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Explore our range of self-lubricating bushings, which includes oil-embedded sleeve bearings, dry-running sleeve bearings, and more. We also offer custom lubricating solutions for bushings. Inquire now for your oilless bearings online!Discover the benefits of our self-lubricating bushings and find the perfect solution for your specific application. Our team of experts is ready to assist you in selecting the right oilless bearings to meet your needs. Contact us today to learn more about our custom lubricating options and enhance the performance of your machinery.

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The Need For External Lubrication Is Eliminated With Oilless Bearing Bushing Solution.

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The specialist for manufacturing industrial self-lubricating metal bearings. oilless bushing bearings, flange graphite bearings, bronze thrust washer, slide plate, etc. Bronze bushing lubricating solutions for self-lubricating oilless bearing problems. Graphite/metal alloy, is a unique self-lubricating carbon, graphite bushing, and bearing. Choose your oilless bearings material to meet bushing lubrication.

self-lubricating bearings graphite plugged bushing lubricating solution

High Performance, Low Wear Bushing Solutions

Self-lubricating bearings are components that do not require any additional external lubrication. Self-lubricating bearings offer low friction, high load capacity, long life with low wear rates, and a wide temperature range for a variety of applications. Oil-free bearings have a good bushing lubrication solution. Choose your maintenance-free self-lubricating bearings and bushings.

self-lubricating bearings graphite plugged bushing lubricating solution

Graphite Bushings Lubricating Solutions

The lubricating material of self-lubricating graphite bearings consists of a metal substrate and a solid lubricant paste embedded in a hole or groove in the substrate. During the friction process, a layer of well-lubricated, firmly attached, and evenly covered solid transfer film is formed, which greatly reduces the frictional wear. As the friction proceeds, the embedded solid lubricant is continuously provided to the friction surface to ensure good lubrication of the friction substrate in long-term work.

self-lubricating bearings graphite plugged bushing lubricating solution

Oilless Bushings & Bearings – Bushing Lubricating Solution

“Bushing Lubrication Management”

high quality self-lubircation bearings supplier.We provide bushing lubrication that help your equipment run smoother, longer & more efficient.

Low coefficient of friction

Self-lubricating bearings bushing lubricating solution offer a low coefficient of friction, allowing for easy sliding and reduced noise.

Extended service life

With its self-lubricating bushing lubricating solution design, the service life of self-lubricating bronze bearings is increased and downtime eliminated.

No external lubrication

The graphite blend that makes up self-lubricating bearings is self-lubricating, which eliminates the need for added grease or lubrication.

Self-Lubricating Bronze Bearings Advantages – Bushing Lubrication Solutions

All self-lubricating bearings operate without external lubrication. They are 100% self-lubricating and dry-running, as the plain sliding elements are embedded with solid lubricants that get released during movement.Self-lubricating bearings offer several advantages, including reduced maintenance requirements, extended service life, and improved performance in high-temperature or harsh environments. Additionally, they operate quietly and are suitable for applications where traditional lubrication methods are not feasible or practical.

self-lubricating bearings lubricating solution for industry


Bushing Lubrication For Your Request Industry

Self-lubricating automatic lubrication eases your worries.No need to constantly check and manually apply lubrication – our self-lubricating system takes care of it for you. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that your equipment is always running smoothly and efficiently.

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  • Efficiency and safety are key


Delivering Unique Solutions For High-Performance Machinery Systems

Custom Quality Cast, Sintered, & Self-Lubricating Bearings. We are a reliable supplier of premium bronze bearings.Our bearings are designed to meet the highest standards of performance and durability, making them ideal for a wide range of applications. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can trust us to provide the perfect bearings for your specific needs.

self-lubricating bearings lubricating solution for industry

Save Time And Money With Your Bearing & Bushings

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Our oilless bearings range offers an excellent lubrication solution for various projects. These self-lubricating bearings require no additional lubrication throughout their lifespan!Upgrade your projects with our oilless bearings and experience the benefits of low maintenance and high performance. Say goodbye to the hassle of regular lubrication and hello to smooth operation and cost savings. Choose reliability and efficiency with our self-lubricating bearings today.

