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JTW Self-lubricating Graphite Bronze Thrust Washer

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Excellence in self-lubricating bronze graphite bushing bearing products – JTW bronze thrust washer

JTW self-lubricating graphite bronze thrust washers combine the wear resistance of copper alloy (ZCuZn24Al6) with the self-lubricating properties of solid lubricants, making them maintenance-free during use with no oiling. The graphite washers products are widely used in high load, intermittent or oscillating movements, such as steam locomotive production lines, hydraulic turbines, reservoir working/accident doors, plastic machinery, etc. Various types of copper alloys are available depending on the operating conditions used.

Solid bronze thrust washers with graphite filled

Among these professional self-lubricating thrust washers JTW manufacturers, welcome to buy customized and low price self-lubricating thrust washers JTW or get their free samples from our factory.

Self-Lubricating Thrust Washer JTW Graphite Washer

Structure: Bronze Thrust Washer With Solid Lubricant Plug (Graphite)

  • High abrasion resistance
  • Smooth and crack-free
  • Long service life
  • Suitable for a strong magnetic environment
self-lubricating bronze graphite washer

Self-lubricating thrust washer

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Graphite Bearing vs Common Bearings

In industrial production, self-lubricating bearings are widely used, common bearings are metal, such as copper bearings, steel bearings, but the metal bearings of high temperature and lubrication performance is not good, this time graphite bearings come in handy: graphite has self-lubricating, high temperature resistance characteristics, and thus the production of graphite bearings lubrication is very good, no need to add lubricating oil, and can withstand 3800 degrees of high temperature. This is the advantage of graphite bearings.

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Bronze Thrust Washer With Solid Lubricant

Graphite washer characteristics:

  • The bronze thrust washer with graphite plug provides both good wear resistance and the great self-lubrication of this washer.
  • This feature allows the thrust washer to operate without the need for oiling or lubrication maintenance.
  • It is widely used in areas of high loads and intermittent motion, as well as in oscillatory motion conditions.

Typical Applications:
Self-lubricating thrust washers JTW are widely used in automotive assembly lines, water turbines, gates and dams, plastic injection machinery, etc. A wide range of different alloy types are available, depending on the operating conditions.

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Custom Bronze Thrust Bearing Washer Design

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