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We strive for excellence in everything we do.

We strive for excellence in everything we do.

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Rolling bearings supplier

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Bearing Purchasing & Supplier. The company supplies ball bearings, needle roller bearings and cylindrical roller bearings.

Six factors related to bearing life:

(1) Load P [N/mm2] Load

The greater the load, the shorter the bearing life; the greater the load fluctuation, the greater the impact on the bearing life, the shorter the bearing life; in any case, the maximum load must not exceed the theoretical maximum allowable load value. The load size is equal to the actual working load divided by the projected area of the bearing, the formula is P=F/(D*B).

(2) Velocity V [m/s] and PV value

The operating life of the bearing depends on the magnitude of the PV value, i.e. the product of the actual load P [N/mm2] and the sliding speed V [m/s], the smaller the PV value, the longer the bearing life.

(3) Temperature T [oC]

Bearing life also depends on the temperature when the bearing is in use, so the heat dissipation characteristics of the relevant parts should be taken into account as much as possible when designing the selection.

(4) Surface roughness of the parts to be ground

The surface roughness of the contact surface of the bearing should be between Ra0.2~Ra0.8. The bearing should not be damaged by sharp media during assembly and use.

(5) on the grinding parts surface material, on the grinding parts surface roughness is a factor that affects the life of the bush, in general a surface requirements to ≤ 0.4μm ka.

(6) Other factors such as the design of the bearing housing, lubrication conditions, etc.

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The company adhere to the “quality first, customer satisfaction” business philosophy, continuous technological innovation, management innovation, the establishment of a perfect computerized production management system. Relying on the abundant technical force, advanced production processing equipment, perfect testing means, needle roller bearings, cylindrical roller bearing products are exported to Germany, the United States, Italy, Spain, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, India, Taiwan and other countries and regions, and domestic several auto host, engineering machinery, printing machinery factory.

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Need a custom bearing?

Bearing Manufacturer – Professional Bearing Exporter.

We have an excellent design and development department. Together with you.

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