ZCuZn40Pb2 brass bushing material

ZCuZn40Pb2 Cast Brass Bushing Material – Reliable for Oilless Bearings

It is introducing our ZCuZn40Pb2 Cast Brass Bushing Material, a top-quality alloy renowned for its exceptional performance in various industrial applications. This cast brass alloy is ideal for manufacturing oilless bearings and a wide range of wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant parts.

Its outstanding casting performance and wear resistance set this brass bushing material apart. It excels in demanding conditions, making it perfect for applications where durability is essential.

In addition to its exceptional mechanical properties, this brass alloy offers excellent processing performance. It can be easily machined and shaped to meet your specific requirements, ensuring a precise fit and reliable performance.

Corrosion resistance is another hallmark of this material, particularly in seawater environments where many other alloys might falter. However, it’s worth noting that there may be a tendency for stress corrosion under certain conditions.

Our ZCuZn40Pb2 Cast Brass Bushing Material is the go-to choice for general-purpose wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant parts, including bushings, gears, and more. Trust in its durability and reliability to enhance the performance of your equipment and machinery in various industrial settings.


Brass Bushing Material: The Excellence of ZCuZn40Pb2 (Oilless Bearings)

In the world of industrial machinery, the role of brass bushing material cannot be underestimated. These unassuming components play a pivotal role in reducing friction and ensuring the smooth operation of machinery across various industries. Among the diverse range of materials available, ZCuZn40Pb2, commonly referred to as Oilless Bearings, stands out as a top choice. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the properties, advantages, industrial applications, selection considerations, and implementation tips for ZCuZn40Pb2, aiming to provide you with the utmost clarity on why it’s a preferred material in many sectors.

Properties and Advantages of ZCuZn40Pb2 (Oilless Bearings)

Mechanical Properties

ZCuZn40Pb2 exhibits exceptional mechanical properties, making it an ideal choice for bushing applications:

High Wear Resistance: Oilless Bearings crafted from ZCuZn40Pb2 are renowned for their remarkable durability. They can withstand heavy loads and extreme temperatures, ensuring longevity and reliability even in the most demanding conditions.

Superior Load-Bearing Capacity: This alloy maintains its structural integrity under the harshest circumstances, making it a reliable choice for applications requiring exceptional load-bearing capacity.


One of the key advantages of ZCuZn40Pb2 is its self-lubricating properties:

Reduced Maintenance: Oilless Bearings made from ZCuZn40Pb2 require minimal lubrication. This translates to lower maintenance costs and an extended service life, a crucial factor in the long-term efficiency of machinery.

Enhanced Performance: Self-lubrication minimizes friction, ensuring smooth operation even in scenarios where frequent lubrication is impractical. This property significantly enhances the overall performance and reliability of machinery.

Corrosion Resistance

ZCuZn40Pb2 offers excellent resistance to corrosion:

Versatile Applications: Its ability to withstand harsh environmental conditions makes it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, expanding its applicability across various industries.

Extended Lifespan: The corrosion-resistant nature of ZCuZn40Pb2 contributes to the longevity of Oilless Bearings, making them a cost-effective choice over time.

ZCuZn40Pb2 Brass Bushing Material: The Ideal Choice for Oilless Bearings

When it comes to engineering components designed to withstand wear and corrosion, ZCuZn40Pb2 stands out as a top-tier material. This specialized brass alloy, known for its excellent casting properties and wear resistance, is a preferred choice for a variety of applications, including oilless bearings. In this blog post, we’ll explore the characteristics, chemical composition, mechanical properties, and applications of ZCuZn40Pb2, shedding light on why it’s the perfect material for oilless bearings.

Introduction to ZCuZn40Pb2 Alloy

ZCuZn40Pb2 is a casting copper alloy, specifically categorized as a 40-2 leaded brass alloy suitable for sand casting. It finds its purpose in crafting components that require both wear resistance and corrosion resistance. This makes it an ideal choice for applications like bushings, gears, and other components that experience friction and stress.

Key Features and Applications

  1. Excellent Casting Properties: ZCuZn40Pb2 is celebrated for its excellent casting properties, making it easy to shape into intricate components. This attribute is essential when crafting precision parts like oilless bearings.
  2. Wear Resistance: The alloy’s inherent wear resistance ensures that components made from ZCuZn40Pb2 can endure prolonged use without significant degradation. This is especially crucial in applications where friction and abrasion are common.
  3. Good Machinability: ZCuZn40Pb2 is easy to machine, which is a valuable trait when crafting components that require precision. Its good machinability allows for the creation of intricate shapes and dimensions.
  4. Corrosion Resistance: While it offers good corrosion resistance, it’s important to note that ZCuZn40Pb2 may exhibit stress corrosion cracking in seawater.

Chemical Composition

Here’s a chart detailing the chemical composition of ZCuZn40Pb2, a specialized brass alloy renowned for its use in oilless bearings and similar applications:

ElementComposition Range
Copper (Cu)58.0% to 63.0%
Tin (Sn)≤ 1.0% (excluding impurities)
Zinc (Zn)Remaining
Lead (Pb)0.5% to 2.5%
Nickel (Ni)≤ 1.0% (excluding impurities)
Aluminum (Al)0.2% to 0.8%
Iron (Fe)≤ 0.8% (impurities)
Manganese (Mn)≤ 0.5% (impurities)
Silicon (Si)≤ 0.05% (impurities)
Impurity Total≤ 1.5%

This precise chemical composition ensures that ZCuZn40Pb2 possesses the desired properties for use in oilless bearings and other applications where wear resistance and durability are critical.

