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For more than 10 years, you have been the source for bearings for industrial pumps and fluid handling equipment, and our technical sales representatives and engineers provide industry-specific pump bearing solutions.

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Becoming a quality bushing supplier in pump industrial process applications

We have been in the self-lubricating bearing business for over 10 years in various industry sectors. We have a self-lubricating bearing manufacturing plant that produces a variety of custom self-lubricating bearings. Bearings can make a big difference in your pumping equipment. Choose it.


Large selection of self-lubricating bronze bushing parts is available.

Oilless Bearing

Read about our large selection of self-lubricating bearings for the fluid engineering. Wherever pump bushing is needed, our engineers can provide the solution.

Pump Industry

Learn more about the various industries we serve. From self-lubricating bearings to bushings, from bronze wear plates to thrust washers, we improve people’s lives through innovation.


Our goal is to be a responsible corporate citizen, using the power of bearings to make the pump industry more accessible and safer. We make economies around the world more sustainable.

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Self-lubricating Bushings Fluid Technology In Pump Industry

The pump bushing is one of the most important components of the sealing system. The primary function of the pump bushing is to properly seal the pump body to prevent air leakage. Pump bushings can also be used to manipulate the size of the pump, using different sizes to allow more or less airflow into the pump.

What is pump bushing function?

The world’s more efficient and reliable self-lubricating bearings for pumps. Accurate and detailed selection of self-lubricating bearings for your centrifugal and reciprocating pumps, different pump bushing sizes, and quantities. Purchase online now.

1. Fixing – When a gear shaft is in motion, it is important to keep it from shifting due to vibrations, and this is where the bronze pump bushings come in. The most important role of bronze pump bushings in machinery is to fix the position, which is all the performance of bronze pump bushings.
2. Plain Bush Bearing – This is another role that bronze pump bushings play in machinery. In order to be able to reduce expenses and save costs, this time it is necessary to use sliding bearings, and bronze pump bushings have just this function. It is mainly based on the axial direction of the bearing to the sliding bearing to design the thickness of the sleeve, and the fact that the bronze bush is a kind of sliding bearing when the rotation of machinery is relatively low, clearance requirements are relatively high in the environment can use the bronze bush to replace the rolling bearing to operate. Bronze bushings have wear resistance and can be used for a longer period of time, so to a large extent, this will help save its cost.
Pump Bushing Function – The function is lubrication, heat dissipation, friction reduction, and life extension.
Bronze Bushing Application – Bronze bushings are mainly used in machinery, printing and dyeing, paper making, chemical industry, aerospace, coal, petroleum, automobile, engineering machinery, gold treatment, and other industries.
Custom pump budhings

How self-lubricating bronze bearing components can improve reliability and maximize the life of your pump?

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Our Oilless Bushing – What Are You Looking For?

self-lubricating bronze sleeve bearing

Bronze Bushing

Self-lubricating bronze bearings have been used in many critical pump applications for many years.

graphite plugged bronze bushings

Oilless Bushing

Oilless bush bearings are available by pump industry standards. Save your cost, and reduce downtime.

self-lubricating sintered dispersed bronze bushings

Steel Backed Bushing

Quality steel-backed graphite pump bushings. Inch, metric, and custom sizes.  Custom made.


Reduce Downtime For Your Equipment

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Long-lasting, Custom Made Oi-free Bushings

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Self-lubricating bronze bushing bearing projects

Providing total solutions to a number of standard industry problems.

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