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Custom-made sliding bearings at unbeatable prices!

Need a customized sliding bronze bearing solution for your robotics project? Look no further! Our skilled plain bearing engineers can design and manufacture bearings to meet your specific requirements. And with our competitive prices, you can save big on your import costs!

Upgrade your automation with our advanced sliding bearings!

Keep your machines running smoothly with our cutting-edge robotic bearings! Our advanced plain bearings offer high load capacity, low friction, and long service life. Plus, our efficient self-lubricating sliding bearings production process allows us to offer fast delivery times to customers worldwide!

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What parts of a robot can slide bearings be used in?

Slide bearings, also known as plain bearings, can be used in various parts of a robot to provide smooth and low-friction motion. Here are some of the common parts of a robot where slide bearings can be used:

robot Joints

Slide bearings can be used in robot joints to provide smooth and precise motion, allowing the robot to move in a variety of directions.

robot Actuators

Slide bearings can be used in robot actuators to help convert electrical or pneumatic signals into mechanical motion. They help reduce friction and wear, allowing for more efficient operation.

robot Sliding mechanisms

Slide bearings can be used in robot sliding mechanisms to provide smooth linear motion, such as in the case of a robot arm.

robot Grippers

Slide bearings can be used in robot grippers to provide smooth and precise movement when grasping and releasing objects.

robot Transmission systems

Slide bearings can be used in robot transmission systems, such as belts or pulleys, to help reduce friction and improve efficiency.

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What types of plain bearings can be used in robots?

sleeve bearing

Sleeve Bearings

Also known as bushings, sleeve bearings are simple cylindrical bearings that can be made from a variety of materials, including brass, bronze, and plastic. The sleeve bearings are cost-effective and easy to install, making them a popular choice for low-load and low-speed applications.

flanged bearing

Flanged Bearing

Flanged bearings are similar to sleeve bearings, but have a flange that provides additional stability and support. This flange type of sliding bearing is often used to guide and support the linear motion in robot arms and other moving components.

thrust bearing

Thrust Bearings

Thrust bearings are designed to handle axial loads, and are often used in conjunction with radial bearings to support both radial and axial loads. The thrust bearings are typically made from materials such as steel, bronze, or plastic.

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Cost-effective plain bearings for robotic joints and mechanisms

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Innovative bronze bearing solutions for advanced robotic designs

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Can you program robots yourself without slide bearings?


The slide bearings are necessary for programming robots, it depends on the specific application and type of robot. Slide bearings are a type of bearing that provide low friction and smooth motion, which can be useful in certain robotic applications. However, not all robots require slide bearings, and there are many other types of bearings and components that can be used in robot design and construction.

  • Durable plain bearings for heavy-duty robotic use

  • Long-lasting bronze bearings for extended robot lifecycles

  • Custom slide bearings for precise robotic movements

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Dedicated to Providing Innovative Self-Lubricating Bearing Solutions to Customers Worldwide

We develop and manufacture custom bearings for advanced robotic systems for the defense and homeland security markets. Our robotic bearings are designed to meet the needs of robotic applications in a variety of environments.

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Advanced robotic bearings for manned and unmanned platforms

Our high-performance line of general robotic bushing bearings is lightweight and can be easily installed on virtually any manned or unmanned platform on land or at sea without compromising operational capability. Our robotic bearings provide enhanced service life through our unique bearing technology, minimizing machine damage.

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Discover the Advantages of Bronze Graphite Robot Bearings!

Looking for reliable, durable robot bearings that can withstand heavy loads and harsh environments? Our bronze graphite bearings offer superior performance and long service life. Trust our skilled engineers to design and manufacture high-quality bearings for your robotics project. Contact us today to learn more!

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