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Provides reliable & quality bronze wear plate for a wide range of industrial applications. Our wear plates are designed to deliver a superior performance-to-cost ratio, increasing productivity and extending service life in mold applications. Learn More.

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Proven Precision Bronze Wear Plate Solutions.

Providing bronze wear plate – mold parts solutions to increase industrial productivity. Let us help you find the wear plate solution for your specific industry injection mold part and know as much as you can about your situation. Contact us today!

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Self-Lubricating Mold Parts & Components – More Convenient And Comprehensive!

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China competitive self-lubricating bronze wear plate supplier & manufacturer. Please contact us for more detailed information on self-lubricating bronze wear plates.

What is a self-lubricating bronze wear plate?

Self-lubricating bronze wear plates are also known as sliding bearing plates or copper alloy wear plates, bronze slide plates, and oil-free slide water plates.

Self-lubricating wear plates are available in a variety of standard inch and metric sizes, in manganese bronze or aluminum bronze, with or without lubrication.

Self-lubricating bronze wear plate feature:

  • Suitable for places where lubricating oil must be used frequently, places with reciprocating motion or frequent start/stop, and places where it is difficult to form an oil film.
  • Can be used in a self-lubricating state, without an oiling device, which can shorten the assembly cycle, reduce the pollution of lubricating oil and beautify the social environment.
  • Excellent wear resistance and anti-seize property.

Our Self-lubricating Bronze Wear Plates have been proven to run successfully in an extensive range of industrial applications.

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Injection mold wear plate

Self-lubricating bronze wear plates can reduce the friction caused by the movement of the slider and ensure the smooth movement of the slider, thereby improving the service life of the mold. The height of the wear plate is usually 8mm – 10mm. In order to achieve good results in the assembly of mold parts, each bronze wear plate needs to be qualified after completion, and bearing technology is its basic guarantee. Find your correct self-lubricating bronze plate online.

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Select the Suitable Bronze Wear Plates Based on the Shape and the Size of Parts

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Injection Mold parts

Bronze wear plates

Provides a great variety of standard bronze wear plates for plastic injection mold also press mold.

Custom service

Innovate and provide technical support to our customers for new bronze wear plate projects.

Precision processing

With the most advanced equipment and stable production process, we manufacture mold components and deliver them in a short time.

What is an injection mold parts?

Beautifully crafted leather products.

The injection mold parts – bronze wear plate is the heart of injection molding. Whether it’s a complex application or a simple part, the plastic injection mold parts – and more specifically, the self-lubricating wear plates design – determines the injection molding process and the quality of the mold parts produced.

  • Simple and efficient
  • Durable
  • Easy to operate and maintain
  • Meets all specifications at the lowest possible cost
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Self-lubricating Wear Plate Supplier

China self-lubricating bronze wear plates supplier and mold bearing parts manufacturer, also provide injection mold bearing parts, molding bearing parts, self-lubricating bearings & bushings for your choice.

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