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Quality Bronze Bearings With Solid Lubricant Plugs – Metric Size.

Type: Flanged bushes

Material: Bronze with graphite

Oilless Flange Sleeve Bearing Bushing, graphite bushings material is made of strong cast bronze based metal with special solid lubricants embedded.


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Custom Bronze Flange Bushings To Help Boost Your Equipment Performance. Request A Quote On Our Flanged Bushes Services Online Today!

What is the definite of flanged bushes?

graphite bearing

A flanged bushing is a type of plain bearing that has a flange on one end, which serves as a guide or support for the bushing in its application. The bushing is typically a cylindrical sleeve that is designed to reduce friction and wear between two surfaces that move relative to each other. Flanged bushings are commonly used in machinery and automotive applications, such as in suspension systems or steering linkages.

Oil-Free SOBF Flanged Bushings – Metric Flanged Bushes Size Chart

Article nameInner diameter dOuter diameter DLength LD1
Flanged Bush SOBF 90-110-809011080130
Flanged Bush SOBF 90-110-609011060130
Flanged Bush SOBF 80-100-808010080120
Flanged Bush SOBF 80-100-608010060120
Flanged Bush SOBF 80-100-10080100100120
Flanged Bush SOBF 8-12-158121520
Flanged Bush SOBF 8-12-128121220
Flanged Bush SOBF 8-12-108121020
Flanged Bush SOBF 75-90-60759060110
Flanged Bush SOBF 70-85-80708580105
Flanged Bush SOBF 70-85-50708550105
Flanged Bush SOBF 65-80-6065806095
Flanged Bush SOBF 63-75-67,5637567,585
Flanged Bush SOBF 60-75-8060758090
Flanged Bush SOBF 60-75-5060755090
Flanged Bush SOBF 60-75-4060754090
Flanged Bush SOBF 55-65-6055656080
Flanged Bush SOBF 55-65-4055654080
Flanged Bush SOBF 50-60-6050606075
Flanged Bush SOBF 50-60-5050605075
Flanged Bush SOBF 50-60-4050604075
Flanged Bush SOBF 50-60-3550603575
Flanged Bush SOBF 50-60-3050603075
Flanged Bush SOBF 45-55-6045556070
Flanged Bush SOBF 45-55-5045555070
Flanged Bush SOBF 45-55-4045554070
Flanged Bush SOBF 45-55-3545553570
Flanged Bush SOBF 45-55-3045553070
Flanged Bush SOBF 40-50-5040505065
Flanged Bush SOBF 40-50-4040504065
Flanged Bush SOBF 40-50-3540503565
Flanged Bush SOBF 40-50-3040503065
Flanged Bush SOBF 40-50-2540502565
Flanged Bush SOBF 40-50-2040502065
Flanged Bush SOBF 35-45-5035455060
Flanged Bush SOBF 35-45-4035454060
Flanged Bush SOBF 35-45-3535453560
Flanged Bush SOBF 35-45-3035453060
Flanged Bush SOBF 35-45-2535452560
Flanged Bush SOBF 35-45-2035452060
Flanged Bush SOBF 31,5-40-4031,5404050
Flanged Bush SOBF 31,5-40-3531,5403550
Flanged Bush SOBF 31,5-40-3031,5403050
Flanged Bush SOBF 31,5-40-2031,5402050
Flanged Bush SOBF 30-40-5030405050
Flanged Bush SOBF 30-40-4030404050
Flanged Bush SOBF 30-40-3530403550
Flanged Bush SOBF 30-40-3030403050
Flanged Bush SOBF 30-40-2530402550
Flanged Bush SOBF 30-40-2030402050
Flanged Bush SOBF 25-35-5025355045
Flanged Bush SOBF 25-35-4025354045
Flanged Bush SOBF 25-35-3525353545
Flanged Bush SOBF 25-35-3025353045
Flanged Bush SOBF 25-35-2525352545
Flanged Bush SOBF 25-35-2025352045
Flanged Bush SOBF 25-35-1525351545
Flanged Bush SOBF 20-30-4020304040
Flanged Bush SOBF 20-30-3520303540
Flanged Bush SOBF 20-30-3020303040
Flanged Bush SOBF 20-30-2520302540
Flanged Bush SOBF 20-30-2020302040
Flanged Bush SOBF 20-30-1520301540
Flanged Bush SOBF 18-24-4018244032
Flanged Bush SOBF 18-24-3518243532
Flanged Bush SOBF 18-24-3018243032
Flanged Bush SOBF 18-24-2518242532
Flanged Bush SOBF 18-24-2018242032
Flanged Bush SOBF 18-24-1518241532
Flanged Bush SOBF 160-180-120160180120210
Flanged Bush SOBF 160-180-100160180100210
Flanged Bush SOBF 16-22-4016224029
Flanged Bush SOBF 16-22-3516223529
Flanged Bush SOBF 16-22-3016223029
Flanged Bush SOBF 16-22-2516222529
Flanged Bush SOBF 16-22-2316222329
Flanged Bush SOBF 16-22-2016222029
Flanged Bush SOBF 16-22-1816221829
Flanged Bush SOBF 16-22-1516221529
Flanged Bush SOBF 16-22-1216221229
Flanged Bush SOBF 150-170-120150170120200
Flanged Bush SOBF 150-170-100150170100200
Flanged Bush SOBF 15-21-3015213028
Flanged Bush SOBF 15-21-2515212528
Flanged Bush SOBF 15-21-2015212028
Flanged Bush SOBF 15-21-1515211528
Flanged Bush SOBF 15-21-1215211228
Flanged Bush SOBF 15-21-1015211028
Flanged Bush SOBF 140-160-8014016080190
Flanged Bush SOBF 140-160-100140160100190
Flanged Bush SOBF 14-20-2514202527
Flanged Bush SOBF 14-20-2014202027
Flanged Bush SOBF 14-20-1514201527
Flanged Bush SOBF 130-150-8013015080180
Flanged Bush SOBF 130-150-100130150100180
Flanged Bush SOBF 13-19-3013193026
Flanged Bush SOBF 13-19-2513192526
Flanged Bush SOBF 13-19-2013192026
Flanged Bush SOBF 13-19-1513191526
Flanged Bush SOBF 13-19-1213191226

