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  • Oilless solid lubricant bronze thrust washers.
  • Lubrication-free bronze thrust washers are washers that don’t require lubricating oil. The self-lubricating bronze thrust washers are also called oil-less washers.
  • Cast bronze bearings with solid graphite lubrication.

Explore our extensive range of oilless bearings and bronze thrust washers parts to suit all applications.


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We are a quality bronze thrust bearings supplier, bronze thrust washer manufacturer, and distributor of self-lubricating plain bearings and oilless bushes bronze thrust washer parts. We offer a broader satisfaction in the oilless bearings and bronze thrust washers, creating greater possibilities for the development of the customer’s specific and sectorial needs.

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oilless bronze thrust washer
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Self-lubricating bronze thrust washer: a high-performance solid lubricant bronze thrust washer product inlaid with solid lubricants such as graphite on the base of high-strength brass. , large bearing capacity, good wear resistance, and other characteristics, suitable for low-speed heavy-duty and other occasions, can process various oil grooves and oil holes and inlaid solid lubricants on the friction surface, and can adapt to different environmental conditions. The oilless bronze thrust washers products have long been widely used in washing machines, automobiles, motorcycles, gear pumps, and lifting equipment.


“save your cost for your self-lubricating bronze thrust washer projects, reduce downtime for your equipment.”

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The range and variety of our self-lubricating bearings products are not afraid of the competitors: we offer itself as a unique interlocutor for its customers, with a complete range of oilless bushes products ready in stock that are able to satisfy any request and design need.

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Lubricated bronze thrust washers are washers that do not require lubricating oil. The self-lubricating bronze thrust washers are also called oil-free washers.

To prevent seizing or wear caused by heat from frictional resistance due to load on the bearings, a lubricant such as oil is usually used in the thrust washers.

Lubrication-free bronze thrust washers can accommodate thrust loads without using lubricating oil.

Normally, non-lubricated bushings containing lubricating oil or lubricant are used in combination with the thrust-bearing main body.

Since there is no need to replenish lubricating oil, this type is very effective for work environments where using lubricating oil is difficult.

The lifespan of the machines is also extended, which reduces running costs such as maintenance.

These parts are widely used, from large machines such as automobiles and general industrial machines to small electronic devices.

Oilless Thrust Washer I.D.: Φd O.D.: ΦD Thickness: T Position of Mounting hole: P.C.D Number of Hole Countersunk Screw
Self-lubricating Thrust Washer-0603 6.2 25 3 15 2 M3
Self-lubricating Thrust Washer-0803 8.2 28 3 18 2 M3
Self-lubricating Thrust Washer-1003 10.2 30 3 20 2 M3
Self-lubricating Thrust Washer-1203 12.2 40 3 28 2 M3
Self-lubricating Thrust Washer-1203N 12.2 40 3
Self-lubricating Thrust Washer-1303 13.2 40 3 28 2 M3
Self-lubricating Thrust Washer-1403 14.2 40 3 28 2 M3
Self-lubricating Thrust Washer-1503 15.2 50 3 35 2 M3
Self-lubricating Thrust Washer-1603 16.2 50 3 35 2 M3
Self-lubricating Thrust Washer-1603N 16.2 50 3
Self-lubricating Thrust Washer-1803 18.2 50 3 35 2 M3
Self-lubricating Thrust Washer-2005 20.2 50 5 35 2 M5
Self-lubricating Thrust Washer-2505 25.2 55 5 40 2 M5
Self-lubricating Thrust Washer-2505N 25.2 55 5
Self-lubricating Thrust Washer-3005 30.2 60 5 45 2 M5
Self-lubricating Thrust Washer-3005N 30.2 60 5
Self-lubricating Thrust Washer-3505 35.2 70 5 50 2 M5
Self-lubricating Thrust Washer-4007 40.2 80 7 60 2 M6
Self-lubricating Thrust Washer-4507 45.2 90 7 70 2 M6
Self-lubricating Thrust Washer-5008 50.3 100 8 75 4 M6
Self-lubricating Thrust Washer-5508 55.3 110 8 85 4 M6
Self-lubricating Thrust Washer-6008 60.3 120 8 90 4 M8
Self-lubricating Thrust Washer-6508 65.3 125 8 95 4 M8
Self-lubricating Thrust Washer-7010 70.3 130 10 100 4 M8
Self-lubricating Thrust Washer-7510 75.3 140 10 110 4 M8
Self-lubricating Thrust Washer-8010 80.3 150 10 120 4 M8
Self-lubricating Thrust Washer-9010 90.5 170 10 140 4 M10
Self-lubricating Thrust Washer-10010 100.5 190 10 160 4 M10
Self-lubricating Thrust Washer-12010 120.5 200 10 175 4 M10


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Quality self-lubricating bearings – is to get the trust of weight is the key to winning the competition, is the starting point for endless demand, value, and dignity.

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Custom Self-lubricating Bronze Thrust Washers Bearing Components. Get a quote on automotive bushings components or request custom parts. Thousands In Stock. Quantity Discounts. Price Matching. Custom Made.

Application Area – Construction Machinery

After years of hard work, our company’s self-lubricating bearing products have been supplied to various components such as chassis running gear, body parts, and hydraulic components. Including self-lubricating bronze bushings, graphite plugged bearings, oilless bronze thrust washer, sliding wear plate, etc.

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