Bushing Parts For Heavy Duty Machine

We have a high quality line of self-lubricating bearings, bearing innovation solutions and unmatched technical expertise to help you grow your bearing business. Now available for online ordering.

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Dirt and dust resistant bearings and bushings for agriculture and heavy duty.

Self-lubricating bearings and bushings are perfectly suited for dirty and dusty environments and can be a direct replacement for metal bearings.

The bushing material is suitable for almost all application scenarios – even those exposed to chemicals, dirt, underwater, high loads or high temperatures – and also offers a long service life.

Self-lubricating Bearings Solutions

Maintenance-free heavy-duty bushing

• High load carrying capacity

• Corrosion resistant

• Maintenance-free

self-lubricating heavy duty bushings bearing

Heavy duty bronze bushings

Heavy-duty bushings withstand the most challenging conditions; Heavy-duty bearings provide optimum service life and reduced downtime; Heavy-duty bearings are now in volume production.d reduced downtime Heavy-duty bearings are now in volume production

High Quality Bearings

We manufacture high quality self-lubricating bronze bushing bearings that are reliable and safe from production to shipment. Fast shipment. Delivery on time. Made to order.

Your bushing partner

With a wide variety of bushings in stock, customers can now get solutions for most industry and application needs from a single source.

Choose the right bushing

We are a professional manufacturer of self-lubricating bearings and help you choose the self-lubricating bearings you need.

Custom bearing made to order

Bronze Bearing Keep Your Equipment Moving

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Heavy Duty Equipment Industry

Self-lubricating bronze bearings are widely used in construction and other off-highway equipment that requires reliability in harsh environments. Self-lubricating bronze bearings can also be found in pivot joints, hinges, steering and suspension components in all types of agricultural equipment.

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How do we carry heavy objects? Easily!

Provide Maintenance free sliding heavy duty bushings solution for your agricultural equipment.

heavy duty bushings for construction machinery

Construction Equipment

  • Earth Moving Equipment
  • Graders
  • Excavators
  • Concrete Pumps
  • Pile Drivers
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Lifting Equipment

  • Fork lifts
  • Pallet Trucks
  • Scissor lifts
  • Cranes
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heavy duty bushings for lifting equipments
heavy duty bushings for agricultural machinery

Agriculture Equipment

  • Kingpin Bushings
  • Rockshafts
  • Differentials
  • Suspensions
  • Trunnion Support Pivots
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Bearing Solutions for the Industrial Machinery Industry

There are many types of bearings or bushings to choose from, and many equipment types require specialized bearing solutions. First, determine the type of equipment that requires a bearing or bushing, as sizes and specifications can vary greatly from machine type to machine type. Equipment that uses bearings and bushings may include mechanical presses, hydraulic presses, automated machinery, material handling solutions, converters, and more.

Heavy Duty Bushings Innovation, Save Costs

Quality Oil-free Bushings Supplier

Download our self-lubricating bushes bearings catalog online. Search your proper bushings for heavy duty equipments

select your oil-free heavy duty bushings

The Quality Plain Bearing Because Attention To Detail Makes All The Difference

There is a complete line of self-lubricating bronze bushings products, which come in the form of sleeve bushings, flanged bronze bearings, thrust washers, and slide wear plates, and are widely used in heavy machinery. Choose your proper heavy duty bushings to meet your requirements.

graphite bronze bushings

Graphite Bronze Bearing

Our bearings can extend the life of machinery and equipment and reduce downtime. High quality. Reliable. Customized graph’i’t’tebearing solutions for you.

cast bronze bushings

Cast Bronze Bearing

Our cast bronze bearing parts are of high quality to meet the requirements of your heavy machinery industry.

steel backed graphite bushings

Steel Backed Bushings

Shop a large range of steel backed bushing at Stock is available. Discover More.

long-lasting, longer life

Save Costs For Your Oil-free Bushings

With our self-lubricating bearings, you always get the better results. Our extensive experience makes us a professional partner for bearings – and not just for the heavy-duty industry.

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