceptional quality and durability.

recision Manufacturing Standards & Bushings Custom Sizes

Ensure precise fit with our bronze bushings and plates, adhering to strict size standards. Our parts meet minimum diameter, length, width, height, and diameter specifications, including tolerance ranges and clearance requirements. We also maintain minimum wall thickness and groove width limitations for finished parts, guaranteeing superior quality and performance.

bronze wear plate size standard
graphite bronze wear plate with groove

Self-Lubricating Bronze Parts with Graphite Grooves standard Design

Designed for self-lubrication, our bronze parts may contain graphite or other solid lubricants to reduce friction and wear. Proper lubrication is crucial for optimal performance, with internal bores polished and scraped, featuring oil grooves to ensure lubrication. Ideal for self-lubricating bearings and bronze components.

Manufacturing on Demand: Custom Parts from Prototyping to Production

get Design Manufacturing Standards For Precision bronze parts

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