Types of Self-Lubricating Materials for Flange Bushes

Flange bushes rely on self-lubricating materials to provide continuous lubrication to the bearing surfaces. These materials are specifically designed to reduce friction and wear, ensuring smooth operation and extended service life. Let’s explore some common types of self-lubricating materials used in flange bushes:

  1. Graphite-Based Materials: Graphite is widely used in self-lubricating flange bushes due to its excellent lubricating properties. It forms a solid lubricating film on the bearing surface, reducing friction and wear. Graphite-based materials are suitable for applications that involve high loads, low speeds, and harsh operating conditions.

  2. PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene): PTFE is a well-known self-lubricating material used in flange bushes. It has a low coefficient of friction, providing smooth operation even under heavy loads. PTFE-based materials offer excellent chemical resistance and can withstand a wide range of temperatures, making them suitable for demanding environments.

  3. Bronze-Based Materials: Bronze is often combined with other additives to create self-lubricating materials for flange bushes. The bronze matrix provides structural strength, while the additives act as solid lubricants. Bronze-based materials exhibit good wear resistance and can withstand high loads and moderate speeds.

  4. Polymer-Based Materials: Polymer-based self-lubricating materials offer low friction, high wear resistance, and excellent chemical resistance. They can be customized to meet specific application requirements, such as temperature resistance, moisture resistance, and compatibility with different shaft materials.

  5. Composite Materials: Composite materials for flange bushes consist of a combination of fibers, fillers, and resins. These materials offer a balance of mechanical strength, low friction, and self-lubricating properties. Composite materials can be tailored for various operating conditions and are often used in applications where high performance is required.

  6. Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2): MoS2 is a solid lubricant that can be incorporated into self-lubricating materials for flange bushes. It forms a thin film on the bearing surface, reducing friction and wear. MoS2-based materials are suitable for applications that involve high loads and slow speeds.

  7. Oil-Impregnated Materials: Some self-lubricating flange bushes are impregnated with oil during the manufacturing process. The oil is released gradually to provide lubrication to the bearing surfaces. Oil-impregnated materials are known for their ability to operate effectively even in low lubrication or dry conditions.

When selecting the appropriate self-lubricating material for flange bushes, factors such as load capacity, operating speed, temperature range, and environmental conditions should be considered. Consulting with a knowledgeable supplier or engineer can help determine the best material for your specific application.

By utilizing these various types of self-lubricating materials, flange bushes can deliver optimal performance, reduce maintenance requirements, and increase the overall efficiency of the machinery or equipment in which they are employed.

Flanged Bushes Manufacturers – Custom Self lubricating Bushings Solutions

Flanged bushes bearings from printers, fax machines to monitors, in the use of household products in daily life, there is a space for flanged bushes bearing products to show technology. Under the standard ABEC-1 size and precision requirements, the produced flanged bushes bearings can meet the general purpose flanged bushes products.

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We are not only introducing the high performance bearing bronze material to the heavy-duty market, but we are also demonstrating a sealing self-lubricating flanged bushes solution that reduced maintenance. Become your flanged bushes partner in heavy- duty industry.

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We create flanged bushes bearings tailored to your needs.

flanged bushes benefits

The series of self-lubricating flanged bushes products with the flange on the outer wheel make the axial positioning easy; No more need for bearing housing, becomes more economical. In order to obtain low friction torque, high rigidity, and good rotation accuracy of bearings, steel balls with small outer diameter are used. The use of a hollow shaft ensures lightweight and space for wiring.

self-lubricating flanged bushes feature

The biggest feature is the flange bushes and bearing into one. When there is no connecting flanged bushes bearings part at one end of the shaft, it needs to be fixed on the plane, such as plate and wall, the flanged bushes bearing shows its advantages.

Flanged bushes applications

Flanged bushes bearing is suitable for all kinds of industrial equipment, small rotary motor, office equipment, micro motor soft, pressure rotor, dental drill, hard disk drive motor, stepping motor, VCR magnetic drum, toy models, fan, roller, roller, transmission equipment, amusement equipment, robot, medical equipment, office equipment, testing instruments, deceleration, optical variable speed device, motor, Imaging devices, card readers, electromechanical, precision machinery, power tools and toys, etc.

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