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Only we offer a completely self-lubricating graphite impregnated bronze bushings choice. Configuring your oilless bearings components to your exact specifications is easy with our free bearing catalog downloads, free engineering bearing technology support.

Self-lubricating Spherical Bearing
Self-lubricating Spherical Bearing

Our portfolio of bearing drives global industry

Discover the complete Self-lubricating Graphite bearings portfolio

Global Self-lubricating Bearing Industrial Leadership: Serving an Attractive and Diverse End-Market Mix with a Growing, Market-Quality Graphite Bronze Bushings Product Portfolio.

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Changing the Bearing business for Application industrial

We collaborate with customers from diversified markets that span the globe. From self-lubricating bronze bushings to bearings, we bring to life know-how bearing technology and innovation, providing true marketplace advantage.

graphite impregnated bronze bearings for railway
Our technical graphite impregnated bearing experts collaborate with quality self-lubricating bushings designers to advance sustainability and efficiency with innovative oilless bearings bushing solutions.
home electrical bearings

Self-lubricating cylindrical oilless bearings graphite bronze bushings help the world’s larger online retailers keep pace with consumer demand.

hydro bearings

Our innovative automatic graphite impregnated bronze bushings lubrication systems support customers various application needs growth.

Oilless bearings high performance

Team up with us to transform your graphite Bushings business

We design a growing, market-leading portfolio of engineered self-lubricating graphite bronze bearings and bushings products.

Our growing portfolio of engineered self-lubricating bearings and graphite impregnated bronze bearing is designed to meet our global customers’ evolving needs.

graphite impregnated bronze bearings

Keeping Bearing Industry in Motion

Investing in the Next Generation of  Graphite Bronze Bearing Around the World

Material: Graphite, Bronze

  • Self-Lubricating
  • Corrosion-Resistant
  • Maintenance-Free

Oilless impregnated graphite brass bushing straight copper type, solid self lubricant Embedded bronze Bearing bush.

Learn more oilless bronze bushings

Improve fleet efficiency and reliability with innovative self-lubricating graphite impregnated bronze bearings solutions and services from

Hightech Graphite Bearing Components For Reliable Usage

Together to Create Custom Graphite Bronze Bushings

Graphite bronze bushing oilless  bush Feature

1. It can work without oil for a long time

2. High load capacity

3. Inner Diameter machineable parts are available against order

4. High-level thermal conductivity

5. Minimum overall dimensions

6. Good chemical resistance and anti-corrosion

Oil-Free Bronze Graphite Embedded Bearings, Size/Diameter: 3 mm to 300 mm. Get Latest Price. Material, Bronze. Type of Bearing, Straight.

Choose from our many standard sleeves and flanged graphite impregnated bronze bearings, in both metric and imperial sizes.

Discover Your Self-lubricating Oilless Bearings

Choose from Our Graphite Bearings Product Lines

CUSTOM-MADE oilless bronze bushing

Together, We’ll Keep the Graphite Impregnated Bronze Bearings Moving Forward.

Oil-Free Bushings For Industrial Applications. We Offer Free Shipping, A Free Bearing Catalog. Oil Free Bushings – Products – Copper Alloy Straight, Standard. Get A Free Quote!

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