sliding bearing plate

sliding bearing plate

Revolutionizing Machinery: Introducing Oil-Free Sliding Bearing Plates

In the realm of machinery and manufacturing, the pursuit of efficiency, durability, and sustainability is paramount. Enter the Oil-Free Slide Plate – a revolutionary innovation set to redefine lubrication practices in machinery components. Say goodbye to the limitations of oil-reliant slide plates and welcome a future characterized by seamless motion and reduced maintenance requirements.

Self-lubricating part oil free slide plate

Pioneering Bearing Technology

Embark on a journey of self-lubricating excellence with our cutting-edge Oil-Free Slide Plates. Engineered to eliminate the need for external lubrication, these plates feature a composition that defies conventional norms. At the core of this breakthrough lies a specially formulated composite material, meticulously engineered to deliver superior wear resistance and minimal friction.

Unveiling Functionality

The concept underlying the Oil-Free Slide Plate is ingeniously transformative. Instead of traditional lubricants, it harnesses the power of a solid lubricant – such as graphite – expertly impregnated into a metal matrix. This intelligent design ensures continuous self-lubrication throughout the component’s lifespan, guaranteeing steadfast performance even in extreme conditions, from high temperatures to heavy loads.

Applications Across Industries

Oil-free sliding bearing plates have swiftly garnered acclaim in environments characterized by high temperatures and heavy loads, where conventional lubrication methods falter. Industries ranging from metal stamping to injection molding and forging presses have eagerly embraced this innovation. The Oil-Free Slide Plate thrives under intense pressures, temperatures, and loads, ensuring dependable performance even in the most demanding industrial settings.

Redefining Advantages

Compared to their oil-dependent counterparts, oil-free slide plates offer numerous advantages that elevate operational efficiency and outcomes. Reduced maintenance requirements, extended lifespan, and minimal noise and vibration are just a few highlights. Moreover, this solution resonates with environmental consciousness, as the elimination of external lubrication mitigates the risks of oil spills and contamination.

Versatility Exemplified

From injection molding to glass molding, from die casting to powder metallurgy, the applications of oil-free sliding bearing plates are diverse and impactful. Their unique ability to thrive in extreme conditions and deliver consistent performance has rendered them indispensable across various sectors.

Embrace a future where machinery operates with precision and reliability, free from the constraints of traditional lubrication methods. Explore the realm of Oil-Free Slide Plates today to redefine your understanding of seamless functionality. Configure and buy your self-lubricating sliding bearing plate online at, your reliable and trusted manufacturer.

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Elevate Your Machinery Performance with CuZn25AI6Mn4 Sliding Bearing Plates!

Are you seeking to enhance the performance of your machinery? Look no further than our CuZn25AI6Mn4 Sliding Bearing Plates! Crafted from high-quality CuZn25AI6Mn4 alloy, these plates are engineered to elevate the efficiency and reliability of your equipment to new heights.

Superior Durability: Our CuZn25AI6Mn4 sliding bearing plates are designed to withstand the rigors of heavy-duty industrial applications. With exceptional strength and durability, they ensure prolonged performance even in the most demanding environments.

Enhanced Functionality: Experience smoother operation and reduced friction with our CuZn25AI6Mn4 sliding bearing plates. Their precision engineering guarantees precise fits and smooth motion, allowing your machinery to operate with optimal efficiency.

Versatile Applications: Whether you’re in the automotive, aerospace, manufacturing, or any other industry, our CuZn25AI6Mn4 sliding bearing plates are suitable for a wide range of applications. From conveyor systems to heavy machinery, these plates provide reliable support and motion control.

Engineered Excellence: Our sliding bearing plates are meticulously engineered to meet the highest standards of quality and performance. With advanced manufacturing techniques and stringent quality control measures, we ensure that each plate delivers exceptional results.

Upgrade Your Machinery Today!

Elevate your machinery performance with our CuZn25AI6Mn4 sliding bearing plates. Experience the difference in efficiency, reliability, and durability, and take your operations to the next level. Contact us today to learn more and discover how our sliding bearing plates can benefit your business! 🚀

Self-Lubricating Graphite Slide Plate Size Chart

Item No.ThicknessWidthLengthMaterial
self-lubricating slide plate2875102875Bronze/Graph
self-lubricating slide plate281001028100Bronze/Graph
self-lubricating slide plate281251028125Bronze/Graph
self-lubricating slide plate281501028150Bronze/Graph
self-lubricating slide plate3875103875Bronze/Graph
self-lubricating slide plate381001038100Bronze/Graph
self-lubricating slide plate381251038125Bronze/Graph
self-lubricating slide plate381501038150Bronze/Graph
self-lubricating slide plate4875104875Bronze/Graph
self-lubricating slide plate481001048100Bronze/Graph
self-lubricating slide plate481251048125Bronze/Graph
self-lubricating slide plate481501048150Bronze/Graph
self-lubricating slide plate482001048200Bronze/Graph
self-lubricating slide plate5875105875Bronze/Graph
self-lubricating slide plate581001058100Bronze/Graph
self-lubricating slide plate581501058150Bronze/Graph
self-lubricating slide plate7575107575Bronze/Graph
self-lubricating slide plate751001075100Bronze/Graph
self-lubricating slide plate751251075125Bronze/Graph
self-lubricating slide plate751501075150Bronze/Graph
self-lubricating slide plate752001075200Bronze/Graph
self-lubricating slide plateT10010010100100Bronze/Graph
self-lubricating slide plateT10012510100125Bronze/Graph
self-lubricating slide plateT10015010100150Bronze/Graph
self-lubricating slide plateT10020010100200Bronze/Graph
self-lubricating slide plateT10025010100250Bronze/Graph
self-lubricating slide plateT12515010125150Bronze/Graph
self-lubricating slide plateT12520010125200Bronze/Graph
self-lubricating slide plateT12525010125250Bronze/Graph
self-lubricating slide plateT15015010150150Bronze/Graph
self-lubricating slide plateT15020010150200Bronze/Graph
self-lubricating slide plate10010010100100Bronze/Graph
self-lubricating slide plate10012510100125Bronze/Graph
self-lubricating slide plate10015010100150Bronze/Graph
self-lubricating slide plate10020010100200Bronze/Graph
self-lubricating slide plate10025010100250Bronze/Graph
self-lubricating slide plate12515010125150Bronze/Graph
self-lubricating slide plate12520010125200Bronze/Graph
self-lubricating slide plate12525010125250Bronze/Graph
self-lubricating slide plate15015010150150Bronze/Graph
self-lubricating slide plate15020010150200Bronze/Graph
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