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Sphere Oscillating plain Bearing

Spherical Plain Bearings Under Oscillation | Machine Design

We have various types and sizes of high quality spherical plain bearings. spherical oscillating bearings wholesale. china high quality sphere oscillating plain bearings with timely delivery and customized service.

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Sphere Oscillating Bronze Bearing Self-lubricating Bushes Manufacturer

Add precision and reliability to your machine design-bearing products. Free samples of spherical plain bearings! Virtually no maintenance is required. 10+ years of experience. Quality supplier in bearing motion.

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A Spherical Oscillating Plain Bearing Ideal Solution Developed Around Your Design

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With expert self-lubricating bearing engineers and hundreds of innovative designs, we act as a design partner to help develop, test and deliver cost-effective bearing solutions. Our custom work ranges from simple modifications to existing bearing designs to complete “from-scratch” bearings designed specifically for your application.


We offer unparalleled spherical plain bearing technology expertise combined with individual sphere oscillating bearing solutions for our customers’ application needs.

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Our global self-lubricating plain bronze bearing operations and safe and fast logistics ensure that our customers receive only high-quality bushing bearings.

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Bearing Innovation

A global manufacturer of high-quality spherical plain bearing solutions through plain bearing innovation and technical expertise. Create different plain bushing bearing types, and sizes to meet your needs.

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JQB Sphere Oscillating Bronze Bearing

It is basically a universal product, suitable for various situations, including high or low loads, high or low temperatures, with or without oil lubrication, and even in water. Its matrix is made of high-strength brass, which is twice as hard as ordinary bronze bushings, and its wear resistance is greatly improved, so it is suitable for continued casting in metallurgical industry, converters. It can also be used in plastic injection machines, high-voltage electric automatic switches, variable and lifting parts of construction machinery, hydraulic gate supports, pulleys, driving wheels of water treatment projects, and also in baking channels of paper machines, automobile molds, sliding parts of ship dismantling and assembly, etc.

  • Maintenance-free operation

  • High load capacity, Low wear rate for long life

  • Excellent performance under high loads and intermittent movements

  • Solid lubricant with superior performance

  • Low coefficient of friction
  • Negligible stick-slip effect

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Maintenance Free Spherical Plain Bearings – Bronze With Graphite

Design & build completely custom layouts

Check out our online spherical oscillating plain bearing with full specifications available for download – all free of charge!

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self-lubricating sphere oscillating bearing

Sphere Oscillating Bearing

Self-lubricating Plain Bearing – Potential Applications

Spherical plain bearings are manufactured in a variety of materials and are designed to provide bearing solutions for virtually any operating environment. The bearings are offered in a complete line of spherical bearings in both inch and metric sizes. These high quality spherical plain bearings are suitable for heavy-duty, off-highway vehicles, agricultural equipment, construction and mining and logging equipment, packaging and textile equipment, and robotics. These plain bearings are available in standard industrial bore sizes from 0.5″ to 12″ and in metric sizes from small to large 4 to 300 mm. Custom sizes can also be ordered.

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Self-lubricating Spherical plain bearing application
Spherical Plain Bearings – Lubrication

Oilless spherical bearing production completed reliably from start to finish.

For self-lubricating spherical bearings that require maintenance (metal-to-metal), the purpose of lubrication is primarily to reduce wear, which itself reduces friction and noise and increases the life of the bearing. Secondly, lubrication provides a barrier against corrosion.

self-lubricating plain bearing

Plain Bushing Bearing

We design a growing, market-leading portfolio of self-lubricating engineered bearings and power transmission products. Self-lubricating oilless bearings – radial, thrust, rod ends, spherical plain bearings, high temperature, high loads, inch and metric. 

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Your spherical plain bearing made to order.

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Self-lubricating spherical plain bearing & bushing, bronze thrust washer, oilless slide plate…

self-lubricating sphere osciiating slide bearing

JQB Bronze Self-lubricating Sphere Oscillating Slide Bearing

Sphere Oscillating Bearings & Bushings Meeting Your Specified Service Requirements.

As a spherical plain bearing supplier, we have been providing transmission plain bearing products at competitive prices for 10+ years.

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self-lubricating spherical plain bearing

High-performance, self-lubricating spherical bearing solution


Dedicated to fulfilling the market needs of high precision, high-quality self-lubricating bushing bearing, oilless slide plate…

Design & build completely custom layouts

Our self-lubricating spherical bearing engineering technical team is dedicated to solving customer requirements for variations or special material options to suit any given application.

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We Always Provide Good Industrial Spherical Bearing Solution For Our Clients.

Self-lubricating spherical plain bearings have the advantages of strong bearing capacity, small friction coefficient, self-lubrication, long service life, automatic centering, etc. This series of oilless bearings are mainly used in hydraulic shaped gates, hydraulic opening and closing machines, flat gates and lifting and transportation equipment, etc.

