Cast Bronze Bushings Enhanced with Solid Lubricant Plugs

PTFE-plugged bronze bushings are a specialized type of self-lubricating bearing designed for use in various industrial applications, including oil and gas pipelines. PTFE-plugged bronze bushings, also known as PTFE-insert bronze parts, are a type of self-lubricating bearing material that combines the high load-carrying capacity of bronze with the low friction and self-lubricating properties of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene). You are Reliable Experts In Bronze Bushings & Bearings. large inventory of graphite plugged bronze bushings in a variety of types and sizes. select high-quality PTFE-plugged bronze bushings.

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Premium Self-Lubricating Bronze Bearings with Teflon Plugged Material – Tailored Solutions for Diverse Applications

Our cast solutions provide custom-cast bronze bushings suitable for a multitude of applications. Offering high-quality self-lubricating Teflon-plugged bronze bushings at competitive prices, we ensure optimal performance, especially in the pipeline industry. Choose our PTFE-plugged bronze bushings for unparalleled reliability and durability.

Self-Lubricating Bronze Bearing Solutions

High Quality – Lubricating White Graphite Bronze Bushings Online

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Cast Bronze Bushings – Teflon Plugged

JFB solid lubricated bronze bearing is a new product with solid lubricant inlay on high force brass substrate. The Ptfe plugged bronze bushings break through the limitation of general bearing relying on oil film lubrication. The Teflon bronze bushings are Suitable for high temperature and suitable for high temperature, high load, underwater operation, corrosion resistance, or can not be refueled, and other conditions. The cast bronze bushings hardness is twice as high as the general copper bush, and its wear resistance is also twice as high. At present, the PTFE plugged bronze bushings product is widely used in metallurgical continuous casting machines, rolling equipment, mining machinery, ships, steam turbines, injection molding machines, and production lines.

Teflon Plugged Flange Bronze Bushings – High-Performance, Self-Lubricating Solutions for Demanding Applications

Experience superior performance with our Teflon plugged flange bronze bushings, designed for low friction and self-lubrication in a wide range of applications. Discover the benefits of these durable, high-quality bushings and elevate your machinery’s efficiency today.

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What is teflon plugged bronze bushings?

Teflon Plugged Flange Bronze Bushing is a type of self-lubricating bushing that combines the properties of both Teflon (PTFE) and bronze to provide low friction, excellent wear resistance, and good thermal conductivity. This type of bushing is suitable for various applications, especially where lubrication is limited or not possible.

Teflon Plugged Flange Bronze Bushing:
These bushings are made from a bronze base material with Teflon (PTFE) plugs embedded throughout the bearing surface. The flange at one end provides additional support and prevents the bushing from sliding through the housing. The combination of the bronze material and Teflon plugs offers low friction, wear resistance, and good thermal conductivity properties.

Unmatched Benefits of Teflon Plugged Flange Bronze Bushings – Enhance Your Machinery Efficiency

Explore the remarkable benefits of Teflon plugged flange bronze bushings, including low friction, self-lubrication, and high load capacity. Experience increased machinery efficiency and longevity by choosing these versatile, high-performance bushings for your applications.

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Teflon plugged flange bronze bushings are suitable for applications where there is a need for self-lubricating bearings or where lubrication is limited. They are commonly used in automotive, heavy equipment, and industrial machinery applications. Some of the advantages of using Teflon plugged flange bronze bushings include:

  1. Low friction: The Teflon plugs embedded in the bronze material provide a low friction surface, reducing the wear and extending the life of the bushing.
  2. Self-lubricating: The Teflon plugs serve as a self-lubricating feature, eliminating the need for external lubrication and reducing maintenance requirements.
  3. High load capacity: The bronze base material offers high load-carrying capacity, making these bushings suitable for heavy-duty applications.
  4. Good thermal conductivity: The bronze material provides good thermal conductivity, which helps in dissipating heat generated during operation, thus reducing the chances of bushing failure due to overheating.
  5. Versatility: Teflon plugged flange bronze bushings can be used in various applications and industries due to their unique combination of properties.

