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We offer a wide range of maintenance-free sliding elements in different shapes, ready to be installed and of the higher quality.

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Sliding elements with solid graphite lubrication

Maintenance free sliding elements provided with a hole in which a solid lubricant is embedded as a lubricating pin. During operation, this solid lubricant is continuously released onto the sliding surface, forming an inseparable lubricating film that prevents metal contact between the two components.

  • Various structural shapes for tool and mold making.

  • Maintenance-free due to embedded solid lubricants.

  • Long service life, wear, corrosion and dirt resistance.

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Lubrication Free – bronze Wear Plate

Maintenance-free sliding elements bronze wear plate for tool, machine, and mold making, made of bronze with solid lubricants. The self-lubricating sliding parts do not require any lubrication and are suitable for heavy loads and low speeds. Get your wear plate bronze self-lubricating online.

maintenance free bronze wear plate

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maintenance free L gibs

Bronze Self Lubricating – L Gibs and T slider

Self-lubricating bronze L-Gibs provide long-lasting wear-resistant surfaces for high-volume tooling using slides and cams. The sliding elements L gibs are constructed of aluminum bronze with graphite plugs. Reduce your design and assembly time. Choose your proper L gibs for gib assemblies.

Guide Sliding Elements – Cam Dell Wear Plate

Cam wear plates are available in bronze with self-lubricating graphite and in steel without graphite. Standard maintenance free sliding component cam dell plate for metal stamping die. Provides one-stop self-lubricating sliding element solution, to meet all of your requirement.

sliding elements cam bronze wear plate

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maintenance free V plate

Bronze Self Lubricating – V Shaped Guide Plate

Manufacturing a wide range of maintenance-free sliding element formats and shapes. Bronze plated with graphite solid lubricants v-shaped guide bronze plate for cam units. Find guide plates from single sources. Get Instant quality bronze wear plate now!

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Where are the sliding elements used?

industry that builds the lasting values

High-precision and maintenance-free sliding elements manufactured are mainly used in the automotive industry and mechanical engineering.

  • Completely maintenance-free

  • Easy to install and replaceable sliding wear plate

  • Suitable for very high loads and high hardness

sliding elements in mechanical engineering

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Self-Lubricating Sliding Elements Supplier

We offer self-lubricating sliding elements and bushings in various designs, and all sliding elements can also be manufactured in a variety of different bronze materials. Suitable for all situations where high strain and low friction speeds occur. Just contact us to choose your sliding elements for your requirements.

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