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What is Cast Bronze? Exploring Different Types of Bronze Alloys

Trusted manufacturer of high-quality bronze alloys bearings, including our renowned Bronze Cast Alloy composed of 88% copper and 12% tin. Discover the fascinating world of cast bronze and its diverse applications at Learn about the various types of copper-based alloys, including Tin Bronze, Manganese Bronze, Aluminum Bronze, Nickel Bronze, and Phosphor Bronze. Each alloy has unique properties and uses, making bronze a versatile and essential material in many industries. Dive into the details and find out which bronze alloy suits your needs best.

Cast Bronze Alloys: The Casting Process and Manufacturing of Bronze Bearings

Manufacturing process of cast bronze alloys for bronze bearings at We specialize in diverse casting methods such as Bronze Sand Casting, Bronze Centrifugal Casting, and Bronze Continuous Casting, all aimed at creating top-quality bronze or bronze alloy parts. Whether used in industrial machinery, automotive sectors, or marine systems, our cast bronze bearings provide outstanding longevity and efficiency, guaranteeing seamless function with low upkeep. The primary distinction between bronze and cast bronze lies in the production process. Delve into the world of cast bronze alloys to unveil the precision and reliability that define our products.

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Premium Cast Bronze alloys Bushings and Bearings in Standard Sizes

Explore the reliability of cast bronze alloys at’s Bronze Foundry. We specialize in manufacturing copper-based alloys that meet international standards such as ASTM, BS, EN1982, DIN, JIS, AS, and ISO. Our extensive selection includes grades like C93200, C95400, C93700, C93800, C90700, C90300, C86300, C95500, and C95900, ensuring consistent quality.

Whether you require bronze bushings or bearings, our Bronze Casting Alloy line offers a comprehensive range of standard sizes and alloys to fulfill your specific needs. Designed to excel in high-temperature applications, our cast bronze products guarantee durability and performance. Trust our expertise and dedication to excellence as you navigate the wide array of cast bronze alloys tailored for your requirements.

Your Bronze Cast Alloys Experts – Making a Lasting Difference in Bearings & Bushings


At, we specialize in manufacturing critical bronze components that power, protect, and connect people and businesses worldwide. Our expertise in cast bronze alloys ensures the highest quality bearings and bushings, made from a variety of materials including Tin Bronze, Manganese Bronze, Aluminum Bronze, Nickel Bronze, and Phosphor Bronze. Discover the BearingFace difference and how our superior cast bronze products can enhance your applications.

Bronze Cast Alloys: Meeting Market Needs in Sliding and Self-Lubricating

Bronze cast alloys play a pivotal role in meeting the demands of various markets, especially in the manufacture of sliding bearings and self-lubricating bearings. These alloys are highly sought after for their exceptional performance in high-corrosion applications. From automotive components to mechanical engineering, bronze cast alloys like Tin Bronze, Manganese Bronze, Aluminum Bronze, Nickel Bronze, and Phosphor Bronze are extensively utilized.

In the automotive sector, bronze cast alloys find applications in engine components, suspension systems, and gearbox assemblies, where robustness and resistance to wear are paramount. Similarly, in mechanical engineering, these alloys are instrumental in the production of gears, bushings, and shafts, ensuring smooth operation and minimal maintenance.

At, we understand the diverse needs of these markets and offer a comprehensive range of bronze cast alloys meticulously designed to withstand harsh environments while delivering optimal performance. With our expertise and commitment to quality, we provide solutions that enhance the efficiency and longevity of critical components across various industries.

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Our state-of-the-art facilities specialize in manufacturing bronze casting components engineered for the world’s most demanding applications. Whether it’s aerospace, heavy machinery, or marine equipment, our precision-crafted bearings deliver unparalleled performance and reliability. But we’re more than just manufacturers; we’re your dedicated partners, guiding you through every step of your journey from product design to delivery.

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