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Self-lubricating and maintenance-free bearings solution.

Self-lubricating, hygienic, maintenance-free bushing solution that saves space.Our bushing solution is perfect for applications where traditional lubrication is not practical or desired. Its compact design saves valuable space and eliminates the need for ongoing maintenance. Say goodbye to messy lubricants and hello to a clean, efficient solution that performs reliably over time.

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Self-Lubricating Effect for oilless bearings

Each oilless bearings bushing material has properties that make it suitable for different applications and requirements. The bushings all have the general property of being self-lubricating. Learn more about our self-lubricating bushings lubrication solutions.


Cost-saving, Stable Performance Bearings and Bushings. Contact Us. 100% Quality Guaranteed. Worldwide On-time Shipping. Lubrication for bushings, thrust washers and strips. View Our Self-lubrication Bronze Bushings Products.


Oil-free & Self-lubrication Bronze Bearings Online. Shop For All Your Plain & Self-Lubricating Bearings And Plain Bearings & Thrust Washers Needs. We Offers Free Cad Download, Short Lead Times. Contact Us.


Oilless Bearings Are Self-Lubricating, Maintenance-Free, Universally Applicable And Reduce Costs By Up To 40 Percent. Quality Chinese Made Manufacturing Since 1907. See Our Online Catalog & Request A Quote!

Oil-free Bearings Solutions -‘Lubrication’

Oil-free lubrication bearing, refers to the use or use of the process without adding lubricant can also be normal operation, and play a good friction reduction effect of the bearing. Oil-free lubrication bearing belongs to a kind of sliding bearing. General sliding bearings need to add lubricant, grease and other lubricants before work, so as to form a lubricating film on the friction surface and play an effective lubricating effect, while oil-free slide bearings made of self-lubricating materials or pre-filled with lubricant after sealing up can be used for a long time, without adding lubricant during the work process.

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Bushing lubrication solution

self-lubrication bronze bearing

What is self-lubrication bearing?


Self-lubricating bearings are made of self-lubricating materials or oil-containing materials through a special process. Widely used in the sliding parts of various machinery, such as: printing machines, textile machines, tobacco machinery, micro motors, automobiles, motorcycles and agricultural and forestry machinery, etc. Lower your bearing maintenance. Choose your bushing lubrication solutions.


Graphite Impregnated Bearings- Order Online Today

Inlaid solid lubrication

JDB inlaid solid lubrication bearing, is a metal material as the substrate, and in the substrate to open an orderly arrangement, the size of the appropriate hole, and then embedded in the graphite containing oil,(PTFE), molybdenum disulfide particles as solid lubrication material. When the bearing works under oil-free lubrication, the solid lubricating material will be gradually transferred to the working surface of the friction side due to the effect of friction heat, thus playing a role in reducing the friction factor. Graphite is a lubricant, and impregnating bearings with it helps to reduce friction. Find proper graphite impregnated bearings to solve bushings lubrication.

graphite bronze bushing with solid lubrication
lubrication bearings in heavy machinery industry

Heavy machinery for construction

Lubricating Bearing For Heavy Industry

Self-lubricating bearings reduce maintenance costs, extend bearing life, and are more environmentally friendly. The lubricating bearings are widely used in: light industry, heavy industry, construction, metallurgy, conveying and other mechanical equipment, such as: continuous casting machine, rolling mill, injection molding machine, paper machine, mold guide pillar, ships, machine tools, etc. Choose from our selection of self-lubrication bearings, including oil-embedded sleeve bearings, dry-running sleeve bearings, and more.

Reliable Oilless Bushings Supplier – Bushing Lubrication Solution

Talk to a bushing lubrication Solutions specialist about what self-lubrication bearing is right for you. Explore the catalog of self-lubrication bushings and bearings of all types. Quality lubricating raw materials. Contact us today!

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