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To prevent oil-free bearing rust, the surface must be pre-treated. the cleaning method should be selected according to the nature of the surface of the anti-corrosion material and the conditions at the time. solvent cleaning, chemical cleaning, and mechanical cleaning are commonly used. after cleaning, dry it with filtered dry compressed air, dry it in a dryer at 120~170°c, or dry it with clean gauze.

Self-lubricating oilless bearings feature self-lubricating functions and demonstrate high performance, which normal plain bearings cannot provide, for fl uid lubrication, boundary lubrication, and dry friction fields.

A sleeve is a thin tube or sleeve that allows relative motion by sliding (our type) versus rolling. The sleeve can also be called a plain bearing. However, the term bushing would be redundant. So a bushing is a bearing, but a bearing is not necessarily a bushing.

The oilless bearing that does not require oil especially: one in which a lubricant (as powdered graphite) is incorporated in the material of which the bearing is made.

 CuZn25Al6Mn4 Bronze with solid graphite lubricant inserts (alternative specifications are available on request)

Self-lubrication is characterized by the bearing’s ability to transfer microscopic amounts of material to the mating surface. This transfer process creates a film that provides lubrication and reduces friction along the entire length of the rail or shaft.

There are no minimum order quantities for our oilless bearings, as we are able to mold the parts and machine parts for specific bearing applications.