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Expert Oilless Bearing Solution is a professional supplier of self-lubricating bearings, providing custom bearing technology services that reduce downtime for our customers.

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Beautifully crafted leather products.

Get a one-stop solution for all your oilless bearing needs, custom bearing solution that will save time & money. Select your custom bearing service.

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Self-lubricating bronze bushings selection guide

Beautifully crafted leather products.

We shape your industry with high quality bearings and maintenance-free self-lubricating bearing solutions and bearing services. Discover more self-lubricating oilless bearings to meet your requirements.

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Good Bushing Bearing Service tailored to your needs.

Quality of self-lubricaTING BUSHING BEARINGS You Can Trust

We offer high quality self-lubricating bushings that are quick and easy to install, but most importantly, durable.


Our bearing services are very flexible and able to respond quickly to the changing needs of our customers in the bearing market. Fast shipment & safe delivery.


We have been in the self-lubricating oilless bearing field for over 10 years, so rest assured that we can be your oilless bearing technology partner for another 10 years.

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Our self-lubricating bearing services meet your lubrication requirements, extend bearing life and reduce maintenance costs.

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A Strategic Partner For The World’S Professional Bearing Companies

Technical improvements such as bearing applications, coupled with over 10 years of bearing knowledge, solve our customers’ most complex projects.

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Our oil-free bushing bearing services support your industry equipment’s entire lifecycle.

At, we are firmly committed to the success of each of our customers. Our high quality different types of self-lubricating bearings are designed to help you achieve superior results in any industrial application, construction industry and other projects you pursue. Our customer training introduces bushing bearing products, applications and maintenance requirements.

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Customer Bearing Technology Training

This overview describes self-lubricating bearing products, their application in industrial construction machinery, and the requirements for bearing maintenance in accordance with applicable regulations and standards.

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Bearing Applications Engineering

At, our self-lubricating bearing Applications Engineering group is comprised of bearing engineering specialists who devote superior bearing skills and extensive experience to provide the following bearing services to our valued customers.

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Custom Design And Construction Bearing

We are your partner in every phase of self-lubricating bearing bearing design and production. From production to shipping, we can provide a suite of bearing services to fit your project needs.

Construction Bearing Online Sourcing

Custom Bronze Bearing Castings

Let us be your single source for high-quality self-lubricating bronze bushing bearings custom castings.

  • C93200 Bronze Bearing
  • C95400 Lubricating Bushing
  • C86300 Oil-free Bushing Bearing
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Need To Connect To A Custom Bearing?

We are a manufacturer and global supplier of reliable self-lubricating bearing solutions for our target industries. The target industries we serve are agriculture, power distribution, electric power, fluids, industrial drives, material handling, and on and off-highway. We offer a full range of self-lubricating oil-free bushing bearings.

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Self-lubricating Bushing Bearing

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  • swingarm bronze bushings

    Upgrade your motorcycle's suspension system with our high-quality bronze swingarm bushings. Crafted to provide superior durability and performance, these bushings are a game-changer for your ride. Unlike traditional plastic bushings, our bronze swingarm bushings offer enhanced strength and reduced friction, resulting in a smoother and more controlled riding experience. The bronze material ensures longevity and reliability, making them an excellent investment for any motorcycle enthusiast. Whether you're a casual rider or a dedicated motorcyclist, these bushings will transform the way your bike handles on the road. Say goodbye to worn-out plastic bushings and embrace the benefits of our bronze swingarm bushings for improved stability, better handling, and overall riding satisfaction. Upgrade your ride today and feel the difference firsthand.

  • brass reducer bushing

    Unlock the potential of precision machinery with self-lubricating brass reducer bushings. These unassuming yet essential components minimize friction and wear, ensuring seamless mechanical operations. Crafted from a blend of aluminum and copper, they offer durability and electrical conductivity, making them ideal for diverse applications. With customizable designs, flange options, and metric sizes, these bushings seamlessly integrate into various systems. The inclusion of graphite plugs further enhances their efficiency, reducing the need for constant maintenance. Explore the world of self-lubricating brass reducer bushings and experience smoother, more reliable machinery performance across industries.

  • cast iron bushing

    Discover unparalleled metric-sized innovation with our Cast Iron Bushings featuring Inlaid Graphite. Meticulously engineered for peak performance, these components unite robust cast iron with advanced graphite lubrication. Experience reduced friction, extended endurance, and precision in diverse metric applications, from manufacturing to machinery. In high-pressure environments, the marriage of sturdy cast iron and low-friction graphite ensures optimal functionality. Benefit from elevated productivity and decreased maintenance in conveyors, hydraulic systems, and more. Embrace the future of metric precision and self-lubrication with our Cast Iron Bushings Inlaid Graphite, setting new standards in engineering excellence.

  • cast bronze bushings

    Explore the essential role of cast bronze bushings in fortifying construction equipment. These robust components provide crucial support, reducing friction and wear in heavy-duty machinery. By meticulously choosing the optimal bushing fit, you ensure enhanced durability, efficiency, and overall performance. Dive into the world of cast bronze bushings to empower your construction projects with reliable and long-lasting equipment solutions. Make informed decisions to match specific requirements, optimizing machinery operation and minimizing maintenance needs. Elevate your construction endeavors with the right cast bronze bushings that stand as a cornerstone of equipment reliability and longevity.

  • thin wall bushing

    Explore the transformative potential of thin wall bushings, enhanced by copper sleeves, offering a realm of cost-effective solutions adaptable to both standard and custom needs. Engineered to extend equipment life and ensure operational savings, these components find utility across diverse industries. Standard variations provide immediate benefits, while customizable options cater to unique requirements, all while delivering prolonged durability and optimized performance. Embrace the efficiency and versatility of thin wall bushings with copper sleeves, redefining maintenance practices, improving equipment longevity, and fostering economic advantages in various operational settings.

  • pilot bushing

    The pilot bushing, an often overlooked yet essential component in manual transmissions, quietly contributes to the smooth and reliable operation of an automobile's clutch system. Acting as a vital link between the engine's crankshaft and the transmission's input shaft, this small but significant part allows for independent rotation, ensuring seamless engagement and disengagement during clutch operation. With precision engineering and durability, the pilot bushing reduces stress on the transmission, extending its lifespan and enhancing overall vehicle performance. Discover the importance of this unassuming yet critical element and explore high-quality pilot bearings with ISO 9001:2015 certification, delivering efficiency and reliability for a noise-free driving experience.

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We provide you with original high-quality self-lubricating palin bearings spare parts that are available throughout the year anywhere in the world. You can get bearings solutions for your industry equipment.

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Reliable & Safe From Bearing Production To Shipment – Industrial Custom Part bearing Services. Stop stressing about long lead times and bearing service to get the solutions you need.

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