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Quality Bronze Wear Plate Manufacturer – Your One-Stop Source For Self-Lubricating Slide Plate

Our maintenance-free self-lubricating sliding bronze wear plate elements are used in tools and machines for linear and rotary movements for many years. The bronze wear plate base material is replenished by a solid lubricant reservoir, which provides lubrication. After this one-time initial lubrication, the sliding bronze wear plate elements are maintenance-free for a long period of time. The adequacy of this bronze wear plate product range lies in its broad range of applications. In addition, of course, special designs are always available according to your wishes.


Self-lubricating, maintenance-free self-lubricating slide bronze wear plates

Good Prices and Quality

Self-lubricating graphite bronze wear plate is reliable & safe from production to shipment has a reasonable price, and reduces costs for your bronze bearing solution.

Fast & On-Time

Fast shipment, delivery on time. Your self-lubricating bearing orders are shipped on time, and your bronze wear plate production continues and reduces downtime.

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Reliable Self-Lubricating Bronze Wear Plate Manufacturer, Various Types, Ready To Ship, Fast Delivery, Large Stock, Custom Bronze Wear Plate Service.

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The optimum bronze wear plate solution for any industrial requirement

Industry-Quality Supplier Of Oilless Bronze Wear Plate Parts

We Will Work With You To Develop A Unique Oilless Bronze Wear Plate Solution To Solve Your Problems. See Reliable & Safe Bronze Bearing Supplier. 10+ Years Of Bronze Wear Plate Experience. Browse More Self-lubricating Bronze Wear Plate Products.

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Extend The Life Of Your Self-lubricating Bronze Plate Parts – Factory Direct Supply

Premium Self-Lubricating Wear Plate Components For Die Makers, Mold Makers, And Metal Stampers. In-Stock And Fast Shipping! Request A Quote. Check Resources. New Self-lubricating Slide Bronze Wear Plate Product Development. Shop Online.

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Industrial Construction Bearings Solutions

Boost Your Graphite Bronze Wear Plates Parts Performance, Reduce Maintenance Costs, And Mining Heavy Equipment Downtime. Increase productivity and profitability and source all your standard and customized bronze wear plate solutions in one place.

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Trusted Oilless Bronze Wear Plate Manufacturer

Saves You Time & Money In Oilless Bronze Wear Plates Research, Design & Production Costs. Select Your Graphite Bronze Wear Plate To Meet Your Industry Application. E-mail Now!

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Our Self-lubricating Bronze Wear Plates have been proven to run successfully in an extensive range of industrial applications.

Save Your Cost, Reduce Downtime

Self-lubricating Bronze Wear Plate

Our JSP self-lubricating slide bronze wear plate series is our line of self-lubricating bronze graphite wear plates. They are used in applications that require bronze wear plates to work continuously in hard-to-reach or inaccessible areas where manual lubrication is difficult.

The bronze wear plate can also be used in a range of applications where the use of oil or grease as a lubricant is not possible or desirable. The bronze wear plates are completely maintenance-free and have a long service life, reducing the maintenance time required for bronze wear plates that require external lubrication.

Bronze Graphite Wear Plate

Bronze graphite wear plates have machined holes and/or recesses into which graphite is inserted. These graphite plugs act as a lubricant between the shaft and the plate. The graphite plugs provide a slippery coating that acts as constant, reliable lubrication between the surfaces.

This type of bronze wear plate is commonly marketed as SelfLube, plug graphite, graphitized, or simply self-lubricating.

We manufacture a wide range of bronze wear plate formats and shapes, including Wear strips, L-gibs, V-gibs, V-block, Keeper blocks, Guide blocks, Stop blocks, Square gibs…

Self-lubricating & long-lasting wear plate

Bronze Wear Plate

Aluminum Bronze with Graphite Plugs

  • Custom made bronze wear plate

  • High quality graphite slide plate

  • Self-lubricating wear plate manufacturer

Self lubricating bronze wear plate is a high performance solid lubricating product inlaid with graphite or MoS2 solid lubricant on the matrix of high force brass. The bronze wear plate breaks through the limitations of general bearing lubrication by oil film. In the process of use, through friction heat to make solid lubrication and shaft friction, the formation of oil, powder lubrication excellent conditions, not only protect the shaft from wear, and make solid lubrication characteristics eternal. The bronze wear plates hardness is twice as high as the general copper sleeve, and its wear-resisting performance is twice as high. Recommended application: At present, the self-lubricating bronze wear plate product has been used in metallurgical continuous casting machine, train support, steel rolling equipment, mining machinery, ships, gas turbines and other high temperature, high load, low speed and heavy load and other occasions.

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    Expertise Guide Plate And Bronze Wear Plate For Most Automation Equipment, Small Linear Motion Machinery. Get Your Custom Quote Today!

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    The Premium Metric Bronze Bushing Components For Die Makers, Mold Makers, And Metal Stampers. In-Stock And Fast Shipping! View Bronze Wear Strips Products. Explore More.

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Reduce Your Operating Costs With Graphite Plugged Wear Plates

Graphite Plugged Bronze Wear Plate Supplier – Factory Direct Supply, Wholesale Price, Complete Specifications, Quality Assurance, Wear Plates Manufacturers & Suppliers. Contact Us Now.

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Bronze Plate – Professional Manufacturer

Good quality oilless bronze wear plate from oilless bearings manufacturer, Buy bronze wear plate online from China.

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Quality graphite Bronze Wear plate production facilities that outperform the market

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Looking For An Ideal Manganese Bronze Wear Plate Manufacturer & Supplier? We Have A Wide Bronze Wear Plates Selection At Good Prices To Help You Get Creative. Supplying The Mining And Earthmoving Equipment Industries With New And Quality Self-Lubricating Bronze Wear Plate For Almost 10+ Years. Graphite Plugged Bronze Wear Plates Are A Complete Line Of Self-Lubricating Bushings That Excel Whenever Standard Lubrication Is Impractical, Including Heavy Load, And High-Temperature Applications.

SELF-LUBRICATING bronze wear plate

Oilless Bronze graphite Plate for Mining Equipment

Graphite bronze wear plate is made with high-strength copper alloy, and the inserted solid lubricant materials are made with graphite. Self-lubricating bronze wear plate manufacturer.

STS graphite slide plates
UTW graphite slide plates

Self Lubricating Bronze wear Plate

Graphite Bronze Wear Plate – China Factory, Suppliers, Manufacturers.

Graphite Filled Bronze Bushes / Bronze Wear Plates.

Material: High Tensile Manganese Bronze Wear Plate.

Select your graphite bronze wear plate material to meet your requirements.

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Self-Lubricating Bushings Graphite Plugged Bushings

Solid Lubricated Bushing, Bronze With Lubricant Plugs Embedded. Graphite Bronze L-plates Products For Sale. High-Quality Bronze Wear Plate Guide Rails. High Performance. Your Self-Lubricating Bronze Bushings Bearing Graphite Wear Plate Material. Contact Now!

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Wear Plate Manufacturer Find Details About China Oilless Slide Plate, Graphite Bronze Wear Plate – Self-Lubricating – Choose From Our Selection Of Graphite-Impregnated Bronze Bearings.

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Oilless Graphite Bronze Wear Plates Available Online Sourcing – Made To Order Graphite Copper Alloys High-Performance Oilless Bearings Custom Design.

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Self-lubricating, Longer life. Reduce Downtime For You.

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Fast Shipment. Huge Inventory Of Graphite Bronze Wear Plate.

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Bronze Wear Plate, Bearings-Sleeves, Flanges, and Washers and More.

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