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Your special bearing made of high performance Bronze …

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Request or configure a custom bearing in the required design, version, and material that is ideal for your specific application and requirements.

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Can’t find a custom machine parts bearing, gear, or other product in the size or design you need? Get it custom-made using additive or subtractive manufacturing …

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Customized and Affordable:

Get the exact custom bearing you need, tailored in the specific design, version, and material you require. If you haven’t found what you’re looking for…

custom bearing Manufacturer of Mold & Die Self-lubricating Components.

Bronze custom machine parts bearing manufacturer of precision mold and die custom machine parts & components, we specialize in creating essential componentry for complex tools and specialized machinery.

Wear Plates
These custom parts bearing plates are crucial for guiding and controlling linear motion in various applications, ensuring smooth and precise movements.
Our machine parts, such as the SelfLube bushings, are meticulously fashioned from solid aluminum bronze, renowned for its durability and reliability.
Gibs and T-Slides
We produce a variety of custom bronze parts, including L-gibs, square gibs, and T-slides, all designed to enhance the functionality and lifespan of machines.

Wear Strips:

We offer a diverse range of custom machine part products, including slide bearing plates, cast bronze plates with graphite wear, bronze bushings with graphite, and more.

Each custom bearings product is engineered with precision and made to the highest quality standards to meet the demanding needs of the industry. Vital for reducing friction and wear, our wear strips are designed to improve the efficiency of linear motion systems.

Parting Line Components: Our range includes parting line locks such as side locks and top locks, which are integral to the stability and precision of mold and die components.

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Design and Configure Custom Designs for Oilless Bearings

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We offer self-lubricating, maintenance-free bearing solutions, available from stock or custom-designed specifically for your application.

Self-Lubricating & Standard Models
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Your Custom Pattern Standard & Self-Lubricating Wear Plates in the required design, version, and material.

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Wear Products, Metric
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Does your project or machine require a custom bearing design? We offer customized support for specialized applications!

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Get custom-sized series custom machine parts & components within 3-4 weeks, complete with immediate pricing and comparison options!

From Stock Or Custom-Made Especially For Your Application.

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