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Is your heavy machinery – excavator – in top condition? At bearingface.com, we have everything you need to keep your excavator engine running. High-quality excavator engine bearing parts make all the difference. Optimize the performance and extend the life of your excavator bearings. Find the excavator bushings parts you need.

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Improving the performance of self-lubricating bearing technology for excavators

For demanding mining applications, we offer you a wide range of self-lubricating bushes for excavator engines. Our plain bearings are designed to keep large mining excavators and wheel loaders running and reduce downtime.

Bronze bushing

Discover our self-lubricating bushings and excavator bushings, engine bearings components that can improve the performance and reduce the maintenance of your existing equipment.

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graphite bearing

As always, we provide consistent, top-quality excavator parts. Your machines need high-quality plain bearings to keep running reliably and to keep your business successful.

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Safer & more competitive plain bearings solutions

Beautifully crafted leather products.

Our self-lubricating bearing solutions allow you to keep your mining engines running and avoid downtime. Get in touch with us and download our self-lubricating bearing catalog.

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what Excavator bushings material?

Excavator bushings are typically made of bronze material with graphite plugging. Bronze is a commonly used material for bushings due to its strength, durability, and ability to withstand wear and tear. The graphite plugging provides added lubrication, reducing friction and helping to prolong the life of the bushing.

Graphite plugged bronze bushings are made from a combination of bronze and graphite. The bronze material provides strength and durability, while the graphite plugging provides added lubrication.

Bronze is an alloy of copper and tin, which gives it high resistance to wear and corrosion. It is a commonly used material for bushings due to its strength and durability. The graphite plugging in the bushing helps to reduce friction, increase wear resistance, and extend the lifespan of the bushing. Graphite is a soft, slippery material that provides a smooth and lubricated surface, reducing friction and helping to prevent wear and tear on the bushing.

Together, the bronze material and graphite plugging create a bushing that can handle high loads and provide smooth, low-friction operation, making it an ideal choice for use in heavy machinery such as excavators.


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We cover bearing challenges in all industrial applications. Search for the excavator bushings you need by industry or equipment.

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Excavator Undercarriage Bushing Parts

Heavy Equipment Bushing Parts

Partner with professional heavy machinery bushing parts manufacturers to provide unbeatable prices, quality, and service for your bearings. We specialize in a wide range of bearing manufacturing to provide you with the largest selection of replacement parts for your machinery.

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We cover all industries with self-lubricating bearing challenges.

Search for the bronze bushings parts you need by industry or equipment.

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Take Your Bearing Business To A New Level.

We provide quality graphite plugged bronze bushings products for your customers with same-day shipping, giving them the parts they want, when they need it. Let us help you help your customers experience the unrivaled customer bushing service we’ve been proud to offer for over 10+ years.

Excavator Bushings

Excavator Bushings

graphite embedded bearings in excavator applications

High-Quality Replacement Parts For Heavy Construction Equipment At A Reasonable Price.

As a self-lubricating bronze bushings parts dealer, you count on leaving your customers in good hands when ordering the excavator bushings. Being a dealer for self-lubricating bushings provides your customers with the exceptional excavator bushings products they deserve.



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For All Your Excavator Equipment Needs. Self-Lubricating Bronze Bearings With Solid Lubricants Online Sales. Reliable Bushing Equipment. Custom Oilless Excavator Bushing Service Available.

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Assured Excavator Bushings Quality For High Customer Requirements

The quality of our self-lubricating graphite plugged bronze bushings products and services is very important to us. We specialize in producing self-lubricating bushings, flange bronze bushings, thrust washers, oilless slide plates, and so on.

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Self-Lubricating Bearings

Excavator Accessories Series Bronze Bushing

We are a professional manufacturer of self-lubricating bearings for excavator spare parts. The company adopts advanced production technology, specializing in the production of various types of construction machinery excavator bushing, self-lubricating bearings, etc. If you want to know the product price and model, etc. For more information, please feel free to contact us.

The excavator is divided into a loading part, a loading part, and a working device part. The working device, as the name suggests, is the part used for work. The excavator is the boom, the arm, the bucket, and some have a ripper. The most important is the hydraulic system, the main pump, the main valve, the pilot system and so on. The application of self-lubricating bearings in hydraulic excavators has 12 application parts of self-lubricating bearings, which are mainly used in booms, sticks, chassis running mechanisms, body parts, hydraulic components and other components.

The structural parts of the excavator working device and the oil red are connected by pins at each connecting hinge point and the support seat, which bears a large load during operation, and the wear between the mutually moving parts is also large. At the same time, during operation, the bearing characteristics of the excavator working device For high load and low speed.

In addition, when the excavator is excavating and carrying soil, the working device rotates frequently and has a high repetition frequency under the action of each oil cylinder, that is, the relative movement of the abrasive parts is frequent. Reliable, so solid self-lubricating bearings graphite plugged bronze bushings are suitable for use on excavator working devices.

In the past, bronze sleeve bushing and steel sleeves were used in these parts, but they were prone to pulling, occlusal locking, loud noise, and vibration, as well as a lot of grease consumption. In addition, the working environment of excavators is generally harsh. In actual work, there will be many factors that cause the failure of the sliding excavator bushing bearing. The following are the reasons for the failure of the sliding bearing:

(1) The working environment of the equipment is harsh: when the excavator is working, most of the equipment is in a dusty site, and when the shaft and the shaft hole are not completely sealed, dust particles will fly into the matching gap, especially Worse still in the already worn condition. These dust particles destroy the lubricating effect of the lubricating oil film, and act as abrasive particles in the cooperation between the shaft and the hole, causing abnormal wear of the shaft hole.