1. Oil-free self-lubricating or oil-less lubrication, suitable for places that can’t be refueled or are difficult to refuel, maintenance-free, or less maintenance when using.
2. Self-lubricating bearings have good wear resistance, low friction coefficient, and long service life.
3. Self-lubricating bearings have the right amount of elasticity, can distribute the stress on a wider contact surface, and improve the bearing capacity.
4. Self-lubricating bearings have similar static friction coefficients, which can eliminate the crawling at low speed, thus ensuring the working accuracy of the machinery.
5. Self-lubricating bearings can make machinery reduce vibration, reduce noise, prevent pollution and improve working conditions.
6. Self-lubricating bearings can form a transfer film during operation, and play a protective role for the grinding shaft, with no bite shaft phenomenon.
7. Self-lubricating bearings have low hardness requirements for grinding shafts, which can reduce the processing of related parts without tempering the grinding shafts.
8. Self-lubricating bearing with a thin-walled structure, lightweight, can reduce the volume of machinery.
9. Self-lubricating bearing steel back can be plated with various metals, can be used in corrosive media; has been widely used in a variety of mechanical sliding parts, such as printing machines, textile machines, tobacco machinery, micro-motors, automobiles, motorcycles, and agricultural and forestry machinery, etc.

Types Spherical Bearing Spherical Bearing Type Standard
Body Material 52100 Steel Hardening (Molybdenum Coating) I.D. d(Ø) 70
The material of a ball High tensile brass based / solid lubricant embedded Operating Temperature Range(℃) -40~150
Basic Load Rating(kN) 109 Allowable Aligning Angle θ°(deg) 6
Lubrication Method Non-Lubricated RoHS
  • Stainless steel, C45 Steel, or GCr15 outer ring.
  • Oilless bearing interring(CuZn25Al5, CuAl10Ni, CuSn12).

Oilless bush bearings feature high-quality copper alloy base metals and engineered solid lubricant plugs. These bearings are designed to meet the requirements of a wide variety of applications in today’s equipment.
Precise tolerances utilize strategically placed plugs and plug compounds to ensure performance delivery and lubrication-free service. This bearing style is available in standard inch, metric, and custom sizes. Oilless bush bearings provide performance with extreme temperature limitations and high load capacity. Journal style bearings and flat wear plates are available.


①  Solid lubricant film
②  Solid lubricant plug
③  Bronze backing

Standard No. d(H7) D1(h6) B C D b Alignment Angle (掳) Allowable Radial Load (kN) Allowable Thrust Load (kN)
JQB Sphere Oscillating Bearing-015 15 26 12 9 22 4 8 6.5 0.5
JQB Sphere Oscillating Bearing-020 20 32 16 14 28 4 4 12.6 1.4
JQB Sphere Oscillating Bearing-025 25 42 21 18 36 4 5 21.8 2.5
JQB Sphere Oscillating Bearing-030 30 50 27 23 44 4 6 32 3.5
JQB Sphere Oscillating Bearing-035 35 55 30 26 49 4 5 43.7 4.8
JQB Sphere Oscillating Bearing-040 40 62 33 28 55 4 6 54.7 5.7
JQB Sphere Oscillating Bearing-045 45 72 36 31 62 4 5 69.7 7.2
JQB Sphere Oscillating Bearing-050 50 80 42 36 70 4 5 92.4 10
JQB Sphere Oscillating Bearing-060 60 100 53 45 90 4 6 143 16
JQB Sphere Oscillating Bearing-070 70 110 58 50 99 4 5 181 20
JQB Sphere Oscillating Bearing-080 80 130 70 60 115 4 6 254 30
JQB Sphere Oscillating Bearing-090 90 140 76 65 125 4 6 313 36
JQB Sphere Oscillating Bearing-100 100 160 88 75 145 6 6 544 64
JQB Sphere Oscillating Bearing-110 110 170 93 80 155 6 5 642 73
JQB Sphere Oscillating Bearing-120 120 190 105 90 170 6 6 797 94
JQB Sphere Oscillating Bearing-130 130 200 110 95 180 6 5 880 105
JQB Sphere Oscillating Bearing-140 140 210 90 70 180 6 7 668 56
JQB Sphere Oscillating Bearing-150 150 220 120 105 200 6 5 1135 129
JQB Sphere Oscillating Bearing-160 160 230 105 80 200 6 8 891 73
JQB Sphere Oscillating Bearing-180 180 260 105 80 225 6 6 1002 74
JQB Sphere Oscillating Bearing-200 200 290 130 100 250 6 7 1434 117
JQB Sphere Oscillating Bearing-220 220 320 135 100 275 6 8 1577 118
JQB Sphere Oscillating Bearing-240 240 340 140 100 300 9 8 1720 118
JQB Sphere Oscillating Bearing-260 260 370 150 110 325 9 7 2075 143
JQB Sphere Oscillating Bearing-280 280 400 155 120 350 9 6 2455 172
JQB Sphere Oscillating Bearing-300 300 430 165 120 375 9 7 2630 172
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