Cast Bronze Bushings Innovation

Beautifully crafted leather products.

Bronze Embedded Cast Bronze Bushings Are Made Of High Strength Cast Bronze With Ptfe Solid Lubricant Embedded In The Bores Of The Bearing Working Surface, Followed By CNC Machining. The Ptfe Plugged Bronze Bushings Combine The Advantages Of Copper Alloys And Non-Metallic Friction Reducing Materials To Provide Better Corrosion Resistance And Are Suitable For Use In Hydraulic Machinery. Find Your Proper Teflon Bushings.

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Bushings & Bearings – Sleeve, Flange, Thrust

Beautifully crafted leather products.

Cast Bronze Teflon Bushings Are Manufactured In A Variety Of Sizes And Types. Metric & Inch Size. Check Out Our Online Self-Lubricating Ptfe Plugged Bronze Bushings Product.

Advanced Bronze Bushings: Teflon Bearings Infused with Graphite

Our bronze bushings, constructed from sturdy brass, are enhanced with white graphite (PTFE) solid lubricant material, ensuring unparalleled durability and peak performance across a variety of industrial applications. With this innovative infusion, our bushings offer exceptional resistance to wear and friction, extending their lifespan and reducing maintenance needs. Whether used in machinery, equipment, or pipelines, these graphite-infused Teflon bearings deliver reliable operation and enhanced efficiency. Trust in our advanced bronze bushings for long-lasting performance and optimal reliability in your industrial operations.

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Diverse Selection of PTFE Plugged Bronze Bushings

Discover a diverse array of PTFE plugged bronze bushings, encompassing straight Teflon bushings, flanged cast bronze bushings, thrust washers, slide plates, and customizable bushing parts. Easily accessible for purchase at, our comprehensive selection addresses a wide spectrum of industrial requirements, guaranteeing seamless integration and dependable performance across varied applications.

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Self-lubricating Graphite Plugged Bronze Bushings & Teflon Bushings Solutions Help You Find PTFE Plugged Bronze Bearings Parts.

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Cast Bronze Bushings With Solid Lubricant Inserts

High Quality Cast Bronze Bushings With Solid Lubricant Inserts With Competitive Price. Cast Bronze Bushings Bearing Forms Made To Order: Cylindrical Bushes, Flanged Bushes, Thrust Washers, Sliding Plates. Maintenance-Free Ptfe Plugged Bronze Bushings Widely Used In Heavy-Duty Applications & Oil Gas Pipeline Industry Applications. Get Quotation.

  • Maintenance-free teflon bushings bearing material for heavy-duty applications.

  • Excellent performance of ptfe plugged bronze bushings under high loads and intermittent operation.

  • Graphite cast bronze bushings inserts are also available for temperatures above 250°C.

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Versatile Applications of Plugged Bronze Bushings

Explore the versatility of plugged bronze bushings across diverse industries. These innovative solutions have undergone technical enhancements, leading to significant cost savings and improved performance. By utilizing PTFE plugged bronze bushings plain bearings, various industrial sectors have achieved enhanced efficiency and reliability. Discover the wide range of applications where these bushings excel, providing reliable performance and cost-effective solutions for your specific needs.


Pipeline PTFE Plugged Bronze Bearings Services

Everything You Need At One Stop Teflon Bushing. Maximize Pipeline Transportation Efficiency With Self-Lubricating Bearing Solutions For Natural Gas Pipelines.

  • Self-lubricating cast bronze bushings supplier

  • No minimum PTFE plugged bronze bushings order value

  • Free teflon bushings samples


Bronze Bearings for the oil and gas industry

White Graphite PTFE Plugged Bronze Bushings Provide The Performance Characteristics Needed To Ensure Smooth And Continuous Operation With Reduced Downtime For Oil And Gas Extraction Equipment. Order Proper Cast Bronze Bushings Online Today.

  • Reduce PTFE plugged bronze bearings maintenance costs

  • Extend white graphite plugged bronze bushings service life

  • Improve pipeline oi l& gas equipment efficiency

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