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Self-lubricating bronze machined parts are unique to individual industries and applications. The bushings designers need to understand bronze materials, and CNC manufacturing processes to determine appropriate methods for creating oilless bushings.

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Creating Oilless Bronze Parts Solutions – CNC Machining Service


The bearing material block is fixed on a CNC turning center or a lathe for high-speed rotation, and the tool is moved into the rotating shaft to process the workpiece, and the technology of CNC turning bearing parts with precise dimensions is obtained.


Generally considered to be the most common CNC bearing machining process, it refers to the use of CNC milling cutters to make circular motions on stationary parts and process milling bearing parts with certain shapes and details, including grooves, holes, notches, recesses slot, etc.

CNC drilling PARTS

The workpiece is fixed, the cutting process of aligning the center of the tool with the center of the hole and rotating to generate a round hole can be done on lathes and milling machines.

CNC turning and milling compound machining bearing technology

Both the tool and the workpiece are rotating, and the compound machining technology for producing complex bending or special-shaped bearing parts of different types through a variety of tasks designed.

Self-lubricating Bronze Available- Manufacturing on Demand

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From prototyping to production, we have the capacity for all of your bronze oilless bearing manufacturing projects.

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We’re Your Partner From Bronze Oilless Bearing Prototyping to Production and Beyond

As a self-lubricating bearing supplier, we offer a range of bearing solutions to help you develop effective prototypes and scale up to production machined parts. Customize bronze machined parts on-demand using a wide range of materials and processes.

Machined Parts

Good self-lubricating bronze bearing solutions for the world’s products, applications, and industries.

CNC machined service

CNC machining services get instant quotes for custom bronze bearing machined parts, make rapid prototypes and produce bushing parts within days.

Quality Control

Our quality oil-free bearings assurance department implements a strict quality bronze machined parts assurance process.

Material Selection

Choose from a variety of bronze machined bearing materials. CNC machining services offer a wide range of self-lubricating bearing materials.

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Custom Online CNC Machining Services

Get an instant quote on custom oilless bearings and bronze machined parts with our online CNC machining service. Free standard shipping on all orders for quick one-day prototyping and production parts.

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Design Custom Bronze Parts for Manufacturing

Manufacturing of bronze machined parts. Bearing Precision Machining: rapid production. We offer precision CNC machining of self-lubricating bearings bronze parts.

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Turning, Drilling, and Milling Machining Operations

Self-lubricating bronze bearings supply machined metal parts and these can be machined from castings or forgings or bar stock or extruded shapes.

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Wide Selection of Standard and Custom Bearing Products

Reliable bronze oilless bearings manufacturing by Self-lubricating bronze machined part. Oilless bushing bearing. Bronze with graphite solid lubricants.


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Oilless Bushing Machined Part Supplier

Oilless Bronze Graphite Bronze Thrust Washers Bearing Bushing for Machined Parts. Save Your Cost, Reduce Downtime For Your Bearing Solution.


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Bronze Types – Everything In Bronze Parts And Bushings

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Bronze is an alloy of copper with tin or sometimes with other metals. Copper is resistant to wear and corrosion, while tin gives the alloy a certain hardness. However, bronze is much more expensive than ferrous metals or aluminum.

Therefore, it is only used as part of expensive products, for example in instrument manufacturing, the aerospace industry, and medicine.
We work with all types of bronze and other copper-based alloys. However, most of our customers require parts made of the following types of bronze.

  • Bronzes processed by pressure.
  • Foundry bronzes (two-phase).
  • Aluminum bronze.
  • Flint bronze.
  • Beryllium bronze.

We have extensive experience in processing this bronze oilless bearing. We are happy to share our observations with you so that you can avoid possible problems at the design stage.

We can produce virtually any self-lubricating bearing component to your specifications and blueprints.
Don’t have blueprints? No problem. We can work with you to create accurate drawings of bearing products for your specific requirements.
Backed by a wide range of self-lubricating bearing machining equipment, from conventional machines all the way to CNC machines, as well as turning, milling, drilling, honing, broaching, and more.

The Latest Self-lubricating Bronze Bearings For Machined Part Technology Combined with Good Old-Fashioned Values

Bronze / Leadded Bronze

Reliable Bronze Bushing Manufacuturer

Quality Bronze Oilless Bearing Products and Services at Competitive Prices With Extensive Inventories


Standard Bronze Machined Part

Our Well-Trained and Knowledgeable Team Provides Quality Oil-free Bushings Bearing Online For Your Application

Aluminium Bronze / Phosphor Bronze

Bearing Manufacturing For Machined

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Flange Bronze Bushing with Graphite Plugs Oilless Bearing Machinery Part Bearing Bush Online Sourcing.

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Precision oil-free bearing technology bronze machined parts, reduce costs

Beautifully crafted leather products.

When your application requires lubrication of the bearing housing or shaft, an oil or grease groove is essential. At, we can groove to customer specifications, including single ring, figure-eight, double ring, double figure-eight, half figure-eight, and linear, and circular groove types.

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The world’s trusted partner in bronze bearings solutions

We help our customers solve technical problems with specially designed bearings, using easily available self-lubricating materials, and help them solve bearing solutions for different fields.

self-lubricating bronze bearing casting manufacturing

Bronze Casting

high-performance self-lubricating bronze and speciality copper alloy production technology

oilless bushings production

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    Self-lubricating graphite bushings are bronze material, graphite impregnated solid bronze bushings, they are self-lubricating and can work long hours without any oil.


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