Thrust washer bearings are part of self-lubricating bearings, learn more.

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Customizable Self-lubricated Bushing and Bronze Graphite Plugged

Self-lubricating bushings #500SP are bearings consisting of special high-strength cast bronze bases with higher strength and hardness, containing solid lubricants. They exhibit excellent wear resistance under high load conditions. Explore the inventory of bearings with self-lubricating bushings, bronze bushings and thrust bearings.

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oilless washer self-lubricated bushings SPW bronze thrust washer

SPW bronze thrust washer

Oilless Washer SPW – Self-lubricated Brass Alloy

Beautifully crafted leather products.

The oilless washer Self-lubricated bushings SPW is a self-lubricating bearing consisting of high-strength brass alloy bases with advanced casting technology and embedded, which can be combined with various types of solid lubricants according to the conditions of use.

It has been used in metallurgical continuous casting machines, rolling equipment, mining machinery, shipbuilding, gas turbines and other high temperature, high load, low speed and heavy load applications.

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self-lubricated bushings
oilless washers

Material : #500SP

(High Strength Brass / Copper Alloy + Graphite Solid Lubricant)

Beautifully crafted leather products.

Technical Data
Coefficient of friction(μ)<0.16
Max. Temp.300℃
Max. dynamic load100 N/mm²
Max. speed(Dry)0.4 m/s
Max. speed (Lubrication)5 m/s
PV limit3.8 N/mm² *m/s
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Bronze Thrust Washer By Size

Beautifully crafted leather products.

We manufacture custom graphite bronze thrust washers for a variety of applications that can be shipped quickly to where you need them. Search by bushing size and order stock or custom parts today!

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bronze thrust washers dimensions

Self-lubricated Bushings #500SP – Thrust Washers (SPW)

Chemical Compositions
Chemical Compositions %

Oilless Washer Features:

  • The Thrust Washer May Work Without Any Oil For A Long Period.
  • The Oilless Washer Is Extremely High Load Capacity, Good Anti-Wear, And Lower Friction.
  • The Bronze Thrust Washer is Particularly Appropriate For Low Speed And High Load.
  • The Oilless Washer is Suitable For Reciprocating, Oscillating, Or Intermittent Motion Where Oil Film Is Hard To Be Formed.
  • The Self-Lubricated Bushings Have Good Chemical Resistant And Anti-Corrosion Characteristics.
  • The Thrust Washers Can Be Used In a Wide Range Of Temperature From -40℃-+300℃.
  • The Thrust Washers With Low Maintenance Frequency.

Oilless Washers Size Chart

OILES 500SP1-SL1 Thrust WasherI.D.: ΦdO.D.: ΦDThickness: TPosition of Mounting hole: P.C.DNumber of HoleCountersunk Screw
Bronze Thrust Washer-06036.2253152M3
Bronze Thrust Washer-08038.2283182M3
Bronze Thrust Washer-100310.2303202M3
Bronze Thrust Washer-120312.2403282M3
Bronze Thrust Washer-1203N12.2403
Bronze Thrust Washer-130313.2403282M3
Bronze Thrust Washer-140314.2403282M3
Bronze Thrust Washer-150315.2503352M3
Bronze Thrust Washer-160316.2503352M3
Bronze Thrust Washer-1603N16.2503
Bronze Thrust Washer-180318.2503352M3
Bronze Thrust Washer-200520.2505352M5
Bronze Thrust Washer-250525.2555402M5
Bronze Thrust Washer-2505N25.2555
Bronze Thrust Washer-300530.2605452M5
Bronze Thrust Washer-3005N30.2605
Bronze Thrust Washer-350535.2705502M5
Bronze Thrust Washer-400740.2807602M6
Bronze Thrust Washer-450745.2907702M6
Bronze Thrust Washer-500850.31008754M6
Bronze Thrust Washer-550855.31108854M6
Bronze Thrust Washer-600860.31208904M8
Bronze Thrust Washer-650865.31258954M8
Bronze Thrust Washer-701070.3130101004M8
Bronze Thrust Washer-751075.3140101104M8
Bronze Thrust Washer-801080.3150101204M8
Bronze Thrust Washer-901090.5170101404M10
Bronze Thrust Washer-10010100.5190101604M10
Bronze Thrust Washer-12010120.5200101754M10

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Oilless washer solutions for your mobility.

In the automotive sector, all movements based on versatile, long-life thrust washer bearings. Customized precision bronze parts. Find your automotive parts – oilless washers online.

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Cost-effective, maintenance-free automotive parts.

Whether in the backrest, seat, headrest, armrests or legs, we offer the right bearing. Choose your proper bronze thrust washers for auto.

  • Guide oilless bushings from a single source
  • Cost-effective alternative to traditional bronze bushings
  • Wide range of self-lubricating, maintenance-free thrust washer materials
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