Mechanical Properties

Here’s a chart summarizing the essential mechanical properties of ZCuZn40Pb2, a brass alloy widely employed in applications like oilless bearings:

PropertyMinimum Value
Tensile Strength (σb)≥ 220 MPa
Elongation (δ5)≥ 15%
Hardness≥ 785 HB (reference value)

These mechanical properties emphasize the strength, ductility, and hardness of ZCuZn40Pb2, making it an excellent choice for demanding applications like oilless bearings, where performance and durability are vital.

Heat Treatment Specifications

Here’s a chart outlining the recommended heat treatment specifications for achieving optimal performance with ZCuZn40Pb2, a brass alloy commonly used in applications like oilless bearings:

TreatmentTemperature Range
Heating Temperature1050°C to 1100°C
Casting Temperature1000°C to 1050°C

Following these heat treatment guidelines ensures that ZCuZn40Pb2 attains its desired mechanical properties and performance characteristics, making it a reliable choice for critical applications such as oilless bearings.

Casting Method

ZCuZn40Pb2 is typically cast using the sand casting method, allowing for precise and customized shaping, making it a suitable choice for crafting oilless bearings.

In conclusion, ZCuZn40Pb2 brass bushing material is a reliable and versatile choice for crafting oilless bearings and other components that require wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and precision. Its unique combination of properties ensures the durability and performance of engineered components in a variety of applications. Consider ZCuZn40Pb2 for your next project to ensure the longevity and efficiency of your oilless bearings.

Industrial Applications

Automotive Industry

Oilless Bearings crafted from ZCuZn40Pb2 find extensive use in the automotive sector:

Reduced Friction: These bearings ensure the smooth movement of various components within vehicles, leading to reduced friction, noise, and maintenance requirements. This is crucial for improving the overall driving experience and vehicle longevity.


ZCuZn40Pb2 bushings play a pivotal role in the manufacturing sector:

Ideal for Heavy Machinery: Their self-lubricating properties make them suitable for high-speed and heavy-load applications, such as conveyor systems, where consistent performance is paramount.

Heavy Machinery

In the realm of heavy machinery, ZCuZn40Pb2 finds multiple applications:

Durability: The durability and resistance to wear and tear of this alloy make it indispensable in heavy machinery and construction equipment. It ensures that these machines can operate reliably in demanding conditions, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.

Selection Guide

Factors to Consider

When selecting ZCuZn40Pb2 (Oilless Bearings) for your application, consider these critical factors:

Load Capacity: Assess the maximum load your bearings will endure. ZCuZn40Pb2’s exceptional load-bearing capacity makes it a suitable choice for heavy-duty applications.

Operating Temperature: Ensure that the bearings can withstand the temperature conditions of your environment, whether it’s extreme heat or cold.

Environmental Conditions: Evaluate the exposure to moisture, chemicals, and other corrosive agents in your operational environment. ZCuZn40Pb2’s corrosion resistance makes it a robust choice for challenging settings.

Comparing ZCuZn40Pb2 with Other Alloys

It’s essential to compare ZCuZn40Pb2 with alternative bushing materials:

Cost-Effectiveness: Consider the overall cost of ownership, including maintenance and replacement. ZCuZn40Pb2’s durability and reduced maintenance needs can lead to significant cost savings over time.

Performance: Analyze how ZCuZn40Pb2’s properties align with the specific requirements of your project. Its exceptional mechanical properties, self-lubrication, and corrosion resistance often make it the superior choice in various applications.

How to Implement ZCuZn40Pb2 (Oilless Bearings)

Installation Tips

To ensure optimal performance and longevity, follow these installation guidelines:

Alignment: Precisely align the bearings during installation to prevent uneven wear and maintain consistent performance.

Lubrication: Apply the recommended lubrication to reduce initial friction and ensure smooth operation. Proper lubrication is key to maximizing the advantages of self-lubricating ZCuZn40Pb2 bearings.


Regular maintenance is key to prolonging the lifespan of ZCuZn40Pb2 bearings:

Inspection: Periodically inspect the bearings for signs of wear and tear. Replace them when necessary to prevent potential failures.

Lubrication: Continue to monitor and maintain the lubrication as recommended for ongoing performance. Consistent lubrication is essential for preserving the self-lubricating properties of ZCuZn40Pb2.


ZCuZn40Pb2, popularly known as Oilless Bearings, is a remarkable brass bushing material with outstanding properties and versatility. Whether in the automotive industry, manufacturing, or heavy machinery, the benefits of this alloy are clear. When selecting bearings for your specific application, carefully consider the factors that matter most and enjoy the advantages that ZCuZn40Pb2 (Oilless Bearings) has to offer.

With its exceptional mechanical properties, self-lubrication, and corrosion resistance, ZCuZn40Pb2 stands as a testament to the ingenuity of materials engineering. It plays a crucial role in reducing friction, enhancing performance, and ensuring the smooth operation of machinery across a wide range of industries. Make an informed choice, and harness the power of ZCuZn40Pb2 for your industrial applications.


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