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We Provide Self-Lubricating Automotive Bushings Parts With The Quality And Precision Demanded By The Automotive Industry. We Deliver A Range Of Products, Including Bronze Bushings, Metal Bearings, Thrust Washers, Slide Plate, And More.

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Automotive Demountable Self-Lubricating Bushing – Metric

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  • Self-lubricating Control Arm Bushing

  • Automotive Suspension Bushings

Standard l-shaped plates

The guide bushes of automobile mold are designed like this

Bronze with graphite, self-lubricating guide bush, this is mainly for cost reasons.

Guide bushes are fixed on the A plate, one is the pressure block pressure, the other is the locking screw;

The guide bushings on the B-plate are all mounted from the front and held in place with balance blocks.

Standard l-shaped plates (without mounting holes), self lubricating

Self-lubricating Bearings Manufacturer


long-lasting bearings

Design Partners In Reliable Self-Lubricating Automotive Tribology, We Offer Automotive Parts To The World A Motion For Plain Bearings And Self-Lubricating Bushings.

We have all the self-lubricating automotive parts you need at the most competitive prices

Oilless Bushings Bearing In Automotive Applications

We Have Developed Unique And Original Self-Lubricating Sliding Oilless Bearings As Well As Unit Products And Have Greatly Contributed To Lower Car Fuel Consumption And Weight.
Its Excellent Automotive Bushings Bearing Performance And Technical Service Are Highly Acclaimed All Over The World. We Have Conducted A Wide Range Of Transactions With Automobile As Well As Automotive Bushings Parts Manufacturers Around The World And Have Been Involved In Numerous Joint Development Projects.

  • Huge selection of self-lubricating bearings, stock replacement, or aftermarket accessories.

  • Get the oilless bearings bush parts and accessories you need when you need them.
  • Delivering reliable self-lubricating auto parts service.

Automotive Self-lubricating Bushings In Power Trains

Self-Lubricating Oilless Bearings, Metal Bearings, Graphite Plugged Bronze Bearings, Metal Composite Bearings, As Well As A Variety Of Other Oilless Bushes Products, Are Used In Power Trains.
We Propose Self-Lubricating Graphite Bushings Products That Good Match The Operating Environment (High Temperature, Oil, Vibration, Frequent Start-Stop Operations, Etc.), And Contribute To Lower Fuel Consumption As A Result Of Friction Loss Reduction.

automotive bushings bearing

Oilless Bushes in steering and suspension

Many Oilless Bearings Automotive Bushings Are Used In Steering Columns, Gearboxes, As Well As Suspension Parts, And Play An Important Role In The Steering Function.
We Created A System Capable Of Carrying Out An Evaluation Test Of The Steering And Suspension As A Single Steering System And Offer An Improvement Of The Handle Steering Feeling.

Automotive Bushings In Body, Seat, Pedal

The Excellent Durability And Low Friction Of The Oilless Bearings Automotive Bushings Guarantee A Smooth Operation With No Noise. The Bearings Are Also Used Indoor Hinges And Pedals.
In Addition, We Have Also Developed Unique Unit Products-Such As Special-Oil-Filled Seat Dampers And Plastic Parts are Conjointly Used To Generate Friction In Hysteresis Generators.

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