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Fitness Equipment- Custom Bronze Flange Bearing Solutions

Find Bronze Bearings for exercise and fitness equipment. Use our fitness equipment bearing diagrams and parts lists to locate the right part for your treadmill, elliptical, or strength machine. Discover more sleeve bearings to meet your requirements online.

bronze bearings with solid lubricant

Bronze bearings and Bushings used in sports and fitness equipment

Self-lubricating bronze flange bearings are successfully used in the sports, fitness & rehab industries.

Discover our selection of high-quality engineered bronze flange bearing parts, fitness equipment bearing components designed to reduce friction on your conveyor systems, packaging machines, and much more.

Bronze Flange Bearing
bronze flange bearings
  • Wear-resistant
  • Extremely quiet-running
  • Configurable with the flange bearing expert
oilless bearing
Trimmed flange bushing graphite plugged bearing
  • Maintenance-free and dry-running
  • Low coefficients of friction
  • Vibration-dampening
graphite bushings
Round flange graphite bronze bushing
  • Compensation of misalignment errors
  • Corrosion-free, hygienic
  • High load capacity

self-lubricating and maintenance-free

Your Experts In Oilless Bearing Solutions – Bearing Application

Some of the most popular exercise technologies for weight training include leg curl and extension devices, butterfly and latissimus traction machines. Our guide bush and bronze bearings are reliable self-lubricating bearings solutions for these devices.

Fitness machines with bearings and bushings systems from www.bearingface.com meet the requirements to endure high loads for long periods. The durable oilless bearing products provide reliability for many years without failure. All self-lubricating bronze bearings components of the traditional drive technology from us are self-lubricating. The sliding bearings motion also minimizes operating noises and weight. Compared to metal bearings counterparts,  oil-free bearing reduces costs by up to 40 percent.

Running machines

bronze sleeve bearing in running machines

Long-lasting and high load capacity

Rowing machines

oilless bearings in rowing machines

Cost-effective, quiet-running and self-lubricating

Cardio machines

self-lubricating bearing in cardio machines

Smooth movement without external lubrication

Custom & Standard Bronze Bearing Components

Upgrading Your Home Gym replacement your oilless bearings?

Trusted handyman services

Shop For Self-lubricating fitness equipment bearings. Get The Good Sleeve Bearings Products At A Good Price.  Inquiry Now!

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fitness bronze flange bearing in outdoors

Online Custom Bearing Service Provider

Fitness Equipment Bearing & Bushing Solutions.

A wide variety of solid bronze, oil impregnated, bronze plated, and plugged with graphite bushings are available.

While the various options for bearing designs in weight stacks and fitness equipment offer some advantages… only the Simplicity self-lubricating bronze sleeve bearings provide consistent results in all the required areas.

Fitness equipment bearing technology

Change sleeve bearing now and reduce costs by up to 40%

Self-lubricating bearings are designed and durable for applications related to fitness equipment, home appliances, and the health industry. With longer service life, lower noise, lighter weight, and higher reliability, we have become an obvious choice for effectively extending the life of oilless bearings.

Graphite impregnated sleeve bush bearings in fitness equipments

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