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Our self-lubricating bearing solutions enable the automotive industry to design the next generation of automotive tooling that supports high quality.

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We Provide Self-Lubricating Automotive Bushings Parts With The Quality And Precision Demanded By The Automotive Industry. We Deliver A Range Of Products, Including Bronze Bushings, Metal Bearings, Thrust Washers, Slide Plate, And More.


Quality Self-lubricating Bushing Bearings Used In The Automotive Industry.


Browse our wide range of auto bearing parts, your one-stop auto parts supplier. High-quality assurance. Large inventory, short delivery time, one-stop parts service.


Customized self-lubricating bearing solutions for your automotive industry that are maintenance-free and require no lubrication to meet your industry’s needs.

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Customized self-lubricating precision bearing components for commercial vehicles for over 10+ years. High quality. Competitive pricing. Fast delivery.

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Custom Design Automotive Bushings

Guide Bushes For Automobile Molud

  • The guide bushes of automobile mold are designed like this bronze with graphite, self-lubricating guide bush, this is mainly for cost reasons.
  • Guide bushes are fixed on the A plate, one is the pressure block pressure, and the other is the locking screw;
  • The guide bushings on the B-plate are all mounted from the front and held in place with balance blocks.

Innovative and responsible automotive self-lubricating bearing solutions

Creating high-quality, responsible self-lubricating automotive bearings. Our solution for superior self-lubricating bronze bearing material is to guarantee safety and reliability from complete production to shipment.

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Standard l-shaped plates

Automotive Demountable Self-Lubricating Bushing – Metric

Wide Range Of Self-Lubricating Car Bushing Parts. Save Up To 80% Off Dealer Prices! Buy The Auto Parts And Accessories You Need Today. Fast Shipping. Inquiry Now!

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Standard l-shaped plates (without mounting holes), self lubricating

Self-Lubricating, Long-Lasting Bearings

Design Partners In Reliable Self-Lubricating Automotive Tribology, We Offer Automotive Parts To The World A Motion For Plain Bearings And Self-Lubricating Bushings.

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Provide auto mold self-lubricating parts service for customers

At, we are focused on the future and meeting the needs of tomorrow’s automotive industry. We are able to offer our customers a range of automotive bearings services and bearing solutions to meet their ever-changing requirements.

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High Quality Automotive Mold Bearings with Competitive Price. Source Self-lubricating Bearings from China Now!

  • Self-lubricating Control Arm Bushing
  • Automotive Suspension Bushings
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Oil-free bushing bearing for your automotive mold application

Oil-free bushing bearings automotive bearings

Design & build completely custom layouts

Self-lubricating bearings for automotive molds

Design & build completely custom layouts

Automotive mold standard bearing parts SOB/2000# products with bronze alloy as the substrate, making full use of the sex of the bronze and the self-lubricating properties of solid lubricants, can be processed in the friction surface of a variety of oil grooves and oil holes and inlay solid lubricants, can adapt to different environmental working conditions, in the process of use without refueling maintenance. Such as steam locomotive production lines, home appliances, automotive and other stamping stamping dies, SESW self-lubricating plate, self-lubricating bronze guide plates, and self-lubricating guide rail large metal extrusion equipment, hydraulic arc door, etc. We provide standard parts for automobile molds such as inclined wedges, concave and convex V-block, L-type guide plates, etc.

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Automotive Mold Bearing Parts Supplier

The Quality Self-Lubricating Bearings Supplier Of Automotive Mold Parts Products. Competitive Price Online Sourcing.

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Steel backed sintered bearing3

Design & build completely custom layouts

Self-lubricating bearings for automotive molds

Design & build completely custom layouts

Automotive mold standard 2000# bearings products to the back as a substrate, the surface sintered CuPb10Sn10 or CuSn6Zn6Pb3 or CuPb24Sn4 lead-tin bronze alloy and QSn6.5-0.1, after several high-temperature sintering and dense rolling of copper and steel as one bimetallic strip rolled, is an alloy bearing load-bearing capacity, suitable for medium-speed, high-impact It is suitable for bearing medium speed, high impact load bushings, thrust washers and other applications. Heavy vehicle balance axle bushings are used in this product, is a purpose of high load low speed motion bearings. Mainly used in heavy vehicle balance axle bushings, shims, automotive steel plate bushings, internal combustion engine main shaft tile, connecting rod bushings, rocker arm bushings, oil pump side friction plate, small and medium power internal combustion engine shaft tile, train engine shaft tile, air pressure machine shaft tile, refrigeration machine, etc.

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We provide differentiated automotive mold bearings parts products to provide self-lubricating bushing bearing solutions to our customers and end users.

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Oilless Bushings Bearing In Automotive Applications

We Have Developed Unique And Original Self-Lubricating Sliding Oilless Bearings As Well As Unit Products And Have Greatly Contributed To Lower Car Fuel Consumption And Weight. Excellent Automotive Bushings Bearing Performance And Technical Service Are Highly Acclaimed All Over The World. We Have Conducted A Wide Range Of Transactions With Automobile As Well As Automotive Bushings Parts Manufacturers Around The World And Have Been Involved In Numerous Joint Development Projects.

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