(2) The impact load is large. Most of the excavators work under heavy load and low speed, and the construction machinery itself has a huge structure. The impact force generated by this vibration can easily exceed the pressure limit of the lubricating oil film, resulting in the loss of lubricating function. Such a problem occurs.

(3) The working surface of the stope is uneven. The ground in which the excavator works is generally uneven. When working or walking, it will generate strong vibration, causing impact load, which will bring serious adverse effects to lubrication and cause bearing failure.

(4) Insufficient lubricating oil injected. The shaft of the traveling mechanism of the excavator and the shaft hole are not completely sealed. For this reason, the lubricating oil will be gradually squeezed out of the matching space during operation. At this time, if the lubricating oil cannot be replenished in time, the shaft hole will be matched direct contact, resulting in abnormal wear.

Solid inlaid self-lubricating bearings have holes of appropriate size and orderly arrangement on the metal friction surface of the bearing base and then embedded solid lubricants with unique lubricating properties in the holes (the area of solid lubricant is generally 25% of the friction area). -35%) and made of self-lubricating bearings.

The bearing combines the respective advantages of metal matrix and specially formulated lubricating materials, breaking through the limitation of general bearings relying on oil film lubrication. Solid inlaid self-lubricating bearings are especially suitable for oil-free, high temperature, high load, low speed, anti-fouling, anti-corrosion, anti-radiation, and special working conditions that cannot be lubricated by water or vacuum solution infiltration.

In the selection of the base material of the self-lubricating bearing (graphite bronze sleeve bushings), according to the main failure mode of the bearing, combined with the harsh and changeable characteristics of the use environment of construction machinery, and comprehensively considering factors such as material strength, corrosion resistance and adaptability, solid The base material of the self-lubricating bearing is high-strength brass with high bearing capacity. Its allowable static bearing capacity is 250N/mmi, and it can be used for a low-speed dynamic bearing capacity of 100N/mm’, and it has good wear resistance.

The application of self-lubricating bearings (graphite copper sleeves) on excavators effectively simplifies the mechanical design, has a simple structure and good manufacturability, reduces the maintenance cost of the machine, and has reliable quality, which helps to improve the work of the whole machine. reliability. At the same time, the solid self-lubricating bearing has superior performance in use and strong product competitiveness, and it will definitely be more fully applied in the use of construction machinery in the future.


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Self-Lubricating Bearings Are The Best Choice For Your Excavator Chassis Equipment. More Durable And Longer Service Life. Extend The Life Of Your Equipment. Reduce Maintenance Costs. Choose More.

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What material is excavator bushing more wear-resistant?

The more wear-resistant or graphite brass bushing, which is based on high force brass and then inlaid with self-lubricating material. It can work under the condition of oiling or without oiling, and the strength is higher. So under the condition of no oil, it becomes wear-resistant.

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excavator bushing - graphite impregnated bushing

No matter what bearing challenges your production faces, we are committed to keeping your production up and running.

Find the right bronze bearing wear parts for your industry below.

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Improve excavator equipment life

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Reduce costs and extend service life

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Coal and energy

Efficient maintenance and the right selection

Excavator bushings in Road building

Road building

Improve productivity, reduce costs

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Promote production and save costs

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Why choose self-lubricating bushes for your excavator parts?

Excavators are the main equipment for mining open pit mines. There are many parts where bronze bushings are used on excavators, such as self-lubricating bushings (graphite bushings) with high force brass matrix on the big arm of excavators, wear-resistant aluminum bronze bushings on the pushing mechanism of excavators, and bronze bushings on the walking part of excavators.
The graphite bronze bushing sleeve on the big arm is a high-performance solid lubrication product with graphite or MoS2 solid lubricant inlaid on the base of high-force brass. It breaks through the limitation of general bearings relying on oil film lubrication. In the process of use, the solid lubricant rubs with the shaft through frictional heat, forming the excellent condition of oil and powder coexistence lubrication, which not only protects the shaft from wear, but also makes the solid lubrication characteristics eternal. Its hardness is twice as high as the general bronze bushing, and its wear resistance is twice as high.
The excavator push-press mechanism on the push-press large shaft bronze sleeve is located on both sides of the push-press large gear and set in the box of the push-press gearbox, the push-press shaft will be sealed, the drive gear shaft and the central isolation sleeve to play a supporting role. Combined with the use of the pushing bronze bushing parts and force, the excavator pushing bronze shaft bushing material is aluminum bronze.
Excavator work device structural parts and oil red in each connection hinge point and support seat to pin connection, work under a large load, each mutual moving part between the wear and tear is also large, at the same time in the work, the excavator work device load-bearing characteristics of high load and low speed.
In addition, the excavator in the excavation and earth transport, work device in the role of each cylinder, frequent rotation, and high frequency of repeated action, that is, the relative motion of the wear parts frequently, in order to ensure that the work of the parts of the mutual rotation of flexible, reliable work, so the excavator work device suitable for use of solid self-lubricating bearings.
In the excavator with self-lubricating bearing (graphite brass sleeve) matrix material selection, according to the main failure form of the bearing, combined with the construction machinery using the harsh and changing characteristics of the environment, taking into account the material strength, corrosion resistance and adaptability and other factors, the choice of solid self-lubricating bearing matrix material for high load-bearing capacity of high force brass, its permissible static load-bearing capacity of 250N/mm, permissible low-speed dynamic Bearing capacity of l00N/mm’, and good wear resistance.

graphite bronze bushings

Excavator parts self-lubricating bush plain bearing factory- graphite bronze bushings

The application of graphite bronze bushing in the excavator effectively simplifies the mechanical design, its simple structure, and good workmanship, reduces the maintenance cost of the machine, and reliable quality plate, and helps to improve the reliability of the machine. At the same time, solid self-lubricating bush bearings have superior performance in the use of strong product competitiveness, it will certainly be more fully used in the process of future construction machinery.

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