Self Lubricating Wear Plate – Bronze With Solid Lubricant

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Graphite wear plate made to order
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Guide sliding bearing bushing

Standard l-shaped SOL bronze Wear Plate

  • Wear Plate Insensitive to a dirty environment

  • Oilless Bronze Wear Plate is Resistant to shock loads and vibrations at slow speeds

  • Self -lubricating Bronze Wear Plate is Enable operation with a poor shaft surface finish

  • The Graphite Wear Plate Has Good resistance to corrosive conditions

Standard l-shaped plates
Standard l-shaped plates (without mounting holes), self lubricating

L-shaped stepped wear plate

Oil-free slide plate – Standard I shaped plate

Oilless L-Shaped Wear Plate With Graphite Plugs … This Oilless Bearing Bronze Wear Plate Style Is Available In Standard Inch, Metric, And Made To Order Sizes.

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self-lubricating guide bush SOB
flanged self-lubricating guide bush

self-lubricating Wear Plate Production

innovative Oilless Plate Bronze Bearings solutions

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Oilless Slide Plate

Oil-Free Slide Plate Standard I Shaped Plates & Custom Wear Plates Components Are Produced By Embedding A Special Solid Lubricant At Appropriate Locations.
The Metal Base Material Supports The Load While The Embedded Solid Lubricant Provides Lubrication, Resulting In Superior Oil-Free Durability Even Under Harsh Conditions.

Standard L-shaped plate

Standard L-shaped plate

L-shaped Plates, bronze with solid lubricant

L-shaped Plates, bronze with solid lubricant

Bronze With Solid Lubricant Guide Bush

Bronze with solid lubricant guide bush

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  • Oilless Plates Are Available In Metric And Imperial Sizes.

  • High-Strength Bronze Material, Graphite Plug As Lubricant.

self-lubricating bearings bronze wear plate in mining equipment

Mining Eqeuipment Bushings Bearing

Sleeve Bushings, Flanged Bearings, Bronze Thrust Washer & Slide Wear Plate.

Self-lubricating Bearings Mining Equipment Parts Save Your Coasts, L Shaped Bronze Wear Plate

The self-lubricating bronze wear plate products have been used in metallurgical continuous casting machines, train supports, steel rolling equipment, mining machinery, ships, gas turbines, and other high-temperature, high-load, low-speed heavy-duty applications.

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Self-lubricating Bearing Solution

Standard Oilless Bushes Components For The Most Demanding Applications.

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Oilless Plate Supplier – Bronze Wear Plate Standard I Shaped Plates

We are one of the quality self-lubricating bronze standard I-shaped plates manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of Oil Free Plates in China. These bronze wear plate products are manufactured from high-quality material that is durable, wear-resistant, and produces excellent results. The wear plate bushing material is sourced from trusted and reliable vendors and is manufactured at our manufacturing unit using the latest machinery that meets the industry quality standards to meet the requirements of the mold tooling industry.

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Self lubricating aluminum-bronze guide plate L Bronze Wear Plate

JSL L-type slider standard L shaped plates, JDB500# self-lubricating brass bush, slider, guide plate, guide bush, bronze wear plate, etc. are widely used in automotive stamping dies (drop die, drawing die, bending die, punching and trimming die, wrapping die, etc.) and mechanical equipment (plastic machinery, engineering machinery, metallurgical forging, mining machinery, etc.). The self-lubricating guiding performance is brought into full play by applying the unique graphite arrangement technology and graphite hole processing method developed independently, together with the advanced vacuum oil immersion technology, with high force brass as the substrate and embedded oil-absorbing graphite column as the solid lubricant.

  • 1. High-quality base self-lubricating bearings material, copper-based brass guide bronze wear plate guide bush is used through continuous casting and extrusion rolling of high force brass material, dense organization, Sn, Ni, Pb, S, and other impurities are very few, not even more than 0.1%, hardness more than HB200, to ensure excellent wear resistance.

  • 2. High-quality natural graphite self-lubricating bushings material, the use of high-quality natural graphite, the use of advanced powder extrusion sintering technology, so that the graphite column of uniform organization, dense standard, in addition to self-lubrication, their own loss is extremely small, fully ensure that the lubricant content between the organization is sufficient to reduce the wear of the guide plate guide bush substrate, effectively extend the service life.

  • 3. Vacuum immersion technology, the use of vacuum immersion technology, fully ensures that any gap between the graphite column tissue is immersed in saturated lubricant, so that, after the relative friction of the substrate heat, oil molecules volume expansion, from the graphite column tissue seepage to the surface of the substrate, instantly reduce the substrate temperature at the same time, and to achieve the ideal self-lubricating effect.

  • 4. Graphite hole diameter, in the premise of ensuring the stiffness and strength of the substrate enough, the diameter of the graphite hole is drilled relatively small so that the arrangement of graphite column on the substrate appears relatively dense, the lubricant content after the vacuum immersion oil is relatively more saturated, the lubrication effect is better.

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L-type self-lubricating slider Concave and convex slider Self-lubricating bronze wear plate has the traditional tin bronze bearing function, because of the use of high force brass (ZCuZn24Al6), it doubles the HB hardness, so the use of the product in low-speed occasions, then the general bronze bushing wear plate life can be doubled, and its load-bearing pressure is large, can adapt to the heavy load occasions.

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