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Professional self-lubricating bronze bushings manufacurer.

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Self-lubricating bushing solutions that can improve your system & save you cost

Oilless bushings manufactrurer

Customized bushing bearings technological solutions developed with tailored care for a total.

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High quality oilless bushing & bearing

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Because we are reliable and transparent on all fronts, keeping our word is healthier than anything else. Honoring commitments meeting deliveries and agreed terms is our typical philosophy of work.

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Because we always challenge ourselves by sharing customer problems; respecting everyone’s opinions, we always make our know-how available with humility and great professionalism, always learning from our mistakes.

Professionalism And Passion

Because we make our job with professionalism and passion always putting our heart into it; we are a firmly rooted well capitalized company, ready for all challenges facing us.

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Experts in bronze bearing

Sleeve Bushing Supplier

We are a professional bushing manufacturer of bronze bearing castings and machined components in China.

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SEE plain bearing bushing CAPABILITIES IN ACTION

Configure your own bushings that better suit your industry project – find your bushing manufacturer.

We have extensive experience in casting, metallurgy, tribology, and machining – and this bushing bearing experience together with modern machinery provides us with unique opportunities for efficient manufacturing and cooperation with our customers.

High quality

Quality self-lubricating bronze bushing

oil-free bushing manufacuturer

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slide bearing


Discover our wide range of self-lubricating sliding units and bearings for all types MOULD MAKING. You are sure to find the right bushing bearing product for your application.

  • Self-lubricating Bushings
  • Flange Oilless Bearing
  •  Bronze Thrust Bearing
  • Slide Wear Plate

Standard For Your Bearing Sucess -Bronze Bushing Supplier

High quality and available from stock – that’s what sets our slide bushings apart. Discover our comprehensive range of standard bearing parts and find the right slide bushing bearings units for your projects.

  • Cost reduction and time savings during designing and production
  • Fast availability, also for spare parts and wearing parts
  • The designer has components that are matched with each other and tried and tested– drawings are not required, as the dimensions and tolerances are predefined.
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Injection Molds

Our high-quality bearing standard parts provide a reliable basis for injection mold manufacturing.

Industry application

Stamping dies

Consistent use of standard parts can result in significant cost savings for you.

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Bearing material

Self-lubricating bearing materials for various applications in plastic and stamping molds, gauges and fixture manufacturing

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Whether you’re interested in self-lubricating bearing solutions or looking to build your own customizable bushing project, let us assist you with a bearing solution based on your specific application and requirements. Contact us to discuss your project today!

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