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To provide you with the high quality gun metal bush with efficient and timely delivery.

We are a professional supplier of self-lubricating bushings , including bushings, bearings, washers, sliders, etc. We are a high quality Gun Bushing Bronze Bushing manufacturer, which are widely used in various industries such as tractors, bulldozers, cranes, compressors, printing machines, pumps, etc.

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Bronze bush gunmetal bushings

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Bronze bushes completed reliably from start to finish.

We are a manufacturer of a wide range of gun metal bushings and cast brass bushings that are highly durable. Gunmetal bushing and bearing bushings are designed using high-quality bronze material. We also customize our bronze bushing products as per the specifications provided by our clients. These bushings are widely used in pump castings and valve fittings. In addition, our products are used for heavy pressure and high-speed bearings.


Make a big deal with your self-lubricating bronze bushes and gunmetal bushings online.

Bronze Bushes Suppliers — We are a good quality gunmetal bushing manufacturer and supplier. Bronze Bushes Material includes Gunmetal, Bronze, Leaded Bronze, Leaded Tin Bronze, and Brass. These Bronze metal bushings products are widely demanded by the customers.
Factory Price —These gun metal bushes bronze bushings products can be sourced by customers at industry-parity prices, and they can customize their orders to meet their needs and specifications.
Variety Industry Application —Our gunmetal bushings products are in high demand in different industries because of the high quality of our materials and their precise dimensions, which meet the needs of our customers’ industries.
bronze bushes gunmetal bushings

Bronze, from the Italian “bronzo”, is an alloy of copper and other metals, usually tin. It should not be confused with copper-zinc alloys, which are generally referred to as brass or gunmetal. Tin bronze is the best-known alloy. This metal is corrosion-resistant and flexible, but still tough. The addition of other alloy components and ingredients to copper has a significant impact on the material’s properties. Depending on the processing method, a distinction is generally made between wrought alloys and cast alloys. Typical examples of cast alloys are.

Tin bronze (8-40% tin)
Aluminum bronze (5-12% aluminum, 3.5-7% iron)
Lead bronze (-28% lead)
Manganese bronze (12% manganese)
Silicon Bronze (1-2% silicon)
Beryllium Bronze / Beryllium Copper (2% Beryllium)
Phosphor Bronze (7% tin, 0.5% phosphorus)
Conductive bronze (magnesium, cadmium, zinc; 3% total)
Gunmetal (tin, zinc, lead; 10-20% total)
Constantan (40% nickel)
Nickel silver (45-70% copper, 5-30% nickel, 8-45% zinc)

The variety of alloys makes bronze bearings extremely versatile and suitable for a wide variety of applications. Depending on the desired properties, bronze alloy bearings can be used in automotive engineering, shipbuilding, and mechanical engineering, but they can also be used in the food industry, electrical engineering or the art world.

Electrical and electronic engineering (wires, connectors, springs, screws, etc.)
Mechanical parts (bearings, propellers, etc.)
Connectors and joints for pipes
Construction (doors or door handles)
Artistic castings (artworks, sculptures)
Bell casting
Musical instruments (percussion instruments)
Old military supplies (guns, shells)

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High Quality Bronze Material – Factory Price

Gun metal material is a kind of bronze material, an alloy of copper, tin and some zinc.

Material: Gunmetal

Finishing Type: Brass Plated

Usage/Application: Industrial

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High quality self-lubricating bronze bushes gunmetal bushings online.


Custom bronze bearings gunmetal bushes made to order now.

Manufacturers of high Quality gunmetal bushes

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Import bronze bushes gunmetal bushings products from qualified suppliers in China at factory prices. Get a real time quote now!

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Phosphor Bronze Bushes Technical Solutions

As a professional self-lubricating bronze bearing manufacturer and bearing service provider, we have established long-term cooperation with many customers all over the world with high quality, innovative bearing technology and favorable prices.

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Bronze Bushes Gunmetal Bushings

Bronze bushes with solid lubricants

Fast Shippment

We are able to produce and ship on time and within the customer’s delivery period.

Custom Service

Our custom bearing service can be adapted to your different industry needs.

High Quality

Advanced bronze bearing production equipment, safe and reliable from production to shipment.

Cost effective self-lubricating bearing solutions.

We will design specifications to meet your requirements and deliver high quality parts for your self-lubricating projects with fast turnaround times.

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Our Gunmetal Material Creates Bushings For Pumps.

We offer a wide range of gunmetal bushings that find application in various pumps and engines. These bushings are manufactured using high-quality bronze material and we also customize our products as per the specifications and requirements of our